The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1292 - Noticed by the Chief

Chapter 1292: Noticed by the Chief

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Three days later, Patriarch Gu invited many patriarchs to participate in the ritual held in a grand hall. Lady Dan, Long Yunhai and many other core disciples came over to the ceremony.

This story spread out quickly. Everyone in the Valley of Relics was discussing this matter because it was uncommon for the patriarchs to accept their own students. Many patriarchs were expert craftsmen and they could be strict when it came to accepting students.

Of the over ten thousand disciples in Chamber of Relics, only a hundred were core disciples and of them, only half were acknowledged by some patriarchs as their own students. Qian Huanhan had become a private student of Patriarch Gu. He elevated to a core disciple directly from a registered disciple. As a matter of fact, now his status could be higher than some core disciples.

Patriarch Gu was an expert craftsman that was a borderline master craftsman. Besides, he could forge Lightning Triggers and he was the only one with such knowledge in the Chamber of Relics. Lightning Triggers were weapons of mass destruction and one of the artifacts valued at the Chamber of Relics.

In case of an invasion, when Chamber of Relics took out thousands of Lightning Triggers and set them off, even 10 super-mighty warriors would be blasted to dust.

Because of Lightning Triggers, Patriarch Gu enjoyed a special status in the Chamber of Relics. Apart from the Chief and the three major patriarchs, Patriarch Gu should be the most influential one.

As a private student of Patriarch Gu, Qian Huanhan’s position became special as well because he was the only one that could learn how to make Lightning Triggers. The Chief would pay much attention to him. From now on, practically, he could have his way in the Chamber of Relics,

He would enjoy preferential treatment out here as well. Even the core disciples of the 72 sects would have to pay him respect when they met.

In other words, Qian Huanhan enjoyed a sudden rise. The registered disciple became a favored core disciple in the Chamber of Relics. Some disciples had been here for thousands of years without seeing any change in their status…

Qian Huanhan was astonished. He felt the past few days were an illusion and that he was having a dream. Sometimes, he would sit there and just smile. He even seemed to be a bit in another world during today’s ceremony. Patriarch Gu almost could not hold back the urge to slap him so that he could sober up…

Today, Qian Huanhan wore a new robe and his hair was carefully combed. He seemed quite energetic.

Contrary to him, Lu Li was not so glamorous. He was still wearing his old, cyan robe. He stood in the corner and would pour tea for people or run other errands. He was more like a servant than a disciple.

This time, some female disciples joined the ceremony as well. They were like daughters or granddaughters of patriarchs or hall masters. Now, they were checking Qian Huanhan with quite flirty eyes.

From worthless to hugely popular, Qian Huanhan’s status changed greatly. For the most part, it was because he could learn Lightning Trigger’s production from Patriarch Gu. This alone had made Qian Huanhan man of the hour. In the future, it was almost certain that he would become a patriarch in the Chamber of Relics.

While jealous on the inside, Long Yunhai and others like him acted quite intimately to Qian Huanhan. They were nicer to him as well as if they were blood brothers.

Lady Dan was just the way she was. She clearly was here just to join the fun. She greeted Qian Huanhan quite coldly and that was it.

Instead, she grew interested in Lu Li. Finding a chance, she walked up to Lu Li and said with a grin, “Lu Li, you are feeling upset, right? Aren’t you disappointed? You both work for Patriarch Gu but Qian Huanhan has become Patriarch Gu’s private student while you are still at the bottom. You have to struggle in your life and follow other’s leads…”

Evidently, Lady Dan thought Lu Li must be frustrated so she came over to taunt him. Lu Li was smiling inside while he forced a wry look and said, “Lady Dan, you are right. From now on, I will heed your advice and behave myself. I will focus on my work, study the art of forging artifacts and learn from you.”

Lady Dan lost her interest since Lu Li was being so obedient. She raised her head and said, “You said the right thing. Cultivate and behave, maybe, in hundreds or thousands of years, Patriarch Gu will become so kind that he will accept you as a private student as well.”

Lu Li clasped his fists and said, “Thank you for your guidance. I will remember it.”

Lady Dan left, raising her head like a proud peacock. The ceremony was about to begin. Right at that moment, a messenger shouted, “The Chief has arrived!”

Patriarch Gu adopted a straight face and everyone walked out. Long Yunhai and the disciples followed them. Qian Huanhan walked out in excitement as well.

“Chief of Chamber of Relics!”

Lu Li was curious. Chief of Chamber of Relics was a master craftsman and a super mighty warrior. He had earned his name in southern Divinity and was one of the most prominent people here.

A large group went out to greet the Chief. Lu Li stole a look. Many patriarchs came back with an old man with gray hair. This old man was in good health. He was lean and not tall but his eyes were impressive. His eyes were glowing and there seemed to be a world within.

“Ha, ha, ha, Shanhe, you are accepting a student. How can I not be here for this grand matter?”

The Chief chatted with the patriarchs heartily. He was shown to the main seat. The Chief glanced through the ground and Lu Li happened to make eye contact with him. At that moment, Lu Li felt the Chief’s eyes could see right through him and find out about his secrets.


The Chief noticed Lu Li and asked in curiosity, “How come this disciple does not appear to be familiar? Are you new?”

“Swish, swish, swish~”

Many people turned to Lu Li. All of a sudden, he found himself under the spotlight. Patriarch Gu thought quickly. He snorted and said, “Chief, he is new and he has been assigned to me. Well… he is not a nice person. We do not have to talk about him. Chief, let me introduce to you Qian Huanhan. He is the one that I am thinking to accept as my private student.”

Some glow seemed to have grown in the Chief’s eyes. He looked at Patriarch Gu and shifted his attention away from Lu Li.

The Chief said, “Your name is Qian Huanhan, right? It is your blessing that Shanhe adores you. From now on, you must work hard, respect your master and make further progress.”

Qian Huanhan bowed, excitedly, “Yes, Chief. I will not disappoint you, Chief and my master.”

Again, all the attention was on Qian Huanhan. Lu Li was free again. Patriarch Gu’s words about Lu Li were not a nice person had basically sealed his fate. Many people no longer thought there was hope for Lu Li. They believed that Lu Li could never rise up in the Chamber of Relics. Who would pay attention to a disciple that had no future?

The ceremony began formally. Under the group’s witness, Qian Huanhan was now officially Patriarch Gu’s private student. Patriarch Gu presented Qian Huanhan a supreme Relic. In addition, the Chief gave Qian Huanhan a present as well and it was also a supreme Relic. Many people grew envious. After all, the fact that the Chief gave a present was a significant gesture.

With this gift from the Chief, from now on, Qian Huanhan could have his way in the Chamber of Relics as long as he did not provoke Lady Dan or Long Yunhai. Who else could offend Qian Huanhan?

The guests left after the lively event came to an end. But when everyone was gone, Patriarch Gu suddenly summoned Lu Li to the backyard.

He asked a question. “Lu Li, do you have an Enchanted Soul protection your soul? Our Chief is skilled in the study of souls. Just now, he realized he could not see into your soul, so he asked me secretly to investigate you carefully…”

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