The Favored Son of Heaven

Chapter 122 - A Wild Gang and the Roar of Heavy Metal

Chapter 122: A Wild Gang and the Roar of Heavy Metal

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The gun in Yu Wenqian’s hands rang out at the same time as Qin Fen’s gun. At the same time the shot rang out, Yu Wenqian tossed away the sniper rifle in her hands and started to sprint toward Sajjad in the first instance.

A shadow soon appeared at the location where Yu Wenqian just sniped from. It took her sniper gear away.

Two bullets revolved at high speeds, rending apart paths through the rippling air that was visible to the naked eye. Then the bullets fiercely slammed into each together.

In the next instant, the bullet that Yu Wenqian fired flew out of its intended trajectory from the collision, while the bullet that Qin Fen fired struck Sajjad in the chest. Not a hint of its momentum could be seen missing.


This terrorist, whose hands reeked with blood, had another hole appear in his chest. The hole was the size of a human head.

He stared at his chest in a daze. He could see the color of the background through the hole in his chest. He collapsed to the ground, his entire self in complete disbelief.

He had worn three spider-silk bulletproof vests to prevent anything unforeseen from happening. The only person who knew about the bulletproof vests was himself. It was hard enough already for a hidden sniper to be able to strike him. Even if he was struck, the dual heavy defenses from the bulletproof vests and his biochemical beast would very likely prevent a life-threatening injury!

However, he never thought that this young sniper had gone out of his way just for him. The sniper had specially prepared incomparably expensive gifts. The depleted uranium round and the modified Barret M82A1 created a sniper shot that was extremely powerful!

Forget about even wearing the three spider-silk bulletproof vests. Even if he held a block of metal before his chest, the shot would have pierced a hole straight through him.

Yu Wenqian’s speed was very fast. In the blink of an eye, she already covered a distance of a dozen meters.

Qin Fen was stunned at first, but soon he realized that this woman, who had missed Sajjad with her shot, was in the middle of doing something called ‘getting a bargain on something.’

It was only in this moment that Qin Fen knew why Yu Wenqian had chosen the second sniper point rather than the first sniper point.

From the perspective of a professional sniper, the first sniper point was far more superior than the second sniper point. Qin Fen’s choice had been impeccably professional.

But from the perspective of a bounty hunter, Qin Fen was simply a newborn chick. The distance of the first sniper point from the venue was far greater than the distance of the second sniper point.

The Dragon Elephant Prajna Art underwent emergency compression. The past few days of training in regards to precise control over power and the unexpected help he experienced from Fiery Miss Cheng Yan early in the day had given Qin Fen new understandings and improvements in regards to turbo-charging.

The muscles of his thick muscular legs slightly contracted at first before appearing as if they were rapidly inflated in the next moment. They suddenly expanded to the thickness and sturdiness of hippopotamus legs in an instant.

The slate beneath Qin Fen’s feet shattered to pieces, and his body, propelled by his legs, shot toward Sajjad’s location like the shot from a cannon.

In this moment, Qin Fen was in no position to be concerned about whether or not his actions would affect the performance of the concert. For the sake of five thousand dollars, he brought out all the strength inside himself. The Shaolin Arhat Fist’s Arhat Cloud Walk, under his firm and fierce Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, made him akin to a furious guardian deity that moved as fast as lightning, advancing ahead to subdue monsters and eliminate demons.

The concrete ground beneath his feet immediately cracked with every step he took. His entire self was like the incarnation of a raging storm.

Xue Tian grinned over and over as he stood in the middle of the crowd. He lazily clapped his hands in endless praise for Qin Fen. “He has a far too professional mind. He has a far too professional mind. He cares about money more than his life. It will be a shame if he doesn’t become a mercenary. In the future, I can be in charge of finding work and Old Qin can be in charge of chasing down money owed to us. That will be a fine arrangement. Whoever wants to renege on the owed money would probably think about things over more when they see how strongly Qin Fen is attached to money, right?”

Qin Fen’s speed was quick, and Yu Wenqian’s speed wasn’t slow either.

The most important thing was how much shorter the distance Yu Wenqian needed to cover when compared to Qin Fen. When she set out to get this bargain over Qin Fen, her speed was fast. She scrambled ahead of Qin Fen and used a hunting knife to cut off Sajjad’s head.

“He’s mine! Drop the head!”

Qin Fen’s anxious roar entered Yu Wenqian’s ears. This young lady had none of the proper moral character of one who would return another’s property to its owner. when she heard the roar of the property’s owner, she made a wild dash away without thinking as she held the skull of Sajjad.

“You want to run?” Qin Fen had no worries about any future consequences now that his mission was completed. There was only the head in Yu Wenqian’s hands in Qin Fen’s eyes. The Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, having exploded forth under pressurization, continued to sake without end. His speed steadily surpassed that of Yu Wenqian, allowing him to draw closer bit by bit.

It was just that the difference in distance to Sajjad had been far too great at the time. Yu Wenqian was also at four-star strength as well. It was impossible to instantaneously catch up to her.

This game of cat and mouse soon ended up outside of the stadium.

“There are so many people.”

Qin Fen’s mind went blank for a moment after he chased her out of the stadium. These fans weren’t able to buy tickets, but they numbered the people inside the stadium by God knows how much. Yu Wenqian’s movements were like that of a nimble cat, and she put her technique to full display within the crowd.

“You can’t run!”

Qin Fen unleashed force through his ankle, and the application Dragon Guard made him just like a snake. He moved just like a river among the crowd, he began to close the distance to Yu Wenqian once again as he became just like flowing water.

