The Great Thief

Chapter 1329 - Dodgy Behavior

Chapter 1329: Dodgy Behavior

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“Then how did you dodge it before?” Water Fairy couldn’t wait to know.

She felt like after she had learned this, she would surpass most other Thief players. She would have no fear fighting players like Blood Dagger or Fearing Wood. However, she wouldn’t fight Lu Li – after all, he was the one teaching her.

“If you want to master this technique, you have the practice more. Right after the first movement, you will need to start the second moment. There will be a very brief pause where the other caster will try to determine the range and force of their attack. What you need to do, is make a judgement and react accordingly…”

Lu Li tried it again as the attacker this time, but his Skill Completion was still quite high.

After trying a few times, Water Fairy’s performance still couldn’t satisfy Lu Li, but he had found the problem. He held Water Fairy’s thin waist and said, “It’s not your shoulders or your legs, but your waist. Your core is the issue, so do a twist and let me have a look…”

Then, when Lu Li saw Water Fairy staring at him with amazement, he realized where he had placed his hands. They were very close to her hips.

Although she didn’t say anything, Water Fairy’s complaints could be seen in her eyes. She was a proudly independent person that had been given elite education, but in in the end, she was still a girl and had never experienced something like this before.

“Hey, now you try doing it yourself,” Lu Li said, pretending like nothing had happened.

Water Fairy wasn’t mad. After all, Lu Li didn’t seem to be looking at her in that way. Her

attention was soon redrawn by these new techniques.

Lu Li was trying his best to teach her, and all she lacked now was practice. As such, they continued to spar, and increase their speed.

Soon, there were people paying attention to them. After all, it was extremely rare for someone to be victorious hundreds of times in a row.

A dealer that offered bets was always on the lookout for players like this as they would use them to entice others to place bets. A well-selected target player could make millions for the dealer.

Of course, this was under the assumption that they didn’t encounter any professional gambler hunters.

These gambler hunters were the bane of these dealers. They didn’t even need to do anything. All they needed to do was look attractive so that the dealer would approach them. Once they had made a connection, they would wait until the dealer would make some money before running away with the dealer and gamblers’ money.

Obviously, there are risks associated with such an activity.

These two men and women were soon placed under scrutiny by several big dealers.

They were team 22 and had just registered today. There were very few double Thief compositions and the dealers favoured them particularly because they were a man and a woman.

But soon, there were people guessing that these players might be very important people.

According to a player that refused to show their ID, their movements were so precise, and their skills were so strong that he couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious.

According to another player that also refused to show their ID, they were convinced that they saw the male Thief’s face and it was Lu Li.

They hadn’t thought much about the female Thief yet, but now that they looked at her, she did seem to have the posture of the legendary Water Fairy.

More and more evidence was pointing to that conclusion.

This pair of players was really that couple!

There were only two articles on the internet currently circulating about famous couples in Dawn. One had to do with the White Prosecutor of the Scarlet Monastery, Whiteman and Mograine, and the other had to do with the pairing between Lu Li and Water Fairy.

The pool of star players was already quite small, which made the number of star players who coupled up even smaller. It was quite lucky that one had formed, which was why everyone made such a big fuss.

There were many people who were fans of this couple and spent too much time thinking about their love for each other! Some were even thinking about their wedding planning and how the other star players should be invited…

Did you think that was the extent of it?

These people had even planned the birthday of their babies, the babies’ names, and the number of boys and girls…

Fortunately, Lu Li and Water Fairy weren’t concerned about gossip and they were never free enough to find out about this anyway. Lu Xin really enjoyed reading through this stuff, but after seeing so much of it, she became desensitised as well.

Several of the dealers were now discussing this matter.

They were thinking about how difficult it would be to make use of Water Fairy and Lu Li. Once their identities were revealed, the gamblers would definitely bet on them. In terms of the matches, there were not many chances for their opponents unless players like Unforgettable Maple and Sorrowless formed a team.

However, it was also very difficult to predict what would happen with this random matchmaking.

There were tens of thousands of teams being paired up, so Water Fairy and Lu Li would probably win every match. Any bets on them would also be won and the dealers would lose everything.

However, if the real identities of this couple was not discovered, they could make a fortune.

After all, the names of this couple were everywhere. There were stores dedicated to them in Stormwind City – everything from bars to bakeries. Lu Li and Water Fairy hadn’t applied for patents anyway.

There were also no more than a hundred couples competing together in this arena.

Lu Li didn’t realize that he had become a tool for the cold-hearted businessmen’s enterprise. As leaders of two different guilds, he and Water Fairy couldn’t just continue those matches endlessly. Spending one afternoon doing this was already cutting into their levelling time.

After saying goodbye to Water Fairy, Lu Li returned to repair his equipment. He spent a lot of gold coins doing so.

Then, he began to sort out his most recent rewards. If he could use it himself, he would wait until he got to level 60. There were currently no competitions, so there was no need to waste any Level Reducing Gems for items he didn’t need or would be replacing. Otherwise, he would just put the items in the guild warehouse for a price.

The price was generally for some amount of guild points.

When these points were paid, Lu Li took the payment, but some of it would be returned to the guild. It was similar to a tax for the guild. Just because he was a club Boss didn’t mean he didn’t have to pay it. In fact, he probably paid more than most.

However, it was difficult for Lu Li to use his points anyway, since there were few players like him. He was a professional player that was part of the First Clear team and was also the commander of various activities.

Right now, Lu Li had the three Nightslayer items before him. These were what March Rain had given him.

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