The Favored Son of Heaven

Chapter 5 - A Miracle Created from Exercise and Hard Work

Chapter 5: A Miracle Created from Exercise and Hard Work

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“Laying down money….” The challenger’s voice sudden died down. Fifty bucks. A hundred bucks. These were considerable sums for a kid from a normal household. He had just lost fifty bucks, and he wanted to save a bit of money to buy a few potions and pills to help with his cultivation and hopefully get a breakthrough in his martial arts.

Everyone else had gone silent as well. Some people just liked to watch the excitement; they had no intentions of participating in this gamble where victory and defeat were uncertain. On the other hand, there were some who wanted to gamble, but they already lost all their money from the previous gamble.

“Don’t have the money to gamble?” Qin Fen’s two sharp eyebrows slowly furrowed together. He looked at his opponent with a bit of disappointment. Forget it. It was better to save his strength. He would be able to make a bit more money by working tomorrow.

A moment of silence passed before Regal Propria spoke with dark expression, “I’ll lay down a hundred bucks! I’ll bet on your loss!”

Yet another hundred dollars! Qin Fen looked at Regal Propria with a bit of envy. It’s great to be a kid with a rich family. This fellow had mucked up nearly two hundred and fifty dollars in a short period of time this night. This was practically half a month’s of Qin Fen’s living expenses.

“A hundred bucks….” Qin Fen perked up with a smile.

Fighting is something that’s easy to get addicted to. 

Qin Fen couldn’t recall who had said this quote, but he began to agree with it. The fight that happened not too long ago had ended far too quickly. It had been absolutely impossible for Qin Fen to fully enjoy the thrill of the fight. Since there was the chance to make money and fight at the same time, there was no reason for him to refuse.

Qin Fen studied the challenger for a moment and discovered that his opponent didn’t select to keep his data private. He fetched it to see:

ID: Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers

Proficient in the Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians, a paleo martial art

Decent in the Fist That Cleaves Rock and Shatters Jade, a fist form

Battle Record: Three hundred and sixty one wins, ninety-two losses, seven draws

Attained strength: Two-star

A paleo martial art bought with money? Qin Fen’s eyebrows shot up. Not all paleo martial arts were free. Most of the paleo martial arts deciphered from Atlantis had considerable might as well. To cultivate in them, one could only choose the path of spending money.

Qin Fen closed the data window, having gained a general understanding of the opponent before him. This was an opponent very well experienced in combat.

ID: Thirty-Six Hours

Cultivates in the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, a paleo martial art

Decent in the Shaolin Arhat Fist, a fist form

Battle Record: One win, zero losses

Strength: Two-star

Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers didn’t quite know whether to laugh or cry when he saw Qin Fen’s data. An internal art of bitter work plus a fitness exercise fist form were actually able to defeat the neo martial artist Regal Propria. And it was an instant kill. This was truly a bit irrational.

Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers cleared his mind, then stared at Qin Fen in seriousness. Since he had yelled those words just now, he didn’t want to lose in front of the hundreds of familiar faces. That would be even more shameful than what happened to Regal Propria.

The ten-second countdown slowly sounded off at the eve of the battle. Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers looked at Qin Fen’s calm eyes, and he suddenly felt a sort of indescribably surprise in his chest. He had seen that gaze before. It was the same gaze that his martial arts teacher in real life had when they sparred!

Confidence! Tranquility!


Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers hesitated a moment before the countdown could finish. Then he roared in conviction. He swallowed a Berserker Pill, which rapidly increased one’s attack power by ten percent, and a Armor Pill, which increased one’s defense power by ten percent for a fixed amount of time, together into his stomach!

The two pills entered the stomach, causing the start of a gradual transformation of Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers’s body. His muscles, extremely bright from his cultivation in the Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians, spasmed slightly. Externally, He looked akin to a polished boulder. Just one look and anyone would be able to sense the explosive power contained within and just how terrifying it was.

A few of the spectators were totally stunned. Wasn’t he being way too cautious as well? He actually ate the Berserker Pill and the Armor Pill together? This wasn’t a major qualifier tournament organized by the Sky Martial Battle Network. There wasn’t a need to be so desperate, right?

The pupils of Qin Fen’s eyes instantly contracted to the size of needle-tips. His usual heart of being able maintain tranquility in the face of practically anything was completely shattered in an instant.

Far too wasteful! Even if the prices of virtual items were a bit cheaper, it was still far too wasteful! This guy was being even more wasteful than Regal Propria!

Qin Fen’s heart ached thinking about the amount of money, and Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers keenly discovered that his opponent’s mind wasn’t completely on the fight during this time. His powerful and muscular thighs unleashed a ferocious counterforce, causing the virtual stone slates beneath his feat to instantly fissure. He was already dashing out like lightning.

Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers rushed upon Qin Fe, unleashing the most fierce and explosive move of the Fist That Cleaves Rock and Shatters Jade—Shattering the Earth and Shocking the Heavens. The air simply rang with loud explosions akin to the sound of a car’s tires bursting.

Qin Fen’s eyes shone bright. Such ferocious and explosive fists were already the limit of a two-star warrior. Practically all evasive paths were completely cut off!

The arhat sleeps. He is covered with the Dragon Guard. He strikes with his heart. His shoulders thrust. And his fists ram out! 

A fist chant of the Shaolin Arhat Fist flashed through the sea of Qin Fen’s mind, and his body flowingly laid back, like a sleeping arhat. He suddenly swiveled with his ankle, bringing his waist to bend, subtly drawing his body into the Dragon Guard!

Shattering the Earth and Shocking the Heavens was a move that sealed off every evasive movement, but Qin Fen actually found a way to dodge through force!

With a shake of both arms, Qin Fen unleashed two fists the instant he dodged with the Dragon Guard. He struck out with the Shaolin Arhat Fist’s Twisting Double Mountain Thrust! His fists explosively rammed into Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers’s underbelly!

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