The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 14: Never Make It Back Alive

Chapter 14: Never Make It Back Alive

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With the Golden Ancient Coffin as a weapon, Lu Li had become much faster in inflicting wounds on the Red Phosphorus Hawks. With every strike, Lu Li could smash one or two Red Phosphorus Hawks away. In just half an hour, there were numerous injured Red Phosphorus Hawks lying around in the wilderness.

A lot of the ferocious fowls got their wings broken, so they could not fly. They were flapping their wings on the ground, rolling over and shrieking. Many of the stone hills was knocked down, and marks were all over the ground—it was such a big mess.

After the time it took for three incense sticks to burn, there were only less than ten Red Phosphorus Hawks left in the sky. The ones defending against these Xuan Beasts were basically out of danger. Lu Li was breathing heavily out of exhaustion. He put the Ancient Coffin down and stopped attacking since the Red Phosphorus Hawks were too scared to move close to him.

The Golden Ancient Coffin was hardly smashed to the ground, which made the ground shake. The corner of Lady Yi’s mouth was twitching. The corpse inside might be shaken into pieces by now. That was her ancestor…


After Patriarch Hong had beaten another Red Phosphorus Hawk, he took a look around and commanded in determination, “We need to prepare to retreat. We cannot stay here any longer. The cry of so many Red Phosphorus Hawks will attract more Xuan Beast this way.”

“What about the Ancient Coffin?”

Lady Yi was getting anxious. If they were to retreat, nobody would protect the Ancient Coffin. How could they just leave the Ancient Coffin here unattended?

“Leave it be. The layer of inhibition is protecting the Ancient Coffin. Xuan Beasts can not do anything on it.”

Patriarch Hong thought for a while and said while waving his hand. Lu Li had an idea and quickly pulled the coffin to the side of a small hill. After that, he jumped onto the hill and lifted his legs, then he stomped on it for a couple of times.

The hill clasped and the dirt fell down, covering up the Ancient Coffin. Lu Li jumped off from the hill and said, “Now, no Xuan Beast will spot your Ancient Coffin.”

“Okay let’s go!”

Lady Yi looked at it. She waved her saber and indicated the escorts to retreat after she beat off another Red Phosphorus Hawk. But Lu Li got worried and cried out, “Lady Yi, wait. You have not given me my Body Refinement Pellets.”


Lady Yi rolled her eyes and glared at Lu Li. Then she nodded to Patriarch Hong. Patriarch Hong took out a small bag and threw it to Lu Li together with a saber of an escort and said, “Young man, there are ten Body Refinement Pellets inside. They are all yours. You can use the saber to protect yourself.”

“Sir, thank you.”

Lu Li took over the saber. He was excited and happy when he opened the bag and looked inside it. He made a bow with hands folded in front and instantly left. There was a Beast Upheaval, so he was anxious about his sister’s safety.


Lady Yi shouted. Lu Li looked back in confusion. Lady Yi paused and then said, “You helped us today. If you want to join our Liu Family, after the Beast Upheaval dies down, you can come and find me in Wu Ling County.”

Lu Li could not cultivate the Xuan Energy, so Lady Yi had been despising him. However, Lu Li had demonstrated substantial fighting capacity, especially his way of using a sword like a bolt of lightning which made Lady Yi look at him in new ways. On top of that, he saved their lives. That was why she had reached out with the olive branch.

“Okay, thank you, milady.”

Lu Li was excited again. The Liu Family was the overlord of the Wu Ling County, a family of the third rank. After joining the Liu Family, Di Ba would have to show Lu Li some respect. He could bring his sister to live in the Wu Ling County, and they would no longer be afraid of Di Ba looking for any trouble.

Patriarch Hong and the escorts fought away the remaining Red Phosphorus Hawks and immediately retreated with Lady Yi. They did not go to the Black Hawk Ridge. There was a shield over there which regular Xuan Beasts could not break. Should there be any powerful Xuan Beast, them being there was just like a suicidal act.

Lu Li wildly ran in the darkness and didn’t dare to return on the Black Hawk Ridge either. He could only run towards the south. Without a mountain trail in the south, he had to struggle his way forward through the mountains and hills.


Occasionally, there came roars of big beasts from the north. Luckily, it appeared to be quite far away, so there was no threat of facing when at Lu Li’s current location. Lu Li did not want to worry about that anymore and just concentrated on hurrying home.

Carrying his saber, he wildly ran like a beast, and soon, he finally found the mountain trail leading back to the tribe after about three miles.

After a couple of hours, he passed away a tribe. There was some commotion in that tribe, but there was no signs of Xuan Beast attacks. Lu Li instantly felt relieved.

