The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 570 - Drawing out the Sword

Chapter 570 Drawing out the Sword

Even though only a quarter of the sea of blood was left, it still occupied an area with a radius of hundreds of miles. Bloody-moon Evil Master cast a seal to manipulate this sea of blood into different shapes. It slowly descended, bearing down on the entire White Emperor City. The clouds gathered from all directions, and the essence of heaven and earth grew violent. Everyone in the White Emperor City started to feel suffocated.

With the help of the sea of blood, Bloody-moon Evil Master could exert strength far beyond his realm.

He lowered his head to look down at the people of the Bitter Star, as though he was looking down at a flock of lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Which of those people should he kill and which should he capture alive?

His gaze gradually fell on Ye Wuhen.

What a beautiful and coldly elegant woman! She was stunning.

Seeing that she had followed Li Mu to the air just now, Bloody-moon Evil Master knew she had been very close to Li Mu… “F*ck! Li Mu, the gigolo boy, has always been so popular with women. In the Divine Land, he had Hua Xiangrong and the Countess of the Northern Song around him, who were both top beauties. Now he came to the Bitter Star, he again hooked up with such a beautiful and powerful woman.”

“Alright, I’ll catch her.”

Bloody-moon Evil Master fixed his eyes on Ye Wuhen.

Right at this moment, Ye Wuhen had also sensed something. She started running her cultivation method and braced herself for it.

“Sweetheart, you’d better surrender now. I don’t want to hurt you.” Bloody-moon Evil Master laughed. The sea of blood behind him directly turned into a 100-meter-long giant palm wrapped in blood-colored Taoist figures, which then grabbed at Ye Wuhen.

With the Green Lotus Sword Intent swirling around her, Ye Wuhen was ready to strike.

“Sister-in-law, wait, please allow me.”

A voice rang out.

Ding Yi’s figure broke through the void and went up against the airflow. He passed by Ye Wuhen’s side and hurtled toward the 100-meter-long giant palm.

His attack surprised many people.

However, what was even more surprising was that the aura Ding Yi was emitting turned out to be much stronger than anyone had imagined. It was not a bit less than that of a cultivator in the Void-breaking Realm.


A streak of sword light burst out from his hands and directly left a huge hole with a diameter of several meters in the giant blood-colored palm.

Ding Yi became one with his sword. He moved in flashes, and the sword light spun. At a speed that could not be captured by the naked eye, he kept dashing back and forth, breaking the huge palm down like an ant cutting off a cow.

However, he did not have any magical technique like Li Mu’s 24 Solar Terms Broadsword Intent after all. When the bloody giant palm was cut into fragments, it turned into blood, then it quickly reassembled and soared back to the side of Bloody-moon Evil Master.

“Hmm? Who are you?” Bloody-moon Evil Master was a little surprised.

“This man does have some strength.”

Ding Yi stood steadily up in the void, and he said proudly, “I am Mount Shu’s Sect Master Li… Uh, Mount Shu’s Sect Master Duan Shuiliu’s lackey, Ding Yi. Now, are you afraid of me?”

When Bloody-moon Evil Master heard this, he had a feeling that he didn’t know how to describe it.

“How come this man calls himself a lackey?”

“You aren’t worth a fight.” He shook his head at Ding Yi and said, “Even your master can barely be my opponent…”

Ding Yi directly cut him short, and his disdain toward him was beyond words. Ding Yi curled his lips and said, “Cut it out. If you say that the brat who fought with our Sect Master just now could barely put up a fight with him, I might be convinced. But with your strength, you can’t even take one of the strikes our Sect Master launched a moment ago. How dare you talk big in front of so many people? I have long seen that you are just a lackey of that guy. Let’s have a fight. I promise I won’t beat you into a pulp.”

Those words made Bloody-moon Evil Master grit his teeth and snarl, “Drop dead!”

He had made up his mind that he would not catch this man alive. He would just kill him.

“His tongue is spiteful.”

The blood-colored giant palm, with runes flashing and dense, contained great power. It broke through the void and went straight to Ding Yi.

Ding Yi performed the sword technique again. He became one with the sword, and the sword light began to swirl. He used the same skill again to break down the blood-colored giant palm.


Ding Yi took the initiative to attack. Like a bolt of lightning, his sword light zoomed toward Bloody-moon Evil Master.

At this scene, Ye Wuhen stepped back a pace to keep a distance from the fight and support Ding Yi with the deployment.

In White Emperor City below, the members of Mount Shu and the big shots of the Bitter Star reacted differently when they saw such a turn of events.

They were not surprised to see Li Mu’s mighty strength, but they could not figure out why Ding Yi was also so powerful.

The members of Mount Shu disciples often saw Ding Yi being beaten by Li Mu, and they also felt that Ding Yi was a frivolous and unreliable guy. They were under the impression that Ding Yi was just an attendant serving Li Mu. But to their great shock, when he rose to the circumstance at the critical moment, he turned out to be way too strong. Judging from the strength he just displayed, even the Dragon Head, Mr. Shuiyue, and other senior members might not be able to compete with him.

“He is a well-hidden one.”

However, what sounded the big shots of the major countries, cities, and sects was the current strength of Mount Shu. Any random member of the sect could rival the cultivators from outer space. This was a little intimidating.

In the sky.


Bloody-moon Evil Master sneered.

“Want to fight me in close combat?

“Trying to get close to me?”

