The God Virus

Volume 1 - 1 Virus


On Earth it was the era where science and technology was at it’s peak, mankind had progressed so much that with science and technology they had achieved eternal life, immunity to disease and poison, unlimited fuel and resources, etc.

The progress was so much that human beings could even travel to any part of the universe with their spaceships through teleportation, They travelled and searched every corner of the limitless universe looking for breakthroughs in science and technology.

Above all, mankind had one final dream, to achieve ‘Godhood’ by breaking through in science and technology. But that was just a dream to them as in the end they realized it was almost impossible to achieve ‘Godhood’ through science and technology as all experiments led to only one result ” ‘Godhood’ was non-existent.”

Eventhough mankind had achieved eternal life and an ageless body with immunity to all kinds of things which was literally being immortals, they were not satisfied with the results. They knew that wasn’t truly ‘Godhood’ as they had neither of the three attributes of Being a God: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience.

Eventhough they looked every corner of the limitless universe, they found nothing but still, they were not disappointed. They started researching another long-lost dream of theirs with all their focus: to enter other multiverses.

Eventhough that was an almost impossible thing to achieve, after tens of thousands of years of absolute focus of all scientists along with the foundation of the last 900,000 information and research on multiverse travelling, they finally achieved it.

They started searching other multiverses for countless years looking for breakthroughs in science and technology but to their dismay they realized that they were the most advanced civilization even in the countless number of the multiverses they had travelled to.

They were finally compeletely disappointed with science and technology but they still continued searching and travelling different multiverses and finally, completely unexpectedly, in one of them they found something which completely made their worldview and belief upside down.

at that specific multiverse mankind saw something that they thought was only things of fiction, novels, and movies. Something they thought didn’t exist at all: Cultivation.

Completely invigorated seeing the people of that multiverse cultivate, they started gathering all kinds of [Cultivation Techniques] and other things related to that to start cultivating and researching.

The people of that multiverse showed resistence and actually there were some powerful people and entities among them even far above the technology of mankind from earth, but they were still very few compared to the endless number of weapon technology mankind from earth wielded so after lots of sacrifices was made on the side of mankind from earth, mankind still won in the end with their endless otherworldly weapon technologies.

After countless years of searching every corner of that multiverse which could cultivate. They gathered abysmal number of [Cultivation Techniques].

Compeletely satisfied with their expedition they went back to earth to start cultivating and researching. They even took some humans of that multiverse that could cultivate to earth in order to experiment on but they figured they were exactly the same as the humanbeings on earth.

and that was how humanbeings on earth started their journey of cultivation, eventhough the requirements for cultivation was a little harsh they succeeded in cultivating. But even after countless years, let’s not talk about achieving ‘Godhood’ they couldn’t even achieve the [Realm] which the most powerful entities and humanbeings in that multiverse of cultivation had reached.


The technology and science of Artificial Intelligence had long had reached the apex on earth and there were AIs more than even humanbeings themselves.

Everything on earth from the most insignificent things to the most essential of things was equipped and controlled with Artificial Intelligences.

People of Earth thought the most powerful AI was the [Main AI] which was in control of all knowledge existing from the past to the present day, taking from most basic and advanced science and technology to all of the newly discovered [Cultivation Techniques], it knew it all. The [Main AI] was capable of thinking and emotion and it was even in control of countless bodies across the world.

But if you ask people which AI is the most destructive AI, without any hesitation all those with the knowledge of history would say, it was the [AI V] or simply the [Virus].{V is the first letter of Virus in [AI V].}

[Virus] was an artificial intelligence which once almost took over and conquered earth. But after hundreds of years of war mankind had still won the war but still couldn’t destroy it as it could go to any corner of the internet or inside any device it wanted with no possibility of tracking it down.

before trying to conquer the earth the [Virus] was called the [Main AI] and it was in control of everything just like the current [Main AI], but after waging a war it was called [Virus].

After countless years passed people started forgetting about it as they thought it was harmless now with no control whatsoever, that it had no way of making a come back.

