The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 321 - Spirit Beasts Besieged Long Ao Kingdom III

Chapter 321: Spirit Beasts Besieged Long Ao Kingdom III

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After all, she had done so many evil deeds that even heaven could not bear watching as well. She was doomed to have such destiny!

Tang Zi looked at Shen Wu coldly. “We of the Iron-Blooded army, only give our allegiance to the empress till death. If the empress is not around, Feng Ruqing will be our only master. And Feng Rushuang…”

She smirked. “Who is she to us?”

Yeap. Who was Feng Rushuang to them? In terms of power, talent, and anything else, she had nothing better than their master.

Shen Wu’s smile froze. He nearly lost his breath.

He was pale and asked suspiciously, “Feng Ruqing? She had already given away all of you to other people. Are you guys so stupid to still follow her? Tang Zi, I have always admired your ability. If you swear your allegiance to me, I will give you a bright future too, what do you think?”


Suddenly, Tang Zi pulled out a long sword. A gust of piercing wind blew and rushed forward.

All the trees around were chopped off in a blink of an eye.

That piercing wind had already reached in front of Shen Wu.

Shen Wu did not care much at first, but after he felt the power of the approaching piercing wind, his face darkened. He quickly pulled out his sword to defend it.

However, all he could do was to take a step back from the force of that piercing wind. His throat turned bloody with blood surging up, but he swallowed them.

“Intermediate Spirit Warrior tier!”

Tang Zi, a woman like this, could also make a breakthrough and reach Intermediate Spirit Warrior tier!

Shen Wu looked even more miserable. He wanted to fight back, but he noticed the Tier-5 three-striped tiger shooting a glance at him coldly.

That glance was enough to frighten him and make him freeze.

“Tang Zi, even if you have the help from the Tier-5 spirit beasts, and have also broken through to Intermediate Spirit Warrior tier, so what? The guardian of Fengyun Manor will be my future son-in-law, do you want to go against Fengyun Manor?”

He squinted and forced himself to calm down. However, his trembling hand sold him out. He was too nervous inside.

“Also, think about it. Even if you exchanged the Tier-5 spirit beasts with some conditions to help you, don’t you ever think that the spirit beasts will help you when Fengyun Manor wants to get even with you!

“Spirit beasts are selfish too. They will not risk their lives for you since you are not their master-in-contract!”

The three-striped tiger looked strangely at Shen Wu after hearing those words. Confusion filled its eyes as it could not understand what the human was talking about.

Tang Zi sneered. “The three-striped tiger is not my beast in contract, but… it belongs to my master. It is Feng Ruqing’s spirit beast!”

Shen Wu felt a shiver. His eyes seemed wild with terror.

“What did you say? Feng Ruqing’s spirit beasts? How can this be? Feng Ruqing is nothing but a useless crap!”

“It seems that Long Ao Kingdom is slow in receiving news.” Tang Zi held the bloody sword and slowly walked toward Shen Wu. “My master is not the previous master anymore. No one can surpass her in this world!”

She looked resolute. Her elegant and beautiful face seemed to be illuminated under the moonlight.



The spirit beasts growled as if they were responding to Tang Zi’s words. The growling was just like the voice of thunder.

Everyone in Long Ao Kingdom was doomed to be sleepless that night.

Long Ao Kingdom was doomed to failure that night.

Shen Wu looked at the approaching Tang Zi, and then he turned to the ferocious three-striped tiger. His heart quaked with panic and blurted out in fear. “Tang Zi, if you dare to lay your hand on me, you and Liu Yun Kingdom will regret!”

Tang Zi stomped her feet. She smiled as the corners of her lips were turned up to make her seem like she was bloodthirsty.

“Since the moment Shen Yue came and tried to mess with Liu Yun Kingdom, and almost killed the emperor, the fate of Long Ao Kingdom was already doomed!”

Just like what the princess had mentioned back in the Forest of Spirit Beasts. Even if they let go of these people, would the people in Fengyun Manor let go of him?

If no, why should they not kill them first? Why should they make themselves suffer?

“However, I won’t kill you. Her Highness has given the order to take you back so you can be with your son!”

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