The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 868 [Nightmare Mask]

Chapter 868 [Nightmare Mask]

If he could avoid killing all the people here then he would avoid it. But if he couldn’t, then they could only blame Nightmare King for not knowing what was good for this world.


In just a single collision, Nightmare King was blasted away. His body crashed on the ground leaving a trail with a length of several dozens of kilometers.

“The things that I needed are in your body, right? If you don’t want to give it to me then I’ll kill you.” Souta said as he chased after his opponent.

“Y-You will pay for this!!” Nightmare King roared as he activated his [Element Drive]. The Integration Stage of the dark element shook the entire boundary.


Countless palace worlds exploded. Space cracks appeared in the air causing turbulence in the world. It feels like the end of the world had arrive and the people had no idea where to escape.


Nightmare King charged at Souta. He tightly clenched his fist and an endless amount of darkness compressed around it.


Souta simply swung his sword but Nightmare King was already gone. He hit nothing but the force behind his swing directly cleaved everything in front of him.


Nightmare King appeared behind Souta and threw the powerful darkness that he compressed.

“I’m a God! I can appear anywhere in this world as long as I will it! This world is my domain!”

Souta turned his head and saw the darkness close to him. It landed on his body and his hand suddenly moved. His aura spiked up as dark and light burst in all directions.

He turned his body to the side and the darkness advanced forward, creating a vast destruction behind. Meanwhile, his sword caused a cut on Nightmare King’s chest. The deep darkness was even cut into two.

Nightmare King was pushed back. He stared at the deep cut on his chest with shock in his eyes.


He looked up and stared at Souta who was oozing dark and light elements.

“Oops! I accidentally used it, the [Element Drive]… Sorry for scaring you.”

Souta smiled as he waved his sword. The blood on his sword splattered on the ground.

He looked around and asked, “Saya, do you think this boundary will be able to hold it?”

‘I don’t think so…’ Saya replied.

“H-How come you possess that darkness…? I can’t control it!” Nightmare King couldn’t believe that the darkness in Souta’s body Souta nodded. He was right. This boundary was even weaker than any of the planets out there in the Imperium’s space.

“H-How come you possess that darkness…? I can’t control it!” Nightmare King couldn’t believe that the darkness in Souta’s body was beyond his control.

“Of course, you can’t… I’m using [Element Drive] and I’m at Integration Stage. Oh, you didn’t even know [Element Drive] yet you manage to achieve this level. If you’ve been to Imperium, I’m sure that you will grow stronger but your ego will be shattered there. Do you think you are a god?” Souta shook his head, mocking Nightmare King.

In the game, Nightmare King gave him a hard time but now… Souta was stronger than this guy.

“Let me show you the difference in our skill.”

Souta stepped forward and he instantly arrived in front of his opponent. His body was instantly covered in blood.

[Blood Armor: Great Black Orc]!!

Before Nightmare King could even react, Souta already swung his weapon.


Nightmare King immediately got up and he disappeared from his position. He attacked Souta madly as he couldn’t believe that there was a being in the world that could rival him.

There shouldn’t be one.

He’s the only one.

He’s the God.

But why?

Souta and Nightmare King exchanged blows thousands of times in just a second. The entire boundary was shaking as if it was about to collapse at any second. Countless people had perished in their battles and Nightmare King was getting weaker and weaker.

After all, Nightmare King’s life was connected to all the life in this world. He assimilated them into his life. Despite that, Nightmare King could still contend with Souta in his [Blood Armor].

Boom! Boom!

Souta opened his palm and cast [Black Hole].

A huge black hole appeared out of nowhere that instantly everything. Space, time, light, and celestial bodies were sucked into nothingness.

Even the darkness that Nightmare King produces was rendered useless in front of the [Black Hole].

“What is this black hole?! It’s stronger than any of the black holes that I’ve seen!”

Nightmare King retreated away but Souta chased after him.

“Of course, it’s not an ordinary black hole. I’ve made it using a magic circle and my energy.”