Yu Wenqian flickered past a person and looked back at the same time to see Qin Fen chasing closely behind with no intention of giving up. She was a bit gloomy when she saw him. Could this man not know that Sajjad’s head was only worth five thousand dollars? From the way he was acting, it looked like Qin Fen was chasing after fifty million dollars of lost money.

Even if it was fifty million dollars, nobody would act this desperately, right?

She screamed inside at how strange he was, and Yu Wenqian could only continue to mobilize her steps over and over. At the same time, she rummaged around her chest and pulled out something. She covered her face with the thing that was similar to the facial masks women used. Her ankle and waist twisted at great speed, and she flickered deeper into the depths of the crowd.

Qin Fen, who continued to chase from behind, suddenly sensed something. Yu Wenqian, who had begun her escape long ago, had an aura that was undergoing a rapid weakening. Perhaps it was better to say that her aura was rapidly changing. She strove to blend into the random auras of the crowd.

If Qin Fen were to let her successfully hide, then the bounty money would be totally gone!

The enticement of money made Qin Fen’s mind focused to unprecedented heights. He locked on deadly to the hint of her aura, which was weak and rapidly moving.

Yu Wenqian rushed out of the crowd. Surprise could be seen on her forehead. Not only had she been unable to throw Qin Fen off by concealing her aura, but Qin Fen had also pulled the distance quite a bit closer. Wasn’t this chasing soldier too dedicated about this?

Countless vehicles were parked outside the stadium with a crowd of people. Yu Wenqian swept her eyes over the means of transportation that youngsters loved these days. She did a flip in the air and mounted on 1050CC Yamaha bike. The annoying anti-theft system didn’t even seem to exist before her. She dug out a steel needle from down her chest pocket and jiggled it in the keyhole twice. The exhaust pipe roared with a rumbling sound.

Qin Fen quickly made his way through the crowd. His eyebrows suddenly shot up. “What the heck? How can a human move this fast?”

Rushing out from the crowd, Qin Fen saw the smoky exhaust, yet to dissipate, left by the motorcycle in its wild dash. He flickered to arrive to the side of a row of motorcycles. His iron palm smacked the gas tank of each of the motorcycles, and at the same time as the motorcycles shook, he spared some attention to listen to the scope of sloshing of the gas within the tanks.

In the end, Qin Fen quickly selected a Triumph 1050CC motorcycle. It was a motorcycle with a tank full of gas.

The motorcycle made a roar of heavy metal, and the air fluttered with acrid smoke where rubber and the ground created friction. The owners of the two motorcycles did not yet realize that their own battle vehicles were now stolen.


Seoul’s nights were typically noisy and lively, but its streets were especially quiet today due to everyone’s focus on the concert’s opening. Only the motorcycle gangs that revered unrestrained freedom were still riding their armored cavalry. They screamed recklessly on the Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway, revealing their unique charm.

“Today the night is ours!”

“That’s riiiight! We are the masters of the Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway!”

“Thank-you so much, concert! Thank-you so much, Flying Hearts!”

Nearly a hundred riders of metal horses shouted to the skies in excitement. Normally the police would always come to catch them, but there weren’t any extra police forces out here restricting since too many of them were protecting the concert.

“Let’s send our greetings to the female band!”

This suggestion made by one of the members of the motorcycle gang immediately obtained the approval of everyone else. Nearly a hundred motorcycles honked their horns at the same time, as if the entire world had been conquered by them.

At this very moment, a motorcycle moving at high speeds caught up to them like a gale. The rider didn’t even give a glance at them before leaving them far in the dust.

Everyone in the gang, still hooting, were all stupefied in this moment. There was actually someone who dared enter their domain and give a demonstration of force while in their domain? And this person was a girl?

The motorcycle gang had yet to emerge from their silence when the rumble of another motorcycle came from behind them. The people of the motorcycle gang reflexively looked back, and they saw a Triumph 1050cc motorcycle come zooming wildly over.


The leader of the motorcycle gang issued a command, and the near one hundred motorcycles instantly spread out completely, taking over the entirety of the vast expressway.

These members of the motorcycle gang lived their lives by the motorcycle. Each of them commanded their mounts to roar and scream.

“The time has come for us to show the glory of our gang!”

The leader of the motorcycle gang raised his head to the skies and howled in great excitement. He had nearly a hundred motorcycle riders beside him and it made him proud. Even a true professional driver, even the best rider of motorcycles, would find it hard to get past all these vehicles, let alone a kid who had never seen a motorcycle in his life


The leader of the motorcycle gang heard someone shout out. He turned and saw a scene he would never forget for as long as he lived.

In this densely packed fleet of motorcycles, it was as if the heavy-model Triumph 1050cc motorcycle didn’t suffer from any obstruction at all. The rider interleaved among the motorcycle fleet at high speeds. His skilled technique made it so that he moved firmly without any drop in speed no matter the corner and no matter the turn!

High-speed. The rider was riding at the highest speed for his motorcycle all this time!

The leader of the motorcycle gang began to wonder if he was dreaming, if he was in a nightmare.

Even a professional motorcycle champion rider would find it impossible to ride his motorcycle with this many changes in the track and in such a complicated environment.

Rumble rumble rumble…

Qin Fen’s motorcycle had already gone past the leader of the motorcycle gang, who was at the very head of the pack. Such a motorcycle fleet formation, when compared to Squadron Leader Trash’s large formations of aerial combat, was merely child’s play.

The motorcycle that Qin Fen rode roared and left the motorcycle gang member’s bikes in the dust.

“Leader, are we going after him?”

A member of the motorcycle gang asked.

The leader of the motorcycle gang was stupefied for a moment before he roared loudly. “We’re chasing him! We are the kings of chaos! Even if he was able to ram his way through our motorcycle formation, what of it!? We give chase! Go all out in giving chase for me! Now is the time to show the true strength of our gang!”

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