The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 20: Men Should Kill

Chapter 20: Men Should Kill

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Together with a roaring shout, Lu Li dashed forward with the saber in his hand. He was still charging at Di Huo with such a great speed that in just a moment’s time, he was already in front of the latter. Swinging his saber, he eventually aimed at Di Huo’s head.

“Everybody move, kill these two little bastards!”

The one-armed old man angrily shouted and grabbed a steel saber from the hands of one of the elderlies and charged towards Lu Li. Since the Xuan Energy of Di Huo and others were messed up, and that they were still too young to have enough experience, they temporarily could not remain in their state of mind, which cost them their combat capacity. If the elderlies were not to help them, then nobody could suppress Lu Li.

“Clank, clank, clank!”

By the time the one-armed old man and three other elderlies with comparatively stronger combat ability rushed over there, Lu Li had chopped for more than a dozen times. Di Huo held the shield up high with both of his hands and squatted on the ground. With that, he somehow managed to withstand the blow.


Nonetheless, the shield was constantly cut at for more than a dozen times by Lu Li. It could not stand any longer and eventually split in the middle and was divided into two pieces. Seeing the glint and flash of cold steel, Di Huo was so scared that he even rolled over on the ground just to barely dodge the saber in Lu Li’s hands.

The one-armed man and three elderlies rushed over. They were the patriarchs in the tribe and had passed the age of sixty as they were in the same generation as Lu Li’s maternal grandfather. Even if they had stayed their whole life in the Xuan Wu Realm, but who would dare to compete with them in terms of combat experience?

Lu Li felt some pressure now that the four patriarchs were coming at him together. There were flashes of swords all over the place. On several occasions, he was almost cut. He could only retreat for the time being, otherwise, with the four fighting against him together, he would be heavily injured which would diminish his fighting capacity..


On the other side, Di Tian made his way out of the fallen dirty wall. Lu Li quickly stopped because he was near Di Tian and focused on him instead. Lu Li looked towards him, turned around and started charging toward Di Tian. He didn’t have any hesitation as he swung his sword and chopped it at Di Tian.

Di Tian was buried under the dirty wall alive, so he looked quite humiliated with bruises and blood stains on his head and his body. By instinct, he held his long saber up high to ward off Lu Li’s saber after seeing the latter was about to cut him.


Lu Li just loved it when people did that. Instantly, he swung his saber in a dazzling manner like he could make it dance between heaven and earth and chopped for seven or eight times. The enormous strength directly knocked off Di Tian’s sword with himself kneeling down on the ground. Di Tian helplessly watched Lu Li’s saber chopping at him. Fright was written all over his face.

At the last minute, Lu Li felt some hesitation to go on. He knew that once he made his move, he would end Di Tian’s life.

“Men should kill. Lu Li, finish Di Tian off!”

Lu Ling’s shout came to his ears. The murderous look glowed in Lu Li’s eyes. Closing his eyes, Lu Li sledged his saber and pierced it towards Di Tian’s head.


The saber cut at Di Tian’s neck, and a big head flew up. A stream of fresh blood gushed out, covering Lu Li’s hands and his body.

Lu Li felt the moist in his hands. Opening his eyes, he saw a headless corpse that slowly fell down, and then he saw Di Tian’s head rolling over on the ground. In that moment, Lu Li was trembling all over, with butterflies in his stomach. He almost threw up…

“Di Tian!”

The four elderlies, who were rushing over from the distance, shouted in pain. The one-armed old man was even more furious. Di Tian was his grandnephew. He cried and shouted into the air, “Lu Li, I don’t deserve to be a human if I don’t kill you today!”

“Lu Li, don’t just stand there. Otherwise, we are going to die here today. Kill—”

Lu Ling’s delicate scream rang. Lu Li suppressed down his urge to vomit, forcing himself to divert his looks from Di Tian’s corpse to the four elderlies rushing towards him.

Maybe it was because he had just killed a human that the rage that was lurking inside Lu Li for so many years was completely let out. After the initial stage of trembling, he unexpectedly regained his composure.

What Lu Ling said reminded him. Today, if he could not win, the brother-sister pair would all meet their doom. He became insanely calm inside. There was only one thought left on his mind, which was—to kill everyone standing in his way!

“Old dog, you want to kill me? Let’s see if you have what it takes!”

Lu Li shouted. Instead of moving backwards, he jumped forward by kicking on the ground. Grabbing onto his saber, Lu Li chopped towards the forehead of the one-armed old man who was standing on his front.

“Old dog, I will shoot you!”

Lu Ling shouted in an effort to cooperate. The one-armed old man looked at Lu Ling by instinct only to find that he was fooled. Lu Ling was nowhere near him.

Yet just because of this look, he had lost his chance of dodging and fighting back. Lu Li’s saber was just before his eyes, so he had to lift up his sword to block it.

