The God Virus

Volume 2 - 36 The Green Injection

After cutting the line off, Virus walked to the MDA as took the second syringe of the day filled with yellow liquid.

“Now I just need to inject the syringes and wait.” Virus said.

“So master, when are you going to tell me what the green and yellow liquids do?” The golden beauty asked still curious and still wanting to know it badly

“haha, now I’m gonna inject the first green liquid so let me tell you what the first syringe I’m going to inject is, but before that, go tell the CEO ugly to hold off the second set of phones and not release it till I tell him to.” Virus said after being amused again by the golden beauty’s curiosity.

“Okay master” nodding her head the golden beauty went away and came back about 15 minutes later.

“I told him, master, he said he’ll do as he’s ordered.” The golden beauty said after coming back.

“Good, now let me tell you what the green liquid is…” Virus said taking the green liquid filled syringe by his left hand and bringing it in front of his face.

“This green colored liquid is called… [Flesh and Muscle Purifier] and it does exactly as it says… it purifies the muscle and flesh of the body.” Virus said.

“Oh… so that’s it… I thought it’s something really good like the Full Skin Cleanser Injection.” The golden beauty said obviously losing the interest to know more.

Virus was a little speechless and thought ‘Maybe I placed a little too much woman tendencies in her while I was creating her.’

“Anyway, I’m going to inject it now.” Virus said as he brought the syringe with his left hand and injected it to his right arm.

“What do I do in the meantime master?” Bella asked.

“You? do whatever you like lil belle.” He said with a smile on his face after which he focussed fully on his own body.

After injecting it at first he felt nothing but then he started feeling uncomfortable everywhere in his body, all of his muscles were feeling a little numb and uncomfortable along with all the flesh on his body, unlike the Full Skin Cleanser Injection which the person injected with it felt almost nothing, this Flesh and Muscle Purifier made the body a little uncomfortable.

But also unlike the Full Skin Cleanser which made the impurities and filth come out from the skin itself around the body, this Flesh and Muscle Purifier was not like that as no filth and impurities came out of the skin of the body and there was no layer of filth on the skin, but after some time Virus had the urge to excrete and poo.

This was because all the filth and impurities came out in the form of excrement.

But like the Full Skin Cleanser Injection, this made the whole flesh and Muscle on the body 100 percent pure and cleansed with no impurities at all.

This Injection also had an advantage over the pills of the Cultivation Multiverse which could not cleanse some parts of the body at all.

And like the Full Skin Cleanser Injection which even Cleansed the inner skin, this Flesh and Muscle Purifier also purified every muscle, flesh, and tissue in the body including the penis which was made of tissues, but the pills of the cultivation multiverse could not do this. {A/N: this part is too important to be left alone.}

This injection was for the second level of the Purifying Stage which is called: Cleansing The Flesh and Muscles.

In the Cultivation Multiverse though, the percentage of cleansing the impurities of this second level was even lesser than the percentage of which they could purify the skin, as the best medicine and pills there could only purify eighty-five to ninety percent of the flesh and muscles.

While the most common pills of this type which people with a little background could get their hands on could purify only about fifty to fifty-five percent of the flesh and muscles of the body.

While people with strong backgrounds could get their hands to pills that could purify seventy to seventy five percent while the peak powers with the best alchemists could get their hands on pills that could purify eighty to eighty-five percent while those legendary pills or heavenly materials that could purify ninety percent could only be found by chance and luck mostly.

After Virus felt the urge to excrete he went to the toilet on his own floor to relieve himself, while doing the job he saw that his excrement was completely pitch black and the smell was a killer too. {A/N: Gross… don’t look at it and no smelling.}

After he felt like his bowels were empty he came out.

but an hour later he felt like he was filled again as he had to go to the toilet again.

Throughout the whole process, his whole body was feeling uncomfortable but this uncomfortableness was nothing to Virus.

After going to the toilet for about 10 times his flesh and muscles and tissues were completely purified of any filth and impurities.

Now the whole uncomfortable feeling was gone and his body feeling super comfortable, a feeling that goes beyond comfortable.

He felt like his body has been massaged for days and every movement he made with his body was accompanied by pleasure, like when you stretch your body sometimes and it makes you feel so comfortable.

So now every movement of the body was accompanied with absolute pleasure for him and he couldn’t help himself but move his body more.

Now that his body was completely purified he had to wait until his flesh and muscles in his body were completely immune to impurities and filth before injection the next syringe.


Two days passed just like that while his flesh and muscles were being made immune to all impurities, he didn’t leave his building for these two days and other than talking with Ella and Bella sometimes, he did almost nothing else other than waiting.

After finally he was sure his body was completely immune from now on he decided to inject himself with the next syringe injection which had a yellow liquid inside.

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