The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1290 - Private Student

Chapter 1290: Private Student

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The only hope?

Lu Li did not understand. Why didn’t Patriarch Gu do this himself? Patriarch Gu should be a mighty warrior in the Divinity. Besides, Patriarch Gu had Lightning Triggers. Chou Qianjun would die completely even if he had nine lives when Patriarch Gu threw several Lightning Triggers at him.

Lu Li looked at Patriarch Gu in surprise. The latter forced a smile, “I planted a kind of insect by them. There is practically no solution. They will notice as soon as I leave the Valley of Relics and they are monitoring everything I am doing. Therefore, there is no chance for me to approach Chou Qianjun. They will follow me even if I go and hire assassins. They will pay twice whatever I pay. Besides, the Space-time Office is famous…”

Lu Li understood now. It must be a fact that Patriarch Gu’s son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter were killed by Chou Qianjun. Otherwise, Chou Qianjun would not have used such means to tail Patriarch Gu.

Imagine this. One party was the higher-ups in the Space-time Office and the other party was a patriarch from a branch of the Craftsmen’s Sect. Which was more important? It was obvious. Craftsmen’s Sect probably knew that Chou Qianjun was the murderer. That being said, they could not do anything just for Patriarch Gu…

Lu Li felt sorry for what happened to Patriarch Gu. Nevertheless, he could not say yes in an impulse. For starters, he did not have such abilities. Even if he could kill Chou Qianjun, would he be able to escape the pursuit of the Palace of Evil Spirit and Space-time Office?

Of course not!

Of the four legendary forces, the Space-time Office was the strongest of all. He could run to the end of the world but he would not escape death when he provoked the Space-time Office. Besides, the Lu Family would be wiped out. Space-time Office controlled space and time. It was a piece of cake for them to go to Earth Imperial Universe…

Lu Li curled his lips. “Patriarch Gu, I do want to help you but I do not have abilities. Besides, I have families in the mortal world. Once I die, my entire family will be gone…”

“I do not need you to do anything now!”

Patriarch Gu looked at Lu Li solemnly and said, “I do not expect that you can be successful for sure. I just want you to take an almighty oath that when time permits and the situation is right, you can avenge me, provided that you will not be exposed. If you can agree to this, I will accept you as my private student and teach you everything I’ve learned. I can teach you how to make Lighting Triggers. I will try my best to enhance your abilities and will protect you from the pressure of the Chamber of Relics. What do you say?”


Patriarch Gu’s eyes were filled with anticipation. Lu Li was taken aback. Patriarch Gu’s terms were so enticing that he found it hard to refuse.

When he said yes to Patriarch Gu, from now on, he could sit back and relax. He could spring up in the Chamber of Relics. He did not have to take any risks. He just needed to promise that when he was absolutely sure and could ensure that his own life was safe, he would kill Chou Qianjun. Who could say no to such terms?

Still, Lu Li did not say yes right away. He asked a question, “Patriarch, why do you trust me so much? There must be a ton of disciples in the Chamber of Relics. Why don’t you train one of them?”

“None of them fits the profile!”

Patriarch Gu said with certainty, “The person that fits my requirement must have powerful combat abilities and must be talented. Besides, this person must be born to be able to forge artifacts. The person must have the guts to commit assassinations. Do you think there is such a person in the Chamber of Relics? Who from the Chamber of Relics has the courage to kill Chou Qianjun? Of course, the person must not be noticed by the Palace of Evil Spirit.”

Lu Li agreed. Long Yunhai seemed talented and there were others like him. However, they should be inexperienced in battles in reality. Lady Dan was without any experience at all. It seemed that Lu Li was indeed the only one that could fulfill Patriarch Gu’s requirements.

Lu Li remembered back at the Brown Blood Mountain, Patriarch Gu was taken aback when he saw the broken arms of that Pupil-less Monkey. By then, Patriarch Gu must already have some interest in Lu Li. Later, Patriarch Gu asked for a drop of blood from Lu Li to investigate him.


Lu Li asked about this point, “Patriarch, how did you find out about me? I am confident that such information is confidential. So few people know this.”

“Do you not know that there is a Cabinet of Mystery?” Patriarch Gu answered with a question. Lu Li nodded, still confused. “I know. But isn’t Cabinet of Mystery in charge of updating the list?”

“You have underestimated the Cabinet of Mystery!”

Patriarch Gu shook his head. “You can tell by the word ‘Mystery’ in its name that Cabinet of Mystery can decipher some secrets. I paid tens of millions of Divine Sources and brought a drop of your blood to them. They could find out your past based on the spiritual stamp in your blood. But don’t worry… Cabinet of Mystery knows to keep things confidential. Also, they can only find information dating back to the most recent 10 years. Nothing about your previous memory is revealed.”


Lu Li exclaimed to himself. Cabinet of Mystery had such astonishing methods. He thought for a while and nodded, “Patriarch, I can promise that as long as I have the ability, when the time is right, I will kill Chou Qianjun for you. I can take an almighty oath.”


Patriarch Gu was thrilled. He nodded, “That is all I need. Take the almighty oath now. I will accept you as my private student. From now on, I will help you grow your abilities!”


Lu Li shook his head and waved his hand resolutely. “Patriarch Gu, you cannot accept me as your private student. It should be Qian Huanhan.”

“Why is that?”

Patriarch Gu frowned, puzzled. A moment later, his eyes sparkled. “You want to build a plank road to hide the storehouse?”


Lu Li nodded. “I must stay in a low profile in case the Palace of Evil Spirit will notice me. Even if I were a mighty warrior, I probably could not have a chance to approach Chou Qianjun, just like you, Patriarch. So… I can only cultivate in secret and stay in a low key until I find such a chance to kill Chou Qianjun in one blow!”

“You are right!”

Patriarch Gu’s face blushed in excitement. He paced up and down in the hall. All of a sudden, he remembered something and shouted, “I heard that… you have studied the Slayer’s move, right?”

“You know this?”

Lu Li was speechless. But since his information was revealed, he had to answer honestly. “Yes, by chance, I learned the Slayer’s move. But I have not been able to progress since I came to the Divinity.”

“Take your time. You are still young!”

Patriarch Gu was increasingly excited. “The Slayer’s move is one of the top 10 skills in the Divinity. As long as you can focus on the Slayer’s move, there will be a day when you can become the second to master the Slayer’s move and a supreme warrior in the Divinity. When that day comes, you will become a major patriarch of the Chamber of Relics. By then, even if you kill Chou Qianjun in public, Space-time Office will have to let it go.”

“Supreme warrior!”

A glow rose in Lu Li’s eyes. He was thrilled by the prospect as well. If there could be such a day, he could have his way in the Divinity and all of his problems would be readily solved.

“Okay, take the oath now!”

Patriarch Gu waved his hand. Lu Li took the almighty oath solemnly. Patriarch Gu took a seat and looked at Lu Li with a straight face, “Lu Li, kneel and kowtow to me three times. You will be my private student and I will teach you everything I know!”

Lu Li did not hesitate. Patriarch Gu was a peculiar person but at the end of a day, he was just a poor, old man. Patriarch Gu would look at Lu Li as his own son and help Lu Li grow comprehensively and learn to forge artifacts.

Lu Li kowtowed with respect. He was not in the habit of kneeling to people except to his parents and teachers, which was only natural.


Lu Li shouted after he kowtowed. Patriarch Gu blushed. “Good, good, good. From now on, you will be mine, Gu Shanhe’s private student. I hope you can spare no pains in learning how to forge artifacts. Do no tarnish my name and I hope that you can excel your teacher and become a master craftsman!”

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