The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1294 - Tournament

Chapter 1294: Tournament

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For the following days, everything was fine in the Chamber of Relics. However, in other places in southern Divinity, peace was absent. Cabinet of Cloud was in trouble.

Several branches of Cabinet of Cloud suffered secret attacks. Those branches were completely destroyed and not one living soul could be found. No evidence was left behind.

Each branch had hundreds of disciples and a number of powerful warriors. Overnight, all of them were murdered. Nobody stood a chance. The enemies did not leave behind any corpses or proof, not even the slightest trace…

In three days, before the Cabinet of Cloud could respond, all disciples in seven branches were slaughtered. Cabinet of Cloud was not weakened, per se, but the loss was huge.

On the fourth day, a material base that was controlled by the Cabinet of Cloud was attacked. Not only were disciples murdered, but the materials were also taken away and the base was entirely ruined…

Chief of Cabinet of Cloud flew into a rage. He mobilized all of their powerful warriors to look for the murderer. At the same time, he posted a reward to anyone that could help them investigate. At the same time, he asked many of their allies to track down the enemy.

The investigation continued for half a month without yielding many results. There was one thing clear. This time, the killer organization that did this was a very powerful one in the Divinity—the Hidden Killers!

The Hidden Killers was quite well-known in the Divinity, more powerful than the 72 sects. Of all killer organizations, Hidden Killers ranked number 2. Similar to the Pupil-less Monkeys, Hidden Killers were professional hitmen. They could target any force given enough Divine Sources, except for the four legendary forces.

When Cabinet of Cloud found that it was Hidden Killers, Cabinet of Cloud was terrified. They did not have the courage to go after the Hidden Killers nor to hunt down their employer.

Cabinet of Cloud knew that the employer was either the Chamber of Relics or Craftsmen’s Sect, more likely the former. If it were Craftsmen’s Sect, they would have targeted at the headquarters of the Cabinet of Cloud directly.

Chief of Cabinet of Cloud ordered disciples in all of the branches to return to Mountain of Cloud. He decided that they must withdraw to reduce loss. They believed that the Hidden Killers would not attack at the Mountain of Cloud, which would be at a huge cost. Not even the Chamber of Relics could afford such a cost when they were extremely wealthy.

Behind the Mountain of Cloud.

Ling Hong walked over to a cave. Here was an altogether different world. The cave was transformed into an elegant palace.

Ling Hong stepped into the palace where an old man was seated in an impressive and dignified manner. The old man did not seem to be intimidating but the space around him was twitching as if it were on fire. Besides, there were flames bouncing in the old man’s eyes as well. It was quite strange.


Ling Hong bowed. The old man held a teapot in his hand. He was staring at the teapot, instead of Ling Hong, when he said, “How is it?”

“Recently, it has been stable. Hidden Killers did not do it again.”

Ling Hong reported. “Chamber of Relics probably just want to get back at us. After all, with no proof, Craftsmen’s Sect would not give Chamber of Relics the consent for a full-blown battle, not when we are on good terms with the Hall of Stakes. I think the Chamber of Relics would stop now. We have lost many disciples and I believe they have spent a huge amount of Divine Sources by now.”

Ling Wanjian’s expressions remained unchanged. A moment of silence later, he said, “Last time when we turned to the Pupil-less Monkeys, the plan did not work out. We have spent so many Divine Sources but failed to have Lu Li killed. Do you have any better ideas?”

Ling Hong pulled a long face and sighed. “Last time, we have alerted him. Lu Li will not come out of the Valley of Relics easily. For now… I do not have any good ideas.”


Ling Wanjian looked up all of a sudden. The two balls of fire in his eyes were like the souls of beasts, about to take away people’s breaths. Coldly, he said, “The entire southern Divinity is laughing at us. My grandson was murdered and the murderer is at large. I can never be free from this shame as long as Lu Li is still alive.”

“I do have one idea.”

After a moment of hesitation, Ling Hong said, “I have found out that Lu Li’s family is in the Earth Imperial Universe. How about I go to the Space-time Office? I can bring some of his families to the Divinity and threaten Lu Li to come out.”


Ling Wanjian suddenly slapped Ling Hong. The latter trembled. He stepped back quite a distance before he was able to stand still, with a slap mark on his face.

“Piece of garbage. You have not progressed at all after so many years!”

Ling Wanjian was seized with wrath as he scolded Ling Hong, “I have told you many times. You have to fight battles above the board. You can settle hatred and you can devise plans. But you cannot use dirty tricks. That will tarnish the fame that the Ling Family has established through generations and will crash our pride. Dirty tricks will cloud your mind and make you lose the will to fight. When a warrior is obsessed with mean tricks, the warrior will no longer have the heart to pursue the right course and never have the chance to climb to the top.”

Ling Hong’s face turned pale but he did not dare to talk back. He clasped his hands. “Father, you are right. I have been blinded by hatred. Father, please wait, I am going to bring a person here. He knows Lu Li well and can think of a way to help us.”

Ling Hong left and returned after an hour with a gray-haired old man. This old man appeared to be powerful. The most impressive trait about him was his hooknose. One look and people could tell that this old man was a sinister, violent person.

The gray-haired old man walked in, looked at Ling Wanjian and bowed in fear, “I am Yan Tiangang, Township Patriarch of the Black Dragon Mansion. Nice to meet you, Lord Ling!”

Ling Wanjian threw Yan Tiangang a look without saying anything. He turned to Ling Hong, asking in a silent way why he brought such a person here.

Ling Hong explained, “Father, Tiangang’s family is in a universe closer to that of Lu Li’s family. His family was wiped out by Lu Li. He knows Lu Li well. I think he may have a way to deal with Lu Li.”

Yan Tiangang bowed again. Ling Wanjian nodded. “Yan Tiangang, do you know about what has happened? Do you have a way to kill Lu Li?”

Yan Tiangang nodded. “Ling Hong has told me about everything. I think there is only one option if we cannot go to Earth Imperial Universe to capture Lu Li’s family. We must set up a trap, one that Lu Li has to step in!”

Ling Wanjian raised his eyebrows. “Tell me more!”

Yan Tiangang said after some thoughts, “In one year, the Craftsmen’s Sect will host the Craftsmen’s Tournament. By then, all the talents in forging artifacts from across the Divinity will gather in the City of Craftsmen. If Lu Li goes there, we can find a chance to have him killed.”


Ling Wanjian sneered. “I thought you had brilliant ideas. Those that can participate in the Craftsmen’s Tournament are genius. Lu Li has just been enrolled in the Chamber of Relics. It is possible that he does not have the right to go. Even if he does, how can we eliminate him when powerful warriors of the Chamber of Relics are going to lead the teams? Can we do it in the City of Relics? Are you going to be the one that kills him?”

Yan Tiangang did not mind Ling Wanjian’s contempt. He clasped his hands again. “Lord Ling, that is why I said we must set up a trap for Lu Li to have to go to the Craftsmen’s Tournament and have to leave the City of Relics in secret. As soon as he leaves the city, we can make him die a tragic death.”

When Yan Tiangang said those words, he was so confident. His eyes were filled with coldness, like a beast showing its fangs.


Ling Wanjian waved his hand. “You can talk with Ling Hong on this. This time, you must succeed! Let Lu Li enjoy a year and a half.”

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