Souta said as he arrived in front of his opponent. He stretched out his hand and was about to grab Nightmare King when Nightmare King vanished.

He appeared behind Souta and attacked him with all of his might. Souta narrowed his eyes. Nightmare King was tricky as he was the personification of darkness in this world.


His body inflated and a vast energy exploded like a raging tide.


Four spider limbs sprouted on his back and quickly slashed at his enemy.


Nightmare King was surprised once again. His opponent had skills and abilities that were foreign to him. He didn’t know any of it so he was always caught off guard.

Souta turned around and swung his weapon once again.

“You’re a God? Yeah, then I’m a God too in this world!”

Nightmare King and Souta fought once again. But the difference in skills and experience was apparent. Souta already had the advantage since he fought and killed Nightmare King in the game. ๏ฝ‚๐šŽ๏ฝ„๏ฝŽ๐š˜๏ฝ–๐šŽ๐š•๏ผŽ๐š˜๐š›๐š

Aside from that, Nightmare King hasn’t fought someone at Souta’s level. As for Souta, he was always fighting someone above his level. His fighting style and techniques were honed to a higher stage.


It didn’t take long for the boundary to crumble. The fabric of space was torn apart and it was in shambles. No other beings aside from the two could survive this.

Souta demolished Nightmare King. Nightmare King indeed was strong but the difference between them was huge. The moment Souta activated his released form, he could only passively defend himself.

“Just die and blame yourself for not heeding my warning…”

Souta said coldly. With a wave of his sword, he cast [Black Hole] once again. The boost it received from his active skills and abilities was huge.

Nightmare King stared at it with wide eyes. He slowly opened his mouth and said, “I see… So the things that I’ve found at that time aren’t from this world. It’s from yours, right? I understand now, the god that left those things is from your world.”

The black hole expanded as it swallowed everything. The palace worlds in this world were ripped apart and this boundary slowly followed suit.


Souta moved his other hand and made a grabbing motion. He ripped something within Nightmare King’s body. He already warned his opponent several times so he wasn’t going to show mercy this time.

“Just die along with this world…”

Those were the words that Nightmare King heard before the black hole swallowed his entire existence. He couldn’t believe that a mere black hole could possess this much power.

The concept and laws were destroyed.


Nothing was left.

Souta turned around and went back to the space gap.

He just destroyed an entire boundary.

Three objects were hovering around him. One was an ominous-looking mask while the other two were books.

He glanced at the books. Souta knew that these two books were techniques that would improve his strength. It would be the base of his future skills.

The [Void Entanglement] and [Void Shrouding].

As for the mask, it was a dark grade artifact called [Nightmare Mask]. It was one of his equipment in the game.

Souta picked it up and placed it on top of his head. Nightmare King didn’t even know the true worth of a dark grade. He picked this up in the past and took the name Nightmare King for himself as he thought that he would become the next god of the world.

What a funny thing…

Souta started at the cracks for a while before he turned around. He was about to return to the sub-world when he felt something.


He felt pain all over his body. He could also hear voices whispering into his ears.



Souta’s energy burst out of his body. He entered an uncontrollable state and he could barely hear Saya screaming his name.


His energy soared, causing cracks in the space. The intense energy seeped out of the cracks, seemingly endless.



Various scenarios floated into his mind. The worse case followed up as his emotion flared up.


Souta opened his eyes widely and found himself in a dark void.


He clicked his tongue. He realized that he was only a consciousness right now. His real body was still in the space gap, causing destruction.

“What a bad timing… I thought that I have to trigger it but it seems I was wrong, it activated on its own.”

Souta looked up and saw a floating land in this void.

“The first time is a trial… I think Nightmare King failed in this test that’s why he couldn’t use the real purpose of the [Nightmare Mask]. It’s a key.”

A key of this realm…

The Nightmare Realm, a part of the Dreamscape that soon will be owned by one of the three kings, Sea King Cthulhu.

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