The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 569 - Two Old Acquaintances

Chapter 569 Two Old Acquaintances

“An extraterrestrial cultivator?”

When the members of Mount Shu saw this scene, their countenance all altered.

The sea of blood that covered the sky was surging with the unique strong aura of the extraterrestrial cultivators. Since the experts on the Bitter Star were now gathered in White Emperor City attending the wedding of Duan Shuiliu, the sect master of Mount Shu, no one on this planet could make such a scene at the time.

Li Mu had a strange look on his face.

The arrival of extraterrestrial cultivators was within his expectations.

In the past few days, he had been arranging the affairs of Mount Shu, practicing martial arts, and most important of all, waiting for extraterrestrial cultivators to come.

This was actually part of his plan.

But what took him by surprise was that the person who came was, once again, an old acquaintance of his.

No, to be exact, it should be two old acquaintances.

One was Saint of Blood Sea.

And the other one was his servant, Bloody-moon Evil Master.

This Saint of Blood Sea was indeed somebody.

Back on the Divine Land, he and Li Mu had fought several times, and he was at a disadvantage basically every time. In the later battle in the Tomb of the God of Sin, Saint of Blood Sea seized the opportunity to withdraw in advance so that he was not killed by Li Mu. When he escaped, he also took Bloody-moon Evil Master along with him, who had been taking a beating from Li Mu all the time.

These two people were also the few survivors of the battle in the Tomb of the God of Sin.

When Li Mu met these two today, he noticed that the strength of Saint of Blood Sea was obviously much stronger than when he was on the Divine Land. Even Bloody-moon Evil Master was already enveloped in a wreathing blood mist and surging inner strength, in which the Taoist Principles were flowing, and the power of stars in outer space was fluctuating. Obviously, he, too, had already surpassed his old self, and his cultivation had long reached the Void-breaking Realm.

The boundless sea of blood covered half of the sky, causing everyone to feel as though their souls were trembling and being suppressed.

“Aren’t you surprised?” Saint of Blood Sea looked down at Li Mu, feeling proud and satisfied. He said, “We meet again.”

Li Mu put down the wine cup in his hand and spat, “How dare you come here?”

Seeing the appearance of Saint of Blood Sea, Li Mu was more than relieved.

He had a quite thorough understanding of this person’s disposition.

He was definitely a man who would not like to share profit with others.

Li Mu was absolutely sure that given Saint of Blood Sea’s character, he must have done the same thing as the girl in the black gauze. In order to pocket the bounty by himself, Saint of Blood Sea certainly had held back the news the second he heard it, or delayed the speed of it. Then, he came to the Bitter Star alone to kill Li Mu for that huge bounty.

That went exactly as Li Mu had planned.

He had long expected that, with the death of the girl in the black gauze and the annihilation of all the experts in the Void-breaking Realm of the nine sects, the forces cultivated by the outer-space sects on the Bitter Star could be considered collapsed. As the remnants of these forces on the Bitter Star world could not directly contact the outer-space sects, the news would be temporarily concealed.

However, it could not be concealed in the long term.

At that time, Li Mu was not certain if the remnants of the nine major sects would use some special means to spread the news out. Or else, when the extraterrestrial sects hadn’t heard of those forces for a long time, they might come to find out what was going on by sending follow-up experts to this planet.

Li Mu had considered both of the possibilities.

The former would be slightly troublesome. Once the news spread out from the Bitter Star, it would be difficult to curb its dissemination. Then, all parties would flock over here. If there were too many people coming, Li Mu would be under a lot of pressure.

The latter was a bit easier to handle. Normally, only a few envoys would be assigned to do this task.

But regardless of which case it was, Li Mu just kept waiting.

Only when the cultivators from outer space came could his plan really be carried out.

With Saint of Blood Sea making such an entrance, it was almost equivalent to telling Li Mu that no matter which one it was, it didn’t matter anymore, for the first batch of extraterrestrial cultivators to land on this planet were no one but him and his servant.

