The Favored Son of Heaven

Chapter 121 - Flirting Above the Concert—a Beautiful Female Sniper Appears

Chapter 121: Flirting Above the Concert—a Beautiful Female Sniper Appears

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“Ninety points.”

Qin Fen gave himself a score for what he had done. He then casually tossed the corpse of the terrorist—the eyes nearly bursting from their sockets from the pressure—to the ground.

He had deducted five points two times due to reasons relating to the music. The first time was when he had some emotional fluctuations appear in his mood during concealment. The second time was during the moment when he made his move in the end. The arrival of the climax of the music had caused fluctuations of emotions in his mood.

If the sniper just now hadn’t been a child soldier terrorist, Qin Fen didn’t know if his two mistakes just now would have caused different variables to occur in the mission.

As for the T93 sniper rifle? If this sniper had been taught by Gun King, he would have probably long since died from Gun King’s scolding while still alive. It was extremely hard to adjust the functions of this weapon to meet minimum standards, but the sniper didn’t even make any modifications to the gun’s body. The sniper simply changed the tripod mount to a single pole mount. It was simply too unprofessional.

Qin Fen had been with Gun King for quite some time. He didn’t know when it had started, but he also pursued perfection when it came to the weapons used by marksmen.

The modified Barret M82A1 was quickly assembled.

The huge body of the gun exposed its sinister appearance.

Qin Fen held the sniper rifle, traced the spots that people had walked through, and quickly found two artillerymen of the terrorist group.

The 100 mm PP89 Type mortar was already set up in the hidden corner. The two artillerymen both nervously held binoculars. They were ascertaining the distance to the stage once more.

A high explosive shrapnel round was loaded into the sniper rifle, and Qin Fen attentively kept his eye on these two terrorists. They showed no intentions of making a move yet. Thinking about it, they should be waiting for a secret signal from the sniper, right?

Qin Fen didn’t open fire immediately. His shot could naturally eliminate these two terrorists, but it would draw the attention of the other terrorists at the same time. There was a high chance that the course of the concert would be destroyed.

Qin Fen needed to wait. He needed to wait until a specific segment planned for the concert.

A segment of gorgeous and roaring fireworks!

The instant fireworks soared into the air and exploded, Qin Fen’s shoulder jolted slightly. The Barret M82A1 ejected a slight wave of air, and the high explosive shrapnel round exploded beneath the two terrorists’ feet.

Over a thousand fireworks exploded at the same time in an enormous deafening roar, overwhelming the sound of Qin Fen’s shot.

By the time the fireworks scattered into beautiful rays of light, two bodies silently fell dead next to the mortal.

Qin Fen gently put down the Barret M82A1 and picked up the T93 sniper rifle. He installed a silencer that he prepared beforehand onto this relatively weak sniper rifle.

Qin Fen wouldn’t make it so that he watched the video of the terrorists for nothing. Since he knew that the terrorists were going to use the T93 sniper rifle, he would use it. Not using it would be a bit of a waste.

It really wasn’t easy to find the hidden terrorists within the large stadium. Luckily, Qin Fen had a basic understanding of the firearms these people used. He knew what sort of places in the stadium were most suited for using these weapons.

Qin Fen pulled out a small metal box from within his close-fitting clothes. He gently opened it and took out a few ‘ice bullets’ from within.

These terrorists were mixed within the crowd. If Qin Fen used metal bullets, it would be very easy to draw other people’s attention the moment he eliminated a terrorist.

These ice bullets were different. The bullets entered the human body at high speed, and the friction from the speed would cause it to instantly melt. At the same time, blood would harden for a period of time at the very initial point of contact. This was due to the coldness of the bullet. It was hard to tell that the person was injured from looking from the outside. People would more easily believe that these were ordinary fans that fainted merely from excitement.

One. Two. Three…

Qin Fen never tried shooting such easy targets before. These terrorists were all tensely concentrated looking at the stage. They didn’t use any martial arts techniques at all. They were simply targets that stood unmoving. They were God knows how much easier than the moving targets of Gun King’s training.

Four…? Huh?

Qin Fen locked onto the fourth person to be his target, and a familiar shadow appeared right next to that person.

Within this lively crowd, Xue Tian had a lazy expression on his face. He yawned as he walked passed that person. If Qin Fen wasn’t using the scope of a sniper rifle to observe things carefully, Qin Fen would have really doubted his eyes when Xue Tian made his move.

A short blade moved like lightning, piercing the back and heart of a terrorist. When the knife was extracted, not a hint of fresh blood dripped out. Two plainclothesmen behind him suddenly swarmed around the dead terrorist, patching the wound of the terrorist in an instant and dragging the terrorist out of the crowd without making a sound.

Fast! It really was super fast!

Qin Fen had never seen such a fast blade before in his life. The stroke came without any warning. It was clean and beautiful!

This was someone worth fighting against! The smile on Qin Fen’s lips grew thicker and thicker. The endless fights he experienced had given him the habit of judging someone’s strength in the first instance.

Xue Tian yawned and raise an arm up high from within the crowd. He gave a thumbs up in Qin Fen’s direction.

Qin Fen clicked his tongue. Xue Tian wasn’t someone who diligently cultivated, yet his strength was this powerful. Just what sort of realm would he be in if he went all out in cultivation?

Qin Fen sniped and eliminated the remaining terrorist of the Scimitar organization. He then saw Xue Tian reach under a chair and fetch out a plasticine-like object from beneath it. It was C4!

The C4 just needed an electronic signal in order to cause an extremely powerful explosion!

