The Favored Son of Heaven

Chapter 19 - A Neo Martial Artist Helper

Chapter 19: A Neo Martial Artist Helper

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“Military branch?” Enzo Rota continued to question Qin Fen with concise statements.

“Army,” Qin Fen finally stopped eating.

“Smart,” Enzo Rota gave a thumbs up.

Song Jia was a bit startled, but she soon nodded in understanding. It was hard to see, but Qin Fen had a crafty side. He chose the military branch that saw the least combat in modern wars.

If a war really was to occur, Qin Fen would probably be retired by the time the army was deployed. Like he would stay stupidly in the army.

“Then you should take some time to cultivate.” Lin Liqiang sat up straight, giving him a serious reminder.

“I will.”

Qin Fen nodded. Though modern warfare consisted of guns and warships, the importance of martial arts didn’t weaken by even an iota. On the contrary, large-scale wars were relatively unlikely to occur. Instead, there were many small and local conflicts, making the importance of martial arts quite evident.

Mobilizing warships in conflicts would mark the beginning of a real war. However, the small conflicts ahead of time consisted mostly of the Army wielding guns to fight against the enemy army.

A person who knew martial arts had quick reactions and movement speed. Combining these factors with a gun in hand allowed an adaptable fighting style.

A gun-wielding soldier, who knew martial arts had underwent military training, can single-handedly eliminate an entire squad of enemy soldiers who merely underwent military training but didn’t know martial arts. The difference in movement speeds, judgments, and reaction speeds between the two was far too vast. There was also a giant disparity between their physical strength and power.

Ordinary soldiers could use guns. They could also use light-weight combat rocket launchers geared for individuals. But as for the heavier weapons, the powerful combat rocket artillery, weren’t things that ordinary soldiers could easily move around with and use.

Only martial artists possessing decent strength could wield these powerful and mighty heavy artillery weaponry.

It was for this reason that every single soldier had to cultivate and practice martial arts. The existence of the Sky Martial Battle Network and the free publicized martial arts was to prevent people from only cultivating after joining the military, thus allowing them to keep up in combat strength.

Of course, people in the Army could engage in special training apart from being sent into small-scale conflicts. They could be molded into soldiers that broke through the enemy’s back line and executed leader-strike operations. There were also those responsible for point suppression missions, as well as new-planet expedition missions.

The modern Army was a bit of a weak chicken, but it was still an indispensable branch. Whether it was small-scale conflicts, leader-strike operations, or even occupation work after a battle, it was all left to the Army.

The four were young, and Qin Fen had just awakened from deep sleep. They were in great moods, chatting until it was late at night.

They thought about how they still had class tomorrow, and Lin Liqiang spoke about his embellished pretext for missing class. They wanted to avoid slipping up for the second day of class, so the four people left the McDonalds, which was long devoid of other customers, and headed back to their respective homes to rest.

After just waking up, the many days of continuous sleep put Qin Fen into a stimulated state. It was hard for him to fall asleep.

He was back in his room, thinking about how he slept for an entire week. He didn’t make any money at all during this time, and today he had eaten a huge meal. Qin Fen decided to log onto the Sky Martial Battle Network and watch a few fights. He would write a few drafts for some money, even though the special column in the newspaper was already snatched by someone else.

He put on the helmet, entered his ID and logged onto the Sky Martial Battle Network.

Free Area eleven, Combat Field Number eleven.

Nearly a hundred challenge messages popped up in his inbox the moment he logged on, stupefying Qin Fen for a moment. He quickly skimmed through all the challenges. About a third of them were from Regal Propria. The remaining challenges were from complete strangers.

After a moment of bafflement, Qin Fen understood the cause of these challenges. It should be because of the video from last time, posted on the forums.

Globally within the Sky Martial Battle Network, receiving over a hundred challenge messages wasn’t something special. The truly famous experts would receive over a thousand or even more challenge messages. However, Qin Fen still felt some satisfaction.

He only fought twice, and he received nearly a hundred challenge messages. This was rare.

“Thirty-Six Hours!” A howl came over from Regal Propria through the communications channel. “You’ve finally showed up! I even thought you were too scared to log on! Fight another round with me!”

“You can’t beat me.” Qin Fen spoke very seriously, “I’m already three-star.”

“Three-star!?” Regal Propria sounded very astonished. A moment of silence passed before he said, “Then suppress your combat power and use the combat power of a two-star to fight a round with me. I’ll turn on the anti-cheat device so that you will immediately lose the moment your strength enters three-star.”

“You still can’t beat me in this case.” Qin Fen’s words were filled with confidence. After the training with the figure of light, Qin Fen was confident that he would have a place among the top thirty experts of two-stars, were it not for his strength breaking into the three-star realm.

“….” Regal Propria fell into silence. He had found some people to help him study the recording of their fight in earnest, but the final conclusion was just as Qin Fen said. Another fight would just be a waste of time.

“I know,” Regal Propria sounded a bit discouraged before he continued, “So that’s why I found someone to help, someone to fight with you. I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you beat him!”

“I’ll fight,” answered Qin Fen without even thinking. He had logged on to make money. Since there was someone willing to give him money, why not fight?

“First go to the center of the arena, then.” Regal Propria said, “The person I called will be here soon.”

Regal Propria’s helper appeared a few minutes later.

ID: Global War Encore

Neo Martial Art: Thunderous Swords of Yin and Yang

Battle Record: two thousand six hundred and forty two wins, forty-nine defeats, fifteen draws

What an amazing win rate! Qin Fen’s eyebrows shot up. There was also something even more shocking to him than the shocking win rate; his opponent’s neo martial art.

Thunderous Swords of Yin and Yang. This wasn’t a free martial art publicized by the nation for all to learn. This was a technique that required one to spend real gold and silver from the very first stage.

Qin Fen knew a little bit of this technique. It was part of a set of extremely powerful neo martial arts. Generally speaking, cultivators needed to spend quite a bit of money on this technique. He just didn’t know the what sort of process and methods were used in cultivating neo martial arts.

First of all, these two thunderous swords weren’t normal swords, but swords created from high technology! They were swords that could be controlled and flied remotely! Swords of magnetic movement!

The user had to undergo a special surgery that implanted a remote control device for the swords in the body. Then the user had to go through a short period of cultivation, finally completing the initial step for this martial art.

The most striking feature of the Thunderous Swords of Yin and Yang was how the user could be just like the immortals wielding flying swords in Xianxia novels. The user could control the two thunderous swords to fly and attack through the air without touching them at all. And once the user reached a certain level, the swords could carry the cultivator to fly through the air.

Their agility was incomparable, it was hard to determine their trajectory, and they could strike a foe over a thousand meters away! This was the biggest trait of the Thunderous Swords of Yin and Yang.

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