That would be easy to deal with.

A trace of a smile climbed to the corner of Li Mu’s mouth.

Under the gaze of the Mount Shu members, the key leaders of major countries, cities, and other sects, Li Mu slowly rose to the sky and stood still in the air, facing Saint of Blood Sea from a distance. His aura spread out. Invisible Broadsword Intent swirled in the void, which could absolutely compete with the Blood Sea that covered half of the sky.

The crowd slightly breathed a sigh of relief.

Ye Wuhen, on the other hand, did not hesitate but followed Li Mu to the sky at his heels.

She was operating the Mount Shu Sword Deployment, keeping its power concealed but at ready. Although her aura was not as powerful as Li Mu’s, it was subtly merged with the Divine Way in the mountain range, which made Saint of Blood Sea and Bloody-moon Evil Master realize the graveness of the matter.

“Li Mu, you’re surprised, aren’t you…” Saint of Blood Sea said with a sneer.

Li Mu interrupted him directly. “I’ve seen it coming.”

Saint of Blood Sea was speechless.

“What are you talking about? You’ve already thought of it?

Could you just let me finish my words for once?”

Beside him, Bloody-moon Evil Master was glowing at Li Mu, and his fighting spirit was burning. He remarked, “Back on the Divine Land, you and I had agreed to have a duel. Unfortunately, for some reason, it was postponed again and again. So, why don’t we do this duel today?”

At that time, he was also a well-known tragic figure. He became a joke on the Divine Land. Although he challenged Li Mu several times, he was scared away by Li Mu every time and thus became a laughingstock. That left a wound in his heart and also a part of his inner devil on the road of pursuing martial arts.

Now he felt that his strength had increased by leaps and bounds since he practiced the Blood Sea Secret Skill in outer space, so he couldn’t wait to challenge Li Mu and get rid of his inner devil.

Of course, this man was tactful and have every detail thought of. He did this also to test Li Mu’s strength on behalf of Saint of Blood Sea.

But Li Mu shook his head flatly and said, “No.”

Bloody-moon Evil Master sneered. “Are you scared?”

Li Mu smiled and said, “It’s not that I’m scared, but you’re not worth fighting against.”

Bloody-moon Evil Master flew into a rage at once. “How can you be sure given that now I’m…”

Before he could finish his words—

A jet of sharp knife intent suddenly dashed at him.

Taken aback, Bloody-moon Evil Master hastily activated his Blood Sea Secret Skill. The blood-red characters in front of him swirled and turned into a blood shield to resist the strike. However, as soon as the blood shield was formed, it was silently cleaved into two pieces.

“Look out!”

Saint of Blood Sea thumped him on the shoulder. At the critical moment, he was sent hundreds of meters away.

The next moment, a crack appeared in the void where Bloody-moon Evil Master was a second before. A crack that was thousands of meters long immediately emerged in the sea of blood behind him, as if it had been directly cut apart by an invisible divine knife.

Moreover, the crack appeared to be long-lasting.

The sea of blood on the two sides of the crack seemed to be melting into rain.

At that, Bloody-moon Evil Master was suddenly scared out of his wits, and the cold sweat on his back almost soaked his clothes.

“What kind of broadsword-using method is this?”

“It’s so terrifying!”

He knew very well that the sea of blood that covered the sky was actually a Taoist Treasure.

A wisp of Broadsword Intent just tore apart the Taoist Treasure.

If he had been hit by that strike just now, he was afraid that by this time he would already… Bloody-moon Evil Master thought for a moment, then he simply shut up and stepped back to stand behind Saint of Blood Sea. His biggest merit was that he was very adaptable to circumstances.

“You’ve become stronger.” Saint of Blood Sea laughed.

His expression did not change because of Li Mu’s casual strike. He was still composed, wearing a smile on his face as if everything was under his control. He said, “Not bad, not bad. You are indeed an opponent that had even I found hard to deal with. Only people like you can make me go all the way to this Bitter Star in person.”