The plainclothesmen behind Xue Tian quickly placed the C4 in a metal box. Qin Fen knew that the box was a special device capable of blocking off any electronic signals.

Xue Tian then put his fingers into the v-shape of victory.

In the next moment, this young recruit, who had been yawning without end just now, turned into a fanatic fan in the blink of an eye. He hugged the people around him closely, letting out crazy yells and shouts.

Qin Fen rubbed his temples. Did this kid come to listen to the concert? Or did he come to flirt? The people he hugged were beautiful girls immersed in the climax of the concert. Xue Tian’s hands wandered up and down without end. If Lin Liqiang were to see Xue Tian here in this situation, he would probably give Xue Tian mad props.

The T93 completely withdrew from the stage of fighting at this moment, and Qin Fen set his Barret M82A1 back up in the sniper point.

While searching for Sajjad, Qin Fen instinctively looked at a different sniper point. The point was the second-best sniper point in the entire stadium.

Qin Fen found a dozen of police officers defending the surrounding area. This was to prevent a sniper terrorist from appearing in that spot.

There shouldn’t be anybody at this sniper point, but a person actually appeared there in this very instant.

That’s right, a woman had appeared!

It was a woman who Qin Fen could barely say he knew.

It was Yu Wenqian, the woman who he met that day in the coffee shop. She was the white-collar worker who he left his phone number and name with.

Under the curtain of night, Yu Wenqian’s black tight-fitting clothing blended quite well with the surrounding environment. If Gunner King hadn’t spent so many days nurturing gunner senses into him, Qin Fen might have made a truly careless mistake from having his keen nerves be drawn when the enemy sniper set up her sniper rifle.

Was she a terrorist? An assassin? Someone targeting the Flying Hearts?

A few thoughts quickly flashed in Qin Fen’s mind with each and every one of these thoughts quickly overruled.

Terrorists rarely hired assassins. Doing so would harm the purity and honor of their so-called holy war.

In fact, assassins didn’t like to work for terrorists. One mistake would leave the assassin on the wanted list of the Federation as a total terrorist.

At this point in time, stopping the Flying Hearts concert would make this woman a terrorist in terms of her actions, especially if her aim was assassinating these two girls of the anti-terrorism concert, regardless of if she was an actual terrorist.

Qin Fen could also feel that this woman, who was a considerable distance away from him, didn’t harbor any hostile intent toward the two girls Ya Xin and Ya Fei. Instead, she seemed to be looking for something or someone.

What was she looking for? Carrying that sort of sniper gear on her to this concert naturally meant that she was targeting those who sought destruction rather than the Flying Hearts themselves.

Not good! Qin Fen’s nerves hadn’t been completely taut all this time, but they became utterly tense in this very instant. This woman had come to fight over the bounty!

Yu Wenqian had also discovered Qin Fen at this time. Through his sniper equipment, she was able to clearly tell just how powerful the big fellow in Qin Fen’s hand was.

A Barret M82A1? What the hell is he doing? This sniper rifle is typically used against the Hunter model light mobile armor of the jungle. Or is his target someone genetically altered? Possessing a body of scales, scales of the African Scaled Elephant? 

Qin Fen also sensed that Yu Wenqian was observing him. He didn’t have the time to give a wave to her. As long as he didn’t sense a malicious intent coming off of her, one that would signal that she was locked onto his aura and was going to kill him, Qin Fen would completely ignore her. He had to find Sajjad before she could and eliminate him!

That was ten thousand dollars, after all! Even if Sajjad was killed and half of the bounty was taken by the military, Qin Fen would still end up with five thousand dollars! And capturing Sajjad alive would net him a hundred thousand dollars!

Yu Wenqian was stunned for a moment. When Qin Fen moved his sniper scope quickly across the crowd of people, she instantly understood Qin Fen’s intentions.

This recruit wanted to take the bounty out from under her nose!

Yu Wenqian suddenly lost all intentions of greeting Qin Fen. Her sniper scope searched within the crowd in the first instant.

Found him!

The two people revealed smiles all the way up to their eyes at practically the same moment. Their killing auras of sniping locked onto Sajjad near-simultaneously! It was unknown when he sneaked into the group of staff members, but he was hiding in a hidden corner, where he was sharpening his fangs.

Sajjad’s body suddenly shivered with a chill the instant the snipers locked onto him. He, who had engaged in many activities of terror, had already nurtured a sixth-sense almost comparable that of a beast.

As Sajjad’s body shivered, Qin Fen’s heart tensed up along with him.

If only one gun had locked onto Sajjad, this man, who walked the line between life and death for so many years, might not have realized anything.

Two sniper rifles overflowing with murderous intent locked onto him, and the resulting pressure was far too great. Sajjad would simply be an idiot if he didn’t feel anything at all.

Which way will he dodge? To the left? To the right? Upward? Downward? Or will he stand in place, not moving? 

A series of thoughts flashed through Qin Fen’s mind, and the muscles on Sajjad’s body pulsed in this very moment. The Biochemical beast was instantly activated at full strength.

The Barret M82A1 rang out with a shot!

He will stand in place! Qin Fen told himself with utter certainty.

This was the conclusion produced from Squad Leader Hao’s psychology and Gun King’s shooting psychology.

Whether or not this conclusion was correct, Qin Fen would stake it all for this was his only chance! You miss all the shots you don’t take! Even if he failed, there was still his sister-in-law Phoenix here!

The gun in Yu Wenqian’s hands rang out at the same time as Qin Fen’s gun. At the same time the shot rang out, Yu Wenqian tossed away the sniper rifle in her hands and started to sprint toward Sajjad in the first instance.

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