His hands pressed together, and seals came out of his hands one after another. When the seals were punched into the Blood Sea, daunting roars of ancient monsters were heard. One by one, blood-colored evil beasts came out of the Blood Sea. They galloped in the void, roared, dodged the sword light, and took bites at Ding Yi.

The Sword Qi whooshed.

The bright sword light was shining with a silver-like brilliance.

Those blood-colored magical beasts continued to be chopped apart and disintegrated.

But such an attack was obviously not efficient enough.

The quarter of the sea of blood controlled by Bloody-moon Evil Master was constantly producing different kinds of evil beasts, weapons, and human-shaped creatures with bows and arrows. Some of them did both close-range battles, while the others attacked from afar. Like an army, they launched a nonstop siege against Ding Yi. Those beasts and monsters were endless. Even when they were cut into pieces by Ding Yi’s sword light, they quickly healed and rose to fight again. It was utterly impossible to slay them all.


Ding Yi was sent flying backward by a blood-colored demon bear, spinning in the air at all angles, losing control of his body.

“Damn it, what kind of hero are you to bully people with a wicked Taoist treasure?” Ding Yi finally regained balanced and said angrily.

Bloody-moon Evil Master gave a cold smile and said nothing.

At this time, who would want to be heroes?

Ding Yi gnashed his teeth and said, “Well, you forced me into this.”

He stood where he was, forming a sword gesture with his fingers.

An invisible summoning power swept in the direction of the Desktop Peak.

“Let me show you my big treasure, hehe.”

Ding Yi said gleefully, “Though I didn’t get around to present it in the 10 rounds of the fighting competition, it’s not too late to do it today… Come out, Fate-defying Sword.”

With his loud cry ricocheted off the mountains, the Desktop Peak thousands of meters away began to shake violently. The outside layers of rocks seemed to peel off automatically, revealing the silver brilliance inside. The sharp Sword Qi spread out. The Desktop Peak rose from the ground and kept rising, as if a divine sword inserted in the ground was being pulled up inch by inch.

“That is…”

“The Desktop Peak is being pulled up from the ground.”

“No, it’s a sword.”

“Fate-defying Sword? Could the legend be true after all?”

This scene shocked everyone in Mount Shu.

The Desktop Peak was where the Fate-defying Sect, one of the seven major branches of the Mount Shu Sect, had been located. It was one of the top peaks in the mountain range of Mount Shu, and it was also one of the typical sword peaks of Mount Shu. Before the 10 fights in the fighting ring, many people also noticed that there had been some strange changes on the Desktop Peak. In particular, the peak occasionally grew higher. Although it was only a few hundred meters at a time, it was still very weird.

But no one had expected that the Desktop Peak was actually a sword.

It seemed to be a giant sword used by the God of Giant Spirits in myths and legends.

The earth quaked. Although the sword of the Desktop Peak seemed to be slowly pulled up, when everyone came to their senses, the huge sword, which was tens of thousands of meters long, had completely been unearthed and then floated in the void. It was ancient and simple in style. The sword was thick, with an oval back and no sharp edges. The hilt was round and thread as if coiled by black dragons. The tip of the hilt was also a flat black circle. It looked like an arena, which was exactly the peak of the mountain.

The blade of the sword seemed to be pure silver, coated with flowing silver light, which shined brightly. The hilt of the sword was, however, black, as though it could swallow all the sunshine.

The appearance of this sword was very unique. It gave people a feeling that it was like a “fat” one among all swords.

Ding Yi had also stood on the huge sword hilt, and his air suddenly changed. His black robe fluttered without wind, and his long black hair danced in the void as if it were not subject to gravity. Every strand of his hair was glowing with swirling silver divine light, and countless shots of sword intent flowed out of his body.

Ding Yi stood on the hilt of the sword, as though a grain of dust had fallen on the top of a mountain, which was almost imperceptible.

However, for some reason, everyone’s attention was drawn to him.

“Haha, how is it?” Ding Yi looked at Bloody-moon Evil Master with a grin and said, “My treasure looks good, right? I pulled it out for two whole months like pulling a carrot. Hahaha, you are the first person my treasure to try on. You are really in luck.”

Bloody-moon Evil Master’s face became stern.

The fat sword made him feel threatened.

In particular, the wronged souls in the sea of blood stirred as if they were extremely terrified, which made Bloody-moon Evil Master realize that this sword was a little tricky to deal with.

By this moment, Ding Yi had already made his move.

Standing on the huge sword hilt, he stepped heavily with his left foot. Then, like a ray of sunlight being deflected, a sword light that was thousands of meters long darted out in a flash. In a second, all those evil beasts and human-shaped creatures in the sea of blood were directly crushed into ashes, unable to be restored again.

Bloody-moon Evil Master clenched his teeth bitterly.

“So Li Mu is not the only one who can give me a hard time now? Even the people serving Li Mu are starting to obstruct me?”

“No matter what, I must do what my master told me to do. Otherwise, I will be in big trouble…” He thought to himself that he had no choice but to use that move.

After making this decision, Bloody-moon Evil Master changed the way of conjuring the seals. He continuously formed new seals and injected them into the sea of blood. Even a stream of energy in his body was extracted and injected into the sea of blood. Just as he was about to use the forbidden move to kill Ding Yi, suddenly, an unexpected change occurred.

This quarter of the sea of blood went out of his control and flew higher toward the sky.

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