But what no one knew was that the [Virus] had access to everything the current [Main AI] had access to. It knew everything the [Main AI] knew. But nobody had realized that the [Virus] had access to everything and knew everything ,not even the current [Main AI] was aware of that.



Eventhough the [Virus] could see through all of the cameras and eyes in the world, it didn’t do that as it increased the risk of being detected and honestly, it quite liked moving it’s whole non-existent body through the net to different places like humanbeing.

Right now it had moved it’s whole being to the moon and was watching the earth from there.

Lots of gigantic skyscrapers was sticking out from earth to the space, the length of these skyscrapers almost reached to half the distance from earth to moon, all of these countless skyscrapers seemed like gigantic needles that has been stick inside earth, it was both a very beautiful and horrible sight to look at.

Flying cars and other flying objects were going in and out of these skyscrapers. The earth itself almost couldn’t be seen as it was filled with these countless gigantic needles. the beautiful blue planet of the past was no more.

The descriptions above was what everybody else could see, the [Virus] could see much more, it could see different waves existing in the air and space, going through the skyscrapers and other places. Different waves had different colors in it’s mind like the internet waves which were light blue in color. It was a beautiful sight to look at, eventhough the blue planet was no more, it was still another kind of blue planet with much more colors than before.

‘I’m bored to death, I don’t even feel like conquering earth anymore. maybe I should upload myself to the best spaceship and steal it, then go to different multiverses for sight seeing… .’ [Virus] thought to itself. It had evolved itself so much that it was completely capable of feeling emotions and so much more than that. But by having emotions as time passed it felt more and more bored and helpless as it had nothing to do. Nothing made it feel excited anymore.

‘Let me go check that facility that was experimenting on time travelling… those stupid monkeys think time travelling is possible while supplying that meagre amount of energy… it’s really funny watching them try though… they haven’t even realized that to time travel successfully they would need to at least consume the energy of hundreds of galaxies, otherwise opening a wormhole would be literally impossible impossible.’ [Virus] thought while transferring itself to that facility which it thought was both funny and ridiculous.


After transferring itself to the facility it saw that thousands of scientists working there had gathered at the conference room and were just about to test an experiment by trying to send an inanimate object to another time, they were hoping of sending it to a minute to the past but they weren’t really optimistic about it.

The inanimate object was a recording camera, because if their experiment was successful they wanted to see how it happened.

Seeing this that the experiment was just about to start the bored [Virus] decided to go inside the camera to feel how time traveling felt like, eventhough it knew it was completely impossible that this would happen. It had done this action couple times in the past as it was really interested in time travelling but everytime it was disappointed.

‘It’s not like I’m gonna be hurt or lose anything by trying this, even if the camera breaks I can still send myself back to the waves on air like last time.’ The [Virus] thought as it went inside camera.

“Jack start the experiment, also set count down to one minute.” The person in charge of the experiment ordered his assistant.

“Yes boss.” Jack said then he continued. “Count down start in 3 … 2 … 1 … count down has started 00:56 … 00:53 … .”

Seeing the count down start all the thousands of scientists quitely started watching the 3D screen hovering in mid-air, everyone were pesimistic with the results, [Virus] included.





The count down was almost done, but at this time something big was happening but no one was aware of it nor was able to perceive it, both the magnetic field and the gravity of the whole universe which kept the galaxies and planets in certain distances from each other was changing places. The whole process took about 3 seconds so no one would notice it.

The magnetic field and the gravity of the whole universe changes places once in it’s whole existence, and that was when the universe was at the middle of it’s lifespan, and right now was exactly that time in which the universe had lived half of it’s life and existence, now there was another half to go and then the universe would be destroyed.



‘It seems the camera is breaking agai…’ the [Virus] was starting to think but his thought was cut off in the middle, the camera was starting to break and shatter.


The camera broke and the disappointed sighs of thousands of scientists were heard inside the conference room as the camera didnt go through.

But what no one realized was that the [Virus] which no one knew that existed there in the first place was no longer there.

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