The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 568 - Mount Shu Exists As Long As I Exist

Chapter 568 Mount Shu Exists As Long As I Exist

After saying these words, both of them seemed to have lost the ability to speak. Basked in the red candlelight, the bridal chamber was a little silent.

Ye Wuhen came to the table and poured herself a glass of wine. She took a sip, then she said, “Are you leaving?”

She had noticed Li Mu had been making arrangements these days.

Li Mu nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Leaving for outer space?”


“Are you going to lead the center of the storm from the Bitter Star to the Brilliance Immortal Star Region?” Ye Wuhen asked.

Li Mu looked at the girl in surprise.

She had seen through his thoughts.

“In the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, I am a wanted criminal that the many sects set a reward of a large sum of money to catch. The news that I am here will spread to the Brilliance Immortal Star Region sooner or later. If I continue to stay here, it will get Mount Shu into trouble. If I take the initiative to leave and enter the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, the sects will all put their attention on me and so won’t mind the Bitter Star much. With the Green Lotus Sword Deployment, your pressure will be reduced an awful lot.”

Li Mu didn’t hold any back and told her his plan.

“Oh,” Ye Wuhen nodded and said, “but it’s too dangerous.”

Li Mu smiled and said, “It’s also very dangerous for me to stay here. Everyone will be in danger.”

Ye Wuhen fell silent.

After pausing for a long time, she looked at Li Mu and calmly said, “Do you want me to go with you? Now I’m also in the Void-breaking Realm, I won’t be a burden to you.”

That calm and delicate face showed no emotion as if it was veiled. Her hair was as green as the most perfect jade in the world, free of any impurities. She was so pure that it made one’s soul stir. Ye Wuhen just gazed at Li Mu quietly, waiting for his answer.

Li Mu shook his head with a smile and said, “You’d better not.”

His Void-breaking Realm was different from hers.

“Oh.” Ye Wuhen nodded and did not continue to defend herself.

She also knew that Li Mu’s strength was much stronger than hers.

“You stay in Mount Shu. Only you can control the Green Lotus Sword Deployment,” Li Mu remarked, “For the old Sect Master, for me and many people, it’s too important for Mount Shu to survive and thrive.”

Ye Wuhen responded with an understanding hum and said seriously, “Mount Shu exists as long as I exist.”

Looking into her eyes, Li Mu’s heart suddenly shuddered.

At the end of the day, Ye Wuhen was only 18 years old.

What was a normal 18-year-old girl on Earth doing?

She must be immersed in the love and care of her family and friends. Her life as a college student had just started. A wonderful life was beckoning to her with a smile.

Ye Wuhen, on the other hand, had already trudge through mountains of corpses and seas of blood countless times.

Li Mu hoped that she could shore up Mount Shu and defend this outpost for Earth until the day the Earth people could travel beyond the Milky Way. Such a heavy responsibility was placed on an 18-year-old girl who was not even from Earth. Li Mu couldn’t help but ask himself, “Is it a little selfish of me in doing this?”

“For the sake of grandma, grandpa, and mom and dad, I’ve got to protect Mount Shu,” Ye Wuhen said.

She seemed to have a kind of power that could see through others’ souls. As if she had vaguely felt Li Mu’s concealed intense gratitude and guilt, she pointed that out before Li Mu could say anything.

Li Mu looked at her.

She said calmly, “Mount Shu is my home.”

Li Mu nodded with understanding.

Ye Wuhen was not a talkative person. Perhaps it was because of her past encounters, because she had experienced being parted forever from loved ones, and was used to seeing blood and corpses, and had roamed between life and death countless times, there was a kind of indifference and calmness that were not in character for her age. Also, she was prone to be a little too self-restraint, which gave people the feeling that she was keeping people thousands of miles away. But in fact, she was cold on the outside but warm on the inside.

Li Mu could tell that she was quite curious about his background and Earth.

Perhaps after spending time with Xiao Dong, Luo Xuanxin, and the others from Earth, Ye Wuhen experienced sort of a culture shock. In particular, she was extremely close to Luo Xuanxin. They opened up to each other and had a lot to talk about. However, unlike other girls, Ye Wuhen could easily keep her curiosity in check. In other words, this kind of curiosity was not important to her. Until now, Ye Wuhen had lived for only 18 years, which could be divided into two parts. The first part of her life was filled with violence and hatred. In the second part, she finally had a peaceful home, so she was eager to protect her home.

This home of hers was Mount Shu.

For Li Mu, Ye Wuhen was the most special one among all the girls he had met.

She was different from all of them.

“I’m a little tired. I’ll turn in now.”

Ye Wuhen stood up and walked to the side of the wedding bed. She lay down calmly, without taking off her clothes.

Her long green hair fanned out on the red sheet, like a cluster of thriving algae. She was pretty and serene, silently releasing amazing charm. Her long eyelashes flickered, and then she closed her eyes. From the side, her face curved like suet white jade, looking quiet and peaceful. It seemed that she hadn’t had a good rest like this for a long time. She appeared to be exhausted, and soon she fell asleep.

Li Mu sat at the table, resting his chin on his hand. He also felt a little drowsy.

The aura in the room was very ambiguous.

