The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 567 - The Wedding

Chapter 567 The Wedding

At the sight of Li Mu’s expression, Ding Yi felt the stir of a rather bad feeling.

“Go to Ye Wuhen and explain to her the whole thing about the future leader of the Fate-defying Sect,” Li Mu said.

“Um…” Ding Yi seriously considered it and said, “Suddenly I’m not that eager to go to outer space… Let’s talk about this later.” After that, he turned tailed and ran.

Just as Li Mu made to chase after him, Dragon the Fifth, Head of the dragons, walked in, stroking his purple beard.

“Greetings, Sect Master.” The straightforward old man bowed and said with an excited look, “Good news. Head Ye has recovered part of her consciousness.”

“Oh?” When Li Mu heard this, he was also overjoyed. He immediately said, “This is great. Let’s go and check on Grandma Ye.”

“Perhaps it’s because of the nourishment of the Precious Qi of Cyan Lotus, Head Ye’s consciousness is gradually recovering,” Li Nianhao, the chief physician of Mount Shu, who was very graceful, elegant, and dressed in cyan clothes, explained to Li Mu and the other high-level members of Mount Shu. “If things are kept like this, Head Ye will be able to get her consciousness back and return to normal in 10 years, though she might not recover all her memories.”

What a piece of good news!

Everyone had a smile on their faces.

Wu Ming, who now existed in the form of a spirit, smiled the happiest smile among the crowd.

Li Mu nodded. That made things much easier.

Even if her memory could not be fully restored, as long as her intelligence could again be at the level of a normal person, they could tell her what had happened in the past bit by bit.

Li Nianhao added, “The only thing we should heed is to prevent Head Ye’s nerves from being shocked or excited again during the period of her recovery. Otherwise, the situation is very likely to retrograde. Once that happens, her condition may get even worse.”

He reminded them seriously.

The power of the Dreamy Drug was extremely terrifying. If not, the mountain master of Li Shan Sect would not have destroyed this prescription at the last moment of his life.

Li Nianhao was indeed a genius. In terms of medical skills, he had unparalleled talent. And it was out of sheer curiosity that the physician restored the prescription of the Dreamy Drug, only that it left Ye Hen the grave sequelae, which made him laden with guilt.

During these few days, he did not eat, drink, sleep, or rest, for he was on the job of studying the prescription day and night, searching for the antidote. He did his best to find a way to cure Ye Hen. Although he had gained some gains, he was still some distance away from being able to heal Ye Hen completely.

After hearing this, everyone nodded repeatedly.

Who would dare to strike a nerve of this Head now?

She was the woman who was going to be their Sect Master’s mother-in-law!

With Li Nianhao leading the way, Li Mu and the others went to the hall to see Ye Hen.

Ye Hen was sitting quietly on a chair by the window, looking at the view outside.

Ye Wuhen was standing beside her and massaging her shoulders gently.

“Stop using the name ‘Wuhen’ anymore,” Ye Hen abruptly spoke in a very normal tone.

Ye Wuhen nodded and said, “Sure, I’ll do whatever Grandma tells me to do.”

Ye Hen said, “The whooshing wind leaves a sound. The flying wild goose leaves a trace. And people leave their names in this world. My granddaughter is a fairy in the sky. How can you be called Wuhen, the traceless one?”

Her tone and air were exactly the same as that of a normal person, and her logic was clear, as if she had completely recovered her senses.

“Back then, you were named by your parents. You were originally named Ye Wuhen. The ‘hen’ here means hatred, and ‘Wuhen’ is free of hatred. They hoped that you would be happy and carefree in this world. Unfortunately, they died in the battle. Since then, the Moon Dao Sect has carried a feud, and so have you. So, how could you have no hatred? But as I’m already called Ye Hen, which means a life of hatred, I changed the last character of your name, so it means the traceless one.”

Ye Wuhen was stunned.

This was something she did not know.

But considering her grandmother’s special condition, she was not sure what her grandma said was true.

“Anyway, everything has changed. The nine sects have all disappeared. The Moon Dao Sect, your grandpa, and your parents have all been avenged. From today on, you don’t have to live with hatred anymore, so I’m gonna change your name back to Ye Wuhen, which means free of hatred.”

When Ye Hen spoke, her tone was calm and there was a smile on her face.

“Okay, from now on, my name is Ye Wuhen, free of hatred.”

Ye Wuhen nodded.

In the future, her name would be Ye Wuhen.

She liked this name anyway.

At the entrance of the hall, Li Mu and the others looked at Li Nianhao with puzzled eyes.

“This is not like what he told us. Judging from the old lady’s condition, it seems that she has completely recovered.”

Not only could she remember what had happened in the past, but she was also able to say these words in such a clear and logical way. She was obviously a normal person.

Li Nianhao whispered, “Sect Leader Ye can occasionally remember some fragments of the past. These are all very important things for her. Especially when Virgin Goddess Ye is with her, she tends to be calm, but that won’t last for long. Once she is provoked, she’ll become emotional and go crazy. At those times she is difficult to control.”

Li Mu listened pensively.

Honestly, Ye Hen’s condition was only slightly better than that of a vegetable. Her mental problem was also one of the incurable diseases on Earth.

At this time, Ye Hen heard the noise behind her. She turned around and looked at the crowd. Her eyes were unflustered and indifferent, as though she was looking at a group of strangers. He glanced at them and didn’t rest her eyes on any of them. She didn’t even show any sign of recognition to Dragon the Fifth, Mr. Shuiyue, and her other old friends.

But when she saw Li Mu, her eyes were alight with excitement.

As if having thought of something, Ye Hen waved her hand at Li Mu and said, “Kid, you’re here. Come on here!”

