The Great Thief

Chapter 1331 - Being an Examiner

Chapter 1331: Being an Examiner

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Levelling was a boring task, but if you didn’t do it alone, then it was a different story.

Lu Li didn’t usually feel tired after levelling, so whenever he found a good levelling spot, he would use his pocket watch to summon someone to his side. The fact that he could only do it three times a day was enough.

There were many advantages to this. People that were paired with these pocket watches had increased fatigue recovery as long as they were within a 5-yard radius.

When men and women worked together, they wouldn’t tire as easily, especially if the two people had a good relationship. They could talk about interesting things while they worked. Lu Li gradually began to understand Water Fairy’s experience growing up and about things that happened in the real world.

What surprised him was that that Water Fairy was actually from Jiangnan.

At that time, Lu Li was completely dumbfounded and asked her to repeat this a few more times. Previously, there had been some rumours that Water Fairy had appeared in Jiangnan City because she was eloping with Lu Li.

Of course, Lu Li sneered at these rumours. Even they were true, he wouldn’t entertain them.

Water Fairy didn’t expect Lu Li to get so worked up about it. The eloping was obviously fake, but she had indeed gone to Jiangnan and visited the community that Lu Li grew up in.

“What? My grandfather used to live in that community and I lived there when I was younger,” Water Fairy said. She was a little annoyed.

She was worried that Lu Li thought she wasn’t committed, so she decided to volunteer this information to him.

In fact, her worries had been for nothing. Lu Li’s understanding of Water Fairy was such that there was no way she was looking to leave this friendship.

However, this girl was too proud, and didn’t know how to yield. If she wanted something, she would do whatever it took to obtain it.

“I hope I can visit one day,” Lu Li said.

“Alright, I’ll ask when I get back.”

Water Fairy seemed relieved. Her grandfather had actually asked her to bring Lu Li, but she didn’t know how to ask. The fact that Lu Li suggested it made things much easier for her.

“You might have to wait a few days. Over the next two days, we will be having our training camp rookie selection,” Lu Li said.

Although it wouldn’t take long, Lu Li didn’t want to go with a preoccupied mind. After all, this was Water Fairy’s guardian and he was quite elderly.

“Do you need any help?” Water Fairy asked.

Lu Li thought about it for a moment before rejecting the offer.

“Not for the time being, but I’ll ask if I do.”

If he and Water Fairy appeared together like that to the newcomers, then more and more people would be thinking about and analysing their behaviour.

Ruling Sword’s Novice Training Camp had been in preparation for a long time.

From digging up Cat Dad to start the club, Lu Li had consulted him many times about this and they had conducted a great deal of marketing. Almost the entire gaming circle knew that Ruling Sword wanted some fresh talent.

When they received such a huge influx of money, everything else fell into place.

The first thing to do was to let people who signed up fill in an expression of interest. They would then collect the information of the applicants and then filter some of them out based on the ones that were obviously too busy.

After the shortlist had been made, the process would be divided into two parts. There was the written test and the interview, which would examine the basic qualities of the applicants.

It was also very important to talk to the applicant’s guardian and find out what their opinions were on the gaming profession. Lu Li didn’t want to create any disputes in future. According to the current laws and regulations, if Ruling Sword failed to obtain the guardian’s consent and signature, the contract could be revoked at any time and Ruling Sword would face grave social consequences.

By then, all the money and resources that had been spent on that player who would no longer be theirs…

Finally, there was the assessment stage. Currently, Lu Li planned to take part in this final stage. In the previous basic testing and consultation with guardians, it was impossible for Lu Li to do that personally.

The final assessment was the last level, and it was where the future of these players with Ruling Sword would be decided. As such, Lu Li would naturally want to be involved.

He also wanted to see what the future of Ruling Sword held as well.

This era could unequivocally be said to be the era of VR. The gaming industry had become a major component of the entertainment industry and had long become part of a household.

A few hundred years ago, games were a child’s plaything.

Now, game planning, design, evaluation, development and other gaming related majors had become popular subjects in various universities. There were even popular ‘professional player paths’, ‘cultivating professionals’ and ‘data processing’ courses that were being taught.

Children that grew up playing games were now seen by the public to be on the road to success.

As such, the guardians who had received their official notice for their child to come to Jiangnan City were very happy. Because of this, Jiangnan City became crowded over the past few days. The hotels near Ruling Sword’s headquarters were full of people and many had to find alternative accommodation.

Cat Dad was responsible for the important professional potential test and other psychological tests that demonstrated a candidate’s mental fortitude, hand eye coordination, reflexes and so on.

Lu Li was only responsible for the final checks and interview.

Over the past few days, most of the people in Jiangnan City didn’t see Lu Li. Many were eliminated in the first few rounds.

The selection teacher would give some advice to those that failed. For example, some people just didn’t have the ability to do it and were recommended pursue something else. After all, this was a route to becoming a champion. There were some who had a few shortcomings, but could try again next year after some hard work.

The first person that Lu Li saw was a very young-looking man.

He was quite nervous when he saw Lu Li and was sweating in an air-conditioned room that was already quite cold. His hands and feet were shaking, but it wasn’t clear if he was scared or excited.

Lu Li didn’t look down on him. The fact that he was standing in front of him was proof that this guy had great potential.

“Second son of the family, currently in grade 10. You completed your written assessments very quickly,” Lu Li said, reading out his information before slowly asking, “Do you often play games at home?”

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