This tribe was located to the north of the Di Long Tribe. Since this tribe was safe, Di Long tribe should also be safe. Continuing on, after about an hour, he finally made it back to the tribe

The tribe was ablaze with lights and filled with chaos and noise. The beast roaring up north had clearly startled them. Lu Li saw a familiar figure outside the fence and then he shouted, “Sis!”


Lu Ling was standing in the corner and sighed in relief upon seeing Lu Li’s safe return. But a lot of old women murmured swearing words and threw cold glances when they saw Lu Li. They were upset at Lu Ling and Lu Li no matter what.

“Let’s go home.”

Detecting that Lu Li’s face had turned serious, Lu Ling smiled and absolutely didn’t show any signs of being affected. After they got into their own stone house, Lu Ling asked, “How come you returned so late today? Is there a Beast Upheaval in the north? I heard a lot of beasts roaring and fowls shrieking.”


Lu Li nodded and explained the situation. He was afraid that Lu Ling would scold him, so he left out the part about him rescuing Lady Yi and the others. He only said that he had wasted some time because he encountered some Xuan Beasts of low ranks. Well, he did he mention that Lady Yi was willing to recommend him to join the Liu Family.

“Did you get the Body Refinement Pellets? Did Lady Yi said you could join the Liu Family?”

Lu Ling’s pale face turned pink. She nodded and said, “After we eat, you go and consume the Body Refinement Pellets. We will wait for the Beast Upheaval to die down and then we will go to the Wu Ling County to awaken your Bloodline.”


Lu Li went to the dinner table, sat down and started wolfing down his food. He thought for a bit and asked, “Sis, I don’t think that the Beast Upheaval will spread here. Am I right? Should I consume the Body Refinement Pellets tomorrow?”

“Don’t worry.”

Lu Ling seemingly did not to care about it very much and said, “There are so many powerful warriors in the Ice Abyss. The Beast Upheaval may just as well be induced by them. How can they see the people plunged into an abyss of misery happening right in front of them doing nothing? Don’t worry. They will definitely suppress down the Beast Upheaval.”

“That is right…”

Lu Li remembered the Ancient Chariot he saw on the Black Hawk Ridge and the powerful warriors in golden armor. Now he was a bit relieved. Since the Super Families had made their move, they would definitely see it through, or at least they would try to suppress powerful Xuan Beasts.

After dinner, Lu Li quietly went out and checked around the tribe. After making sure that there was no Xuan Beast nearby, he returned to his room to consume the Body Refinement Pellets.

This time, he consumed five Body Refinement Pellets, but didn’t dare to consume more. Five Body Refinement Pellets was more than enough to increase his strength to more than 11,000 pounds. While he was consuming the Body Refinement Pellets, he heard another vehement roar coming from the north. There were chaos and commotion in the tribe every now and then. It looked like the people in the tribe could not get a good night’s sleep.

“Sis, I’m going to get some sleep now. Wake me up if something is wrong.”

When Lu Li was done consuming the Body Refinement Pellets, he was too sleepy to keep his eyes open. He walked out from his room to tell Lu Ling and slipped directly into a deep slumber after Lu Ling responded.

After a while, Lu Ling went into Lu Li’s room, limping, with a book in her hand. She sat on the side of Lu Li’s bed. It was too noisy outside, but she was ready to read through the night without sleep.

For the first half of the night, the beasts were consistently roaring from the north. It was never quiet in the tribe with children crying all the time. Lu Li was too tired because he carried six coffins, fought against the Red Phosphorus Hawks with a Golden Ancient Coffin, and he just consumed five Body Refinement Pellets. He would not have been wakened up even by thunder…

The animal tooth pendant was flickering and glistening on his neck. Lu Ling didn’t feel any anxiety because their father left this tooth pendant for Lu Li. During this period, Lu Li’s constitution was so good, so apparently, the animal tooth pendant shining a white light was harmless to Lu Li.

“Di Huo and Di Han are back with someone with them!”

“Okay, let’s return to our home and sleep. Nothing will go wrong with Huo and Han here.”

“Okay, we can be at ease now that Di Hu is back…”

At midnight, there came a wave of noise outside. Lu Ling paused as she was ready to flip through the book, and her arched eyebrows frowned.

Had Di Huo brought people back earlier because of the Beast Upheaval? Would he get enraged when he saw the injuries of Di Hu and Di Gu and look for Lu Li to revenge?

Di Huo was the strongest warrior among the young generation in the tribe. He was at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm, but Lu Li had not even cultivated Xuan Energy, so he was definitely not a match for Di Huo.


Lu Ling put her book down and walked outside with her walking stick. She stood in the yard and observed for a bit as the look in her eyes grew colder. Then, she mumbled, “Di Huo, you’d better not come here and pick a fight with my brother. Otherwise, you will never make it back alive.”

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