The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

Chapter 40 - Nalan Dai’er IV

Chapter 40: Nalan Dai’er IV

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“Yummy.” Perhaps the Divine-Spirit Fruit was too delicious, as Nalan Dai’er finally let her guard down with a sweet smile hanging on her lips.

“Dai’er, it’s late, why are you still hanging around outside?”

“My brother is not in a good mood. I want to buy him some osmanthus cakes, but I couldn’t find them.” Nalan Dai’er blinked as she answered.

Indeed, there was a famous shop selling osmanthus cake in Southern Street. Nalan Jing must be extremely upset with the canceled engagement. Hence, Nalan Dai’er had snuck out to buy the dessert that he liked most to cheer him up.

Feng Ruqing sighed as she recalled the moment she saw the gloomy look on her cousin’s face. It was a pity that she did not know about the canceled engagement when she met him.

“Dai’er, let me take you there.” Feng Ruqing got up and held Nalan Dai’er hands as she smiled.

As the night grew darker, the general’s manor sank into chaos. The old general jumped out of his bed and led everyone in the general’s manor in search of Nalan Dai’er.

Lady Nalan stood at the general’s manor’s door, staring anxiously into the distance, gripping a scarf tightly.

“General and Father had gone out for quite some time, have they found Dai’er?”

Nalan Dai’er was different from an ordinary kid. She started crawling only when she was one year old and was unable to talk when she was two. Only at the age of three did she learn to walk on her own. Moreover, she was weak and fragile. Hence, Lady Nalan had always been taking extra care of Nalan Dai’er. If anything were to happen to Nalan Dai’er, how was Lady Nalan going to live her life?

Lady Nalan wiped off her tears and sighed softly.

Suddenly, a small silhouette came into sight, sending joy to her heart. However, when she saw the lady walking next to Nalan Dai’er, her face darkened. She quickly rushed toward Nalan Dai’er, pulled her hand out of Feng Ruqing’s grip and wrapped her tightly in her embrace.

Standing in a stupor, Lady Nalan was afraid that Feng Ruqing wold hurt Nalan Dai’er.

“Aunt, don’t worry. I would not hurt Dai’er. She wanted to buy osmanthus cakes for Cousin but had lost her way. So, I sent her home.” Feng Ruqing knew what Lady Nalan was worried about and smiled wryly.

Lady Nalan did not let her guard down as she still could not trust Feng Ruqing.

“Your Highness, thanks for helping Dai’er. We will not trouble you again in the future.”

“Dai’er, never do this again. You have made me worried.”

“Mommy, don’t worry. Cousin will protect me.” Nalan Dai’er buried her head in Lady Nalan’s bosom and broke into a smile.

‘Feng Ruqing will protect Dai’er?’ Lady Nalan could not believe what she had just heard. She would already be extremely grateful if Feng Ruqing did not hurt Nalan Dai’er.

“Aunt, I mean no harm. I am here today to check on grandfather’s health condition,” Feng Ruqing said with a grave expression on her face. She did not say a word about her cousin’s canceled engagement as she knew that it would only worsen the whole situation.

“Your Highness, don’t you know what happen to my father? The Iron-Blooded Token was Empress Nalan’s painstaking effort of a lifetime, and you have given it to Noble Consort Rong without a second thought. My father was waiting outside your chamber for a few days, begging to meet you. However, you did not even spare him a glance. His health has been declining day after day ever since.”

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