The Empress’s Gigolo

Chapter 1227

“How is she now?”

“I’ve eaten more than a ton of meat since I woke up. We haven’t had time to ask.” The head of the research institute said one step behind Ren 8000.

“She was too weak before. Even if she ate these foods, she would only supplement the deficiency of her body. In addition, we also used drugs to block her vitality, and her strength can only be restored to the supreme heaven at most.”

Ren 8000 had a broken heart on the other side. Although she had always been expressionless, she was also curious about Lin qiaole’s peers.

“I have a good appetite.” Ren 8000 smiled.

The other party didn’t know how long he had been hungry in the cave. He lived on some plants and moss, and those things were just filling his teeth for the strong. He didn’t starve to death for so many years. It can be seen that his strength is not shallow.

At that time, the female emperor easily won it, which was also the reason why she was hungry for thousands of years, her strength decreased greatly and lost her mind.

According to some research on his body, his heyday was also a great master who crossed that step.

Before the female emperor comes back, it is impossible to let her recover her strength, otherwise no one can control her.

When you come to an observation room, you can see through the glass that the chinchilla is sitting on the bed. There is a table in front of you, filled with pots of meat. At this time, the chinchilla’s eyes are full of the words “hunger”. He grabs a piece of fist sized meat and puts it into his mouth, and then swallows it.

Lin qiaole collapsed to one side with a bulging stomach.

Obviously, she can’t compare with her peers in the amount of food.

“According to our estimation, she should be close to full, but it seems that she didn’t stop. It should be that hunger left her too deep a memory. She was in a better state before, but now she can’t control herself when she wakes up.”

“When she finishes this, we’ll go in.” Ren 8000 doesn’t care.

A creature that has lived for thousands of years by eating moss and a small amount of plants will not die by eating more.

But for a moment, a bucket of meat disappeared in the room, and chinchilla looked up at the door.

However, when the door was opened again, no food came in, but a young man with bald head, reflective skin and big arms and round waist.

A strong breath came to my face.

Of course, this strong breath is only for ordinary people.

“I’m glad to see you wake up.” Ren 8000 entered the room. Someone moved a chair behind him and sat down straight.

She also pointed to Lin qiaole: “she is not only your people, but also a good friend of me, my wife and my daughter. I think our Terran and your race can also establish such a friendship.”

Lin qiaole nodded again and again to prove that what Ren 8000 said was true.

Actually, for her? The same clan is far less important than Ren 8000, Qi Zixiao and Qi Yu.

But for the chinchillas, Lin qiaole is the best bridge.

The other party can also see that Lin qiaole is doing well here.

If you don’t live well, you can’t eat or sleep all day? He is still naive.

“Do you know lingua franca? What should I call you?”

After “Miaoli” wakes up at this time? Does chinchilla look very indifferent? Completely different from Lin qiaole’s iron and simple appearance.

There is no hostility.

“Can you tell me why you are in that cave? It seems that you have been there for a long time, but your people are in another area.”

Miaoli’s eyes brightened: “do you know where my people are?”

He glanced at Lin qiaole, who was paralyzed there: “it’s not this little guy.”

“Only know the general area. Has anyone met them? The specific location is not clear. Maybe? You can find them yourself.”

“The chart has fallen into your hands!” Miaoli asked calmly. She couldn’t see that she had guarded the disc for thousands of years.

From her and Lin qiaole, Ren 8000 thinks the character of the chinchillas is quite good.

Even if it’s human? What has been guarded for thousands of years has fallen into the hands of others? I’m afraid I’ll fight to death right away.

“You mean the disc.”

“It’s no use taking the chart? That’s our key home.” Miaoli said frankly.

“Tell me more? As far as I know, the number of chinchillas is not large now? I can help you. The premise is that I want to know your situation.”

Although there has been no trace of the chinchillas? However, this also shows that the number of chinchillas is small.

A number like humans can’t hide.

Miaoli flashed a trace of memory in her eyes and said with a bitter smile: “we were defeated in the war…”

Ren 8000 listened quietly, but there was a storm in his heart.

According to Miaoli, the chinchillas were defeated? And their enemy is the rolling wind clan

of course? The so-called war? In terms of quantity, it’s better than village head fighting? After all, the stronger the race, the lower the fertility rate, and the two races add up to less than 30000. The battle of thousands of people is a war.

But from her description? But it broke the mountains and rivers.

It is not an exaggeration to measure the “immortal heaven” of the Terran and the “ancestral realm” of the eight armed clan.

In the chinchilla family, such masters are called “zusheng”.

Such a “war” lasted for thousands of years.

From the initial total of more than 50 ancestors of both sides, to the last three ancestors of chinchilla, there are less than 100 people in the whole family, which is about to be destroyed.

He had to leave through a stone gate under the ancestral land and came to 60000 mountains.

These contents contain a large amount of information. At least it can be explained that the chinchilla and the rolling wind are also powerful races, with a long life span and the strength of longevity when they grow up.

To Ren 8000’s surprise, chinchilla and the rolling wind family came from the same world.

Just in terms of time, the rolling wind people outside the two mountains are not those who fought with chinchilla. I’m afraid they wandered into the world some time ago.

The chinchillas can have a door to come here. It’s no surprise that the rolling wind family came here earlier.

As for Miaoli’s appearance in Liucui mountain, it is because the disc came to Liucui mountain and Miaoli stayed there to guard.

She didn’t expect to stay there for thousands of years. She was out of control as early as 3000 years ago.

According to Miaoli’s description, Ren 8000 guessed that the disc was charging.

It seems that there are still many secrets in Liucui mountain.

After hearing this, Ren 8000 was silent for a moment and smiled: “it seems that we not only have her as a bridge of friendship, but also have a common enemy.”

Miaoli’s eyes were suddenly cold, and her body was cold: “rolling wind family… Are they coming too?”

“Yes, and we are fighting them. Maybe you will be happy to take revenge.”

“Well, well, I didn’t expect them to come here.” Beautiful face like frost.

Ren 8000 did not correct her misunderstanding.

“Is that what you said about the stone gate?” Jiang Yunhe pressed the badge on his sleeve several times, and a picture suddenly appeared in the air. On it was a stone gate up to four meters high. The shape was simple, even simple.


“What happens if you pass through the stone gate without using the astrolabe?”

“I don’t know. Some people have passed through the stone gate before, but no one has ever come back.”

Ren 8000 frowned. Now he had some guesses about Shimen.

This should be a gateway to other worlds, but no one knows whether it is bidirectional or multidirectional.

I’m afraid many of those ten thousand families came here through Shimen.

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