Li Mu didn’t even know how to correct that speech.

“He’s really a fu*king dumb*ss.”

“Why didn’t I notice that Saint of Blood Sea had this kind of quality before?”

Saint of Blood Sea continued, “You didn’t let me down. But now, free from the suppression of the tactical deployment and the Law of Heaven, I will make you desperate. Li Mu, come and have a good taste of what a real genius of the universe is. Your life is destined to be taken by me.”

After that, he waved casually, and the boundless sea of blood behind him, which had blotted out the sky and the sun, instantly materialized into countless blood arrows, rushing toward Li Mu for kill.

Each arrow had the power to make an expert of the Void-breaking Realm vanish from the world in an instant.

The faces of the people of Mount Shu all turned pale.

The strength of the extraterrestrial cultivators was fully displayed at this moment.

“You really gotta deal with your stupidity.”

With a stir of Li Mu’s mind, the autumn wind blew across the field.

This was the Broadsword Intent of Autumnal Equinox”, one of the 24 Solar Terms Broadsword Intent.

Wherever the cold wind passed, the dense blood arrows were instantly blown away, turning into purified energy, which then dissipated in the void and became part of the world again.

It had only been a month, but Li Mu’s comprehension of the 24 Solar Terms Broadsword Intent had already been deepened to the phase of “placing the real in the virtual”.

Then, fine snowflakes began to fall from midair.

This was the Broadsword Intent of “Minor Snow”.

“Haha, your Broadsword Intent can change the weather? Interesting.”

Saint of Blood Sea laughed without turning a hair.

He continuously conjured seals with his hand, and a blood-colored behemoth, which was thousands of meters long, appeared in the sea of blood behind him. It opened its mouth and swallowed up all the fine snowflakes in the sky.

Without external suppression, Saint of Blood Sea was indeed extremely powerful.

The Blood Sea was one of the major sects in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, which way overtook the assassin organization like the Black-robed Killing Tower. As the future leader of the Blood Sea, the strength of Saint of the Blood Sea was definitely far beyond that of the girl in black gauze. This was also the reason why he dared to come to the Bitter Star with only one servant, Bloody-moon Evil Master, even after he learned that the girl in the black gauze had been killed by Li Mu.

The blood-colored monster roared and sped toward Li Mu.

“Disperse!” Li Mu bellowed.

The next moment, the Minor Snow Broadsword Intent inside the belly of the blood-colored monster erupted. Thousands of shots of broadsword light cut it into pieces, reducing it to pure energy, which then dissipated between heaven and earth.

“Haha, good, very good. You are now basically qualified to be my opponent.” Saint of Blood Sea laughed out loud and rose to a higher place in the sky, urging, “Come on, Li Mu, let me see how many kinds of Broadsword Intent this climate-changing broadsword-using method of yours can produce.”

He was asking for a fight.

Without hesitation, Li Mu turned into a stream of light and raced to him.

In the blink of an eye, the figures of the two experts were high up in the sky and could not be seen by the naked eye.

The sky-covering sea of blood was down into at most one-fourths. As Saint of Blood Sea rose into the air, it eventually turned into a sea of red light, which was barely visible.

A cold smile appeared on Bloody-moon Evil Master’s face.

He looked at Ye Wuhen on the opposite side and the people of Mount Shu in White Emperor City below, as though he was a lofty god looking at a group of humble barbarians from heaven. There was an undisguised sense of superiority in his eyes.

So far, the plan went very smoothly.

He believed that his master could capture Li Mu.

And his job was to capture Li Mu’s friends and relatives on the Bitter Star and bring them back to the Blood Sea. Those people would their hostages, and that would help them force some secrets out of Li Mu.

Both Saint of Blood Sea and Bloody-moon Evil Master had done specific research on Li Mu. Now, they all firmly believed that there must be some great master’s martial legacy hidden inside Li Mu, which was the main reason that Li Mu could rise to power.

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