But Li Mu knew that he had to stay in the bridal chamber until dawn before going out with Ye Wuhen together.

Since they had made it clear that it was just a show, he had to play his role to the end.

At some point, in a daze, Li Mu bent over the table and dozed off, too.

The night was lingering.

The White Emperor City of Mount Shu was unprecedentedly peaceful.

The laughter around them gradually faded away.

Qing’er, the maid, was waiting at the door of the bridal chamber. She sat on the steps with her arms around her knees and looked up at the moon.

A smiling face appeared in her mind, and she couldn’t wave it away.

Time always flew so fast. It was a pity that that man had already returned to his hometown. She did not know when she would be able to see him again. After all, they were separated by a galaxy. He said that he would come back to see her the next time the Heaven opened. But when would that be? Would she have to wait until her hair turned white?

At the gate of the main hall of the Moon Dao Sect.

Ye Hen, who was sitting quietly in a chair, gazed up at the moon in the sky with soft eyes. No one knew what she was thinking.

Wu Ming was standing behind Ye Hen with a satisfied look. Under the moonlight, there was only the chair and Ye Hen’s shadow, but no shadow of Wu Ming.

A spirit did not have a shadow.

In his half-dead state, Wu Ming couldn’t cultivate. Apart from being able to talk, he couldn’t even pick up a cup or a fruit. Even so, he was already very glad to be here.

At least he could still look at the woman he loved, who was right beside him.

The suffering of the past had all passed.

In the endless river of time, such a peaceful night was very rare for the people in Jianghu.

The moon rose from the east and set in the west.

Li Mu abruptly opened his eyes. He sobered up with a start. When he looked up, he found that he was still sitting at the table, with his face lying on it. The golden sunlight had already poured in through the window and sprinkled on the red-carpeted ground, as if it was covered with a layer of gold, which looked very splendid.

“You’re up?” Ye Wuhen’s voice rang out.

Standing by the window, her perfect figure gilded by the golden rising sun was intoxicating. Every lock of her long green hair seemed to be enveloped by the golden light, which made her look so beautiful that any man’s jaw could drop at this scene. She was like a goddess bathed in the divine light.

“I actually slept for so long?” Li Mu found this incredible. With his cultivation, he still fell into such a heavy slumber that he was totally unaware of anything about the outside world. This was too rare. Was it simply because he had been too busy and fatigued during those days that he fell into a deep sleep once he was thoroughly relaxed?

“You’re probably beat. We’re already late. But I didn’t wake you,” Ye Wuhen said.

Li Mu patted his face, stood up, and said, “I’m indeed too tired… Let’s go.”

When they came out of the bridal chamber, a large crowd, who had long been waiting outside, burst into well-intentioned laughter.

Every minute of the wedding night was worth a thousand pounds of gold.

Even the two, who had both reached the Void-breaking Realm, seemed to have been so absorbed in the lingering affection last night that they missed the time to visit the elders. It appeared that everything clicked for the newlyweds.

Ding Yi was winking vigorously in the crowd.

“The 36 Styles of A Magical Wedding Night are indeed extraordinary. Judging by the time you two got up today, if I’m not mistaken, I daresay that Sect Master did it six times last night.”

Astounded, he muttered in his mind.

He had only one word for Li Mu—


He was indeed a man who had cultivated to the Void-breaking Realm.

After that, there came the set of after-wedding formalities that the newlyweds had to fulfill on the Bitter Star.

As Li Mu privately felt sorry for Ye Wuhen, he brought himself to do all the etiquette required.

The old lady of the Moon Dao Sect was in good spirits and remained very calm during the entire process.

Li Nianhao told the crowd with joy in private that maybe it was really because of the effect of “the wedding”, her condition seemed to be much better than the previous two days. If things were kept like this, it might take less than 10 years, perhaps three or five years tops for Ye Hen to return to normal.

Everyone in Mount Shu was heartened at this news

At noon, in the name of the Sect Master, Li Mu held a splendid banquet at the Fairy Hall to express his many thanks to the members of the sect.

This was also arranged in advance.

Nowadays, Li Mu enjoyed supreme prestige in the Mount Shu Sect. He was regarded as a god and had received fanatical worship from his followers. When Li Mu raised his wine glass and made a toast to all the sect members, the entire White Emperor City roared with cheers, which sounded as overwhelming as a tsunami.

In addition to the Mount Shu members, the representatives of many other countries, cities, and sects on the Bitter Star world attended the wedding.

Seeing the tall and handsome young man command the large sect with great ease, countless people couldn’t help but be sigh with emotion that this man’s prestige had reached such a level that it was probably unprecedented in the world of the Bitter Star.

There was no doubt that from then on, the Bitter Star would be dominated by the Mount Shu Sect.

Li Mu held his cup and expressed his gratitude.

Suddenly, in the distant sky, a large number of blood-red clouds quickly spread and approached. The clouds blotted half of the sky in no time, as if a sea of blood just poured into the sky. A familiar figure stood on the top of the blood-red clouds and looked down at White Emperor City. His eyes penetrated the dense fog that surrounded Mount Shu and fell on Li Mu.

“Haha, as they say, the mountains and rivers will get back together someday. Li Mu, we meet again.”

The man announced his arrival with a roar of laughter.

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