The God Virus

Volume 1 - 10 First Time?

Then Virus gave one of the glasses to Ella and picked the other one himself, Looking at the glass he said. “I’m having my first drink with you, cheers.”

“hehe, you wish, that was a funny joke…” Ella said not believing he was being for real, she thought he was just joking to change the atmosphere.

Seeing her not believe his words Virus didn’t try to continue and just drank with a smile.

After drinking a little they were both suddenly staring at each others’ eyes, Ella was mesmerized and lost in Virus’ golden, blue, and grey Eyes, other than that she was feeling somethibg else in his eyes too, something ancient perhaps, like this man was with a story and a very long one at that, this also attracted her even more.

Virus was staring at her green eyes too thinking ‘ “right now, right now” , the situation and her eyes are yelling this, it’s the most right moment to move.’ after thinking this Virus went for her lips and started kissing them passionately.

Ella was surprised at first but didn’t reject him in the least, just thinking inside ‘so this is how I lost my first kiss.’ and then she started to lose herself in the kiss.

while kissing her Virus was thinking ‘This definitely is a weird feeling, so this things are hormones that interferes sometimes with rationality, this is definitely a weird feeling but it’s enjoyable at the same time, this is just right up my alley, something I need right now in my life.’

And then they continued the passionate kiss until Virus brought his left hand high up inside her dress under the bra and started touching her big right breast, feeling how soft they felt made Virus’ hormones rage even more.

So he suddenly picked her up much to the surprise of Ella and looking into her eyes he said with absolute seriousness and sincerity. “I want to have my first time with you.”

hearing It was virus’ first time at first Ella didn’t believe it but seeing his sincere eyes, she did and thought ‘these eyes are definitely not lying.’

And that was how her last defense was broken as she said too. “I want to have my first time with you too.”

hearing this Virus was a little surprised she was a virgin but due to her personality he had expected she wouldn’t give her viginity just to anyone unless she’s sure of it.

So while Ella was in his hands like a princess Virus brought her to the room with the bed and placed her on the bed, and started to passionately kiss her again, and after some time he started unbottoning her clothes and started touching her breasts from above the bra which was black tiangle bra, after some time of low sounding moans were starting to be heared, showing that she had a sensitive body, Virus unhooked her bra and started touching her white big breasts while kissing her which made her moan a little louder.

3 or 4 minutes later he unbottoned her pants under which the same set of lingerie underwear as the bra was there.

Looking at her fit body Virus started to feel something he never had, he just wanted to be wild without thinking or calculating things at the moment, he just wanted to dominate her. ‘is this being horny is about?’ he thought after which he no longer cared about and started kissing her lips and then coming lower to her neck, as he mouth was on her white neck and was coming lower his left hand went under her black underwear and started touching her vagina, her vagina was already very wet, as he touched it he let her fingers go inside as much as possible until he felt something was blocking his way to go any deeper. ‘so she’s really a virgin.’ and then started playing with her vagina even more as his head came lower and started sucking her white plump breasts.

after the breasts he came lower to her fit stomache and navel and started kissing and sucking those places.

finally Virus thought he could no longer tolerate as his penis was rock hard, so he took her underwear off and looked at her bare body thinking ‘her body is truly beautiful.’

looking at her whole naked body consisting of bare breasts, beautiful blushing face which smiled from time to time shyly which made her dimples show which made her even more sexy but also innocent and her fit and slender body along with her natural hairless vagina made together with his white legs made the perfect image, so he uncontrollably said “you’re the most beautiful while you’re naked.” which made Ella shy even more.

looking at her vagina again Virus saw there was no black spot ot blackness there, it was a pink peach like vagina with no black spots anywhere unlike most of the people he usually saw through the data, this was a unique type of vagina rarely seen.

After looking at it he took his white t-shirt and pants off and after that he took his underwear off too, as his big penis showed from under, proudly hard as a rock.

seeing that big penis Ella was scared a little thinking inside ‘will that big thing fit inside me?’

coming above the sleeping on the bed naked Ella, first virus kissed her neck and then whispered in a soft voice beside her right ear. “I’m gonna go inside.” and then he pushed all of it suddenly inside till the bottom making Ella produce a sound of pain.

Then after going in and out Virus saw that his dick was full of blood which excited the old demon even more as he started pounding without cleaning any of the blood, as he started pounting inside faster and faster the painful moans of Ella changed to moans filled with pleasure as she also started enjoying it more and more.

“Ah ahh ah Uh…” Ella moaned louder and louder as she couldn’t keep it inside.

and after 10 more minutes of pounding Ella went to the peak and started having an orgasm, seeing her being in the peak Virus pounded even faster and harder as like this Ella stayed at the peak without coming off of it for about 7 or 8 minutes after which she was completely without any might to move, she was just laying there with little moans while Virus was still pounding as fast as before.


“aah ah ahhh”


with this speed every ten minutes Ella reached orgasm and kept having orgasm for about 4 minutes everytime as she extremely sensitive, and after two hours when Ella had about 14 or 15 average and felt like dying becase of tiredness Virus finally felt like coming and came with all his might feeling up inside her vagina completely with some even spraying out as unlike the people here he didn’t need to worry about the risk of pregnancy as he had made a pill for this day which would lower the chances of pregnancy to zero percent even if you ejaculate inside her all day long.

Finally after releasing it all inside her, he also lay beside her and after 5 minutes he again wanted to go another round but when he looked at the beauty beside him who had fallen sleep due to extreme fatigue he decided against it for now.

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