The Favored Son of Heaven

Chapter 35 - First Time Flying an Aircraft

Chapter 35: First Time Flying an Aircraft

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Without even waiting for Qin Fen to respond, Du Peng had already put on the red helmet.

Qin Fen gave a helpless chuckle. Why did he always meet people with weird personalities? Is it because his own personality wasn’t normal either?

Qin Fen put on the red helmet and started the program. He then suddenly found himself to be in the middle of a enormous virtual air base.

There were Gabriel Space Fighters, Satan-Destroyer Space Striker, Nezha Flying Saucer Space Blitz Fighters, and Specter Space Fighters.

“As you can see, everyone. This is a virtual military air base.”

A rough roaring voice came out from the void.

“I know that some of you tit-suckers signed up for the Army or for the Navy. You must be curious why we brought you here.”

As Qin Fen couldn’t help but nod, the rough roar resounded once more, “Right now I will tell you. The heck do you have so many ‘why’s for? I am your commanding officer! I don’t need to explain anything to you! Remember this well! There’s only obedience in the Army! Just obey! Obey! All right! Now go pick your favorite fighter or armor!”

Most of the recruits came from families with decent material foundations. These energetic teenagers would normally hang around on the Sky Martial Battle Network, and sometimes they would use the terminals of the Sky Martial Battle Network and play on some other channels. For instance, there was the Sky War Network, which was equally filled with burning fervor. This was a large-scale virtual reality network where one engaged in something similar to national wars. People could play the role of all sorts of military occupations, from a tiny foot soldier to a great commander of an interstellar fleet. One could even be a tyrant of a planet.

Other than Qin Fen, everyone possessed at least some understanding toward fighters. People excitedly chose the fighters they wanted.

All fighters were in unlimited supply within the virtual world. Qin Fen wasn’t scared of any one of the models being exhausted.

He carefully observed the other recruits select their fighters. Among them, the Nezha Flying Saucer Space Fighter was chosen the most. Qin Fen simply chose the same fighter.

“Tit-suckers! Maybe some of you feel like you already know how to pilot fighters! But I need to tell you something. What you used before was a simplified control program dumbed down to a control system for retards. There aren’t many meters and indicators in what you’re used to. Right now you will properly learn them for me!”

“Welcome. You have chosen the Nezha Flying Saucer Space Fighter. Are you familiar with this fighter?” A digitally synthesized tutorial voice was transmitted into Qin Fen’s ears.

“I’m not familiar,” Qin Fen responded very honestly. The Sky War Network had no free channels; every channel charged money upon log on. In the past, he didn’t have the leisure time like the others, and he had even less of money to spend freely for his lifestyle.

“The Nezha Flying Saucer Space Fighter is like its name. Just like the Chinese god himself, this fighter possesses three heads and six arms. It has more attack points when compared to other fighters, and its defense power and detection ability is as good as having three heads. Its ability to detect enemy fighters is great….”

The soft digitally synthesized voice explained bit by bit, and Qin Fen gradually understood the strong points of the Nezha Flying Saucer Space Fighter. Aside from its relatively low endurance, it was one of the better fighters as a whole.

Qin Fen asked about a few other fighters and decisively chose to switch his fighter. He chose the fighter with the fastest speed, small radar coverage, and a not so wide attack coverage. He chose the Specter Fighter.

The Army would never be piloting fighters to engage in aerial combat. Qin Fen understood this deeply, so he simply chose the Specter Fighter over the Nezha Flying Saucer Space Fighter, abandoning the superiority of radar coverage for the chance to temper his sixth sense of a martial artist—the sense that warned him of danger.

The War God Arena was coming up soon on the Sky Martial Battle Network. Qin Fen wouldn’t let any opportunity to temper himself slip his grasp.

Though there were many meters and indicators for these fighters, much of these fighters were controlled automatically. There wasn’t too much that the recruits needed to remember, especially for those like Qin Fen, who weren’t Air Force. He didn’t need to spend too much effort memorizing the meters and indicators. However, Qin Fen was quite baffled by something. As soon as he understood a meter or indicator, he didn’t need to memorize its function at all. He would remember it extremely clearly.

Even though he wasn’t as familiar with fighters when compared to the other recruits, his superior memory allowed him to fly to the skies at the same time as most people.

“Every squad’s fighter possesses a number. You can attack any of the fighters of the other squads. The system will automatically record the number of fighters you take down, aside from fighters your own teammates possess. The system will also record the number of times you get taken down. Those who are in the bottom two hundred for getting shot down will receive double the training tomorrow.”

“Sir, is there any rewards for taking down the most enemy fighters?”

Some people used the communications system of their aircraft to ask.

“There’s no reward. If you don’t want to be in the bottom two hundred, then do your best to shoot down other people. All right! Begin now!”


Two fighters turned into giant balls of fire the instant the commanding officer issued the order. The two had been struck down by others near simultaneously.

This wasn’t due to how great the attacker’s skills were, but rather their reactions! Their reactions exceeded that of normal people, and only then would they able to seize the opportunity to strike at the first instance.

“Oh, man! Ol’ Squad Leader. The two fighters that attacked came from your squad.”

There was a soldier in charge of the control room data. His face carried a bit of shock and uncertainty, “They moved at practically the same time! This reaction speed is far too fast. I even believed that the one called Qin Fen would be the first to get shot down.”

“You thought that he would be the first to get shot down?” Squad Leader Hao was a bit surprised, “Why did you think so?”

“I don’t think this one has ever touched a fighter before, be it virtual or real. He started asking from the most fundamental of questions.” The seasoned soldier of the control room said, “I attributed the fact that he was able to get his fighter to fly to luck. I never expected him to shoot someone down…. Haha, Qin Fen got shot down now.”

On screen, Qin Fen dodged encircling attacks from three fighters, but to his misfortune, he was struck by a stray heat-ray.

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