Li Mu walked over with a smile.

“My boy, don’t worry. I still remember your wedding with Wuhen. I will host the wedding for you tomorrow,” Ye Hen said with a beam.

Li Mu was struck dumb on the spot.

“No, Grandma, why do you have to remember this?”

“Haven’t you lost your memory?”

“Now how should I answer this?”

Li Mu turned to look at Ye Wuhen.

The latter looked utterly unperturbed. The breeze fluttered her green hair, and her delicate, jade-like fair face was perfectly detached, free of emotion, as though it was not her business at all.

Li Mu looked back at Ding Yi.

Ding Yi nodded hard and mouthed something silently.

Through reading his lips, Li Mu could roughly tell that Ding Yi was probably saying, “Remember, she can’t take any shocks.”

Li Mu was speechless.

Yes, Ye Hen couldn’t take any shocks.

If Li Mu chose this moment to confess that he was not the real future leader of the Fate-defying Sect, or find an excuse to reject the marriage, what would happen if Ye Hen lost it because of the stimulation? Li Nianhao had warned them very seriously that once Ye Hen was provoked, it was very likely that her hope of recovery would completely be dashed.

Li Mu had no choice but to nod in agreement.

As expected, Ye Hen was very delighted.

The next day, Li Mu’s last glimmer of hope vanished.

Granny Ye’s obsession with this matter was beyond imagination. Although Li Nianhao said that she could not remember the past, she remembered this matter particularly clearly. Since she said that the next day would be the day of their wedding, it would definitely happen on the next day.

Li Mu originally hoped that the old lady might forget about this matter overnight. However, on the next day, all the buildings and houses in the area of the Moon Dao Sect were decorated with red and colorful banners, and the others had all begun to prepare for the wedding with great enthusiasm.

The news had spread throughout the entire White Emperor City.

Li Mu, on the other hand, had a great headache.

At first, he wanted to leave without saying goodbye. But later, he reckoned that it would come as a much bigger shock for Ye Hen than turning down the wedding in the hall yesterday. The consequences could not be unimaginable. For Ye Wuhen, it would be a little too cruel.

After all, the entire Mount Shu now thought that Li Mu and Ye Wuhen were destined to be a couple. If he left now, it would be the same as abandoning Ye Wuhen. How would the little girl be treated in the future then? She would be pointed at by others and accused that Duan Shuiliu was so scared by the marriage with Ye Wuhen that he even forsook the position of the Sect Leader and fled.

He would be wicked if he did such a thing.

After thinking about it for a long time, Li Mu found Ding Yi, who was hiding under the Desktop Peak, and gave him a good beating. It was not until Ding Yi’s whole face swelled up like a pig head that Li Mu let him go for the time being.

After he went back, he didn’t say anything. With all the senior leaders and disciples of the Mount Shu Sect as witnesses, and under the pleased gaze of Granny Ye, Li Mu completed the wedding ceremony with Ye Wuhen.

The entire White Emperor City was enveloped in a festive atmosphere.

For the Mount Shu Sect, this was absolutely a great joy.

The bonfire, fireworks, and wine were the best ways to express their mood for the celebration.

As for Li Mu and Ye Wuhen, they were sent to the bridal chamber.

The room lit by red candles was warm and bright.

Bathed in the warm candlelight, the red character “Happiness” pasted on the walls gave off a festive brilliance.

Ye Wuhen, who was dressed in a red wedding robe and had a red veil over her head, was sitting on the edge of the wooden bed with the patterns of dragon and phoenix. She was as quiet as a statue. Li Mu took a seat at the table and had drinks after drinks. Every time he attempted to say something, he held his tongue on second thought, for he really didn’t know where to start.

The atmosphere in the bridal chamber was very subtle.

Ye Wuhen suddenly raised her hand and ripped off the red veil. The red wedding robe set off her long green hair to such advantage that it dazzled Li Mu’s eyes. She gazed at Li Mu, and her face was as calm as an ancient well. She said, “Thank you.”

“Why do you say that?” Li Mu looked at her.

Ye Wuhen said, “Thank you for cooperating with me. For the sake of Grandma, you put on such a show.”

Li Mu looked at her in surprise.

“You’re not the future leader of the Fate-defying Sect,” Ye Wuhen said. “I already knew about it.”

Li Mu was very taken aback. “Did Ding Yi tell you this?”

Ye Wuhen shook his head and said, “I guessed it.”

Li Mu didn’t ask her how she figured it out. He could only say that Ye Wuhen was a very smart and excellent woman. Otherwise, Li Bai wouldn’t have picked her as his successor among so many disciples of Mount Shu. It didn’t seem surprising for her to find some clues and work out that Li Mu wasn’t the real future leader of the Fate-defying Sect.

Moreover, Ye Wuhen also got along with Xiao Dong, Luo Xuanxin, and the others from Earth.

She must have learned something from these young people.

Staring at this breathtakingly beautiful and self-possessed face, Li Mu didn’t know what to say.

Ye Wuhen said, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. The marriage between us is just a show to coax grandma. I won’t take it seriously, nor should you, okay?”

Li Mu nodded in astonishment and said, “Okay.”

He secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

To count his age with the Earth’s measurement, he was only 21 years old this year, not the best age for marriage. Of course, the more important thing was that he and Ye Wuhen only knew each other for a few months. He would be lying if to say that he was not attracted by Ye Wuhen’s beauty, but it would also be a lie to say that he was already so in love with her that he would marry no one but her.

It was too hasty for him to get married now. It was irresponsible to both him and the bride.

What was more, in his heart, there were several other girls, all of whom occasionally crossed his mind. Li Mu had never seriously considered marriage yet.

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