“Not good…”

The other three elderlies who were just behind the one-armed old man had realized that things were not going well. As for the one-armed old man, how could he resist Lu Li who had strength of more than 11,000 pounds with just one arm?

As expected!

With one cut, Lu Li had cut off the old man’s arm which was sent flying. His sword was even smashed away, and a long and deep bloody wound appeared on his chest through which people could even see his bones.

Maybe it was true that the one-armed old man had a great combat experience, but he was still in the Xuan Wu Realm. Now that he had his Xuan Energy messed up, not to mention the fact that he had only one arm, how could he fend off Lu Li’s attack at his full strength?

“Fourth Big Brother!”

The other three elderlies shouted in astonishment. They looked back, worried, and found Lu Li did not bother to stop as he continuously attacked and chopped at an elderly nearest to him.


Another elderly was smashed away. This time, it was more awful. The elderly got his shoulder cut by Lu Li, and his arm was almost split.

The other two elderly looked at each other. They didn’t have any choice but to summon up the courage to face Lu Li together. They furiously stood by the left and right side of Lu Li. Their swords were like poisonous snakes locking down Lu Li’s two arms, making him unable to attend both sides at the same time.

Lu Li used his saber to shield to the left and then right, but the elderlies had a good teamwork and great combat experience. Even though their Xuan Energy were messed up, but their attack were still very vicious. For several times, Lu Li was almost hit because he had to defend himself while retreating.

“Lu Li, I am going to kill you to avenge Di Tian!”

Di Huo dashed over from afar. It was true that his Xuan Energy was messy now, which cost him his combat capacity. However, Lu Li already had a hard time defending himself under the continuous attack of these two elderlies. If Di Huo were to join them, it would be utterly easy for the three to kill Lu Li.

Lu Ling, who was standing behind them frowned, but she didn’t dare to move. There were three young men standing in front of her. No matter how good her crossbow was, it could not penetrate shields.

If she stayed where she was, the three young men wouldn’t have the guts to move as well. On the other hand, if she forced her way to support Lu Li, then they would not let that happen right in front of their eyes while doing nothing.

“Revenge for Di Tian?”

Hearing this, Lu Li thought of the scene where he hit the Red Phosphorus Hawks with the Ancient Coffin. An idea came up. He suddenly attacked for several times to fend off the two elderlies for the moment. Then he jumped to the back of the collapsed dirt wall.


Amidst everyone’s angry curses, Lu Li returned, carrying one leg of Di Tian’s corpse. Lu Li swung the corpse in his hand like crazy and started cutting with his sword in his other hand.

The two elderlies were stunned. They had live for over 60 years, been in countless fierce battles, but this was the first time for them to see a fight like this. Lu Li was wielding their grandnephew as a shield. How on earth would it be possible for them to attack?

To defy the corpse, did it mean that Lu Li was not even afraid of being haunted by ghosts and evil spirit?

Well, truth be told, Lu Li was not actually afraid of this, otherwise, he would not have come to pull coffins. Under the influence of Lu Ling, he was not scared of gods or ghosts. He was about to be killed now, so why would he care?


Di Huo and the other two elderlies didn’t dare to move, yet Lu Li was reckless. He used his saber to smash an elderly away and broke this man’s hand. The bloody hand flew up as blood spurted everywhere, covering Di Huo’s face.

While Di Huo hadn’t gotten out of his confusion, Lu Li turned his hand back and cut Di Huo’s lap. Di Huo, in a fit of fear, rolled away. It happened that only one elderly was left and he was too afraid to attack so he had to retreat. Now, the ball was in Lu Li’s hand.


Watching Lu Li rushed towards him with his killing intent, Di Huo got cold feet. He did not want to become another headless corpse like Di Tian. He angrily roared, “Di Lu, get control of Lu Ling, or all of us will die!”

Taking the chance while Lu Li looked back, Di Huo ran away with a limp regardless of the blood springing out of his lap and vanished into a group of stone houses.

Lu Li was furious, but he didn’t dare to go after him.

There were so many stone houses, so it would take some time to find Di Huo. There were so many warriors here. What if Lu Ling was hurt or killed?

Seeing the three young men including Di Lu who were standing in front of Lu Ling were ready to do something, Lu Li didn’t have energy to worry about the one elderly. He threw Di Tian’s corpse away and ran towards Lu Ling and screamed, “F*ck off, or all of you will f*cking die!”

Lu Li was covered with blood from swinging Di Tian’s corpse. Moreover, he had hurt several tribe patriarchs in a row and killed Di Tian. To Di Lu and the other guys, he was a maniac. They did not have the courage to do anything reckless but to retreat to the sides while scratching and scrambling.

Lu Li ran like crazy to Lu Ling. Supporting Lu Ling with his hands, he threw a glance to the tribe people nearby and said in a chilling and threatening voice, “Sister, let’s go. I dare anyone to stand in our way.”

“Very well, let’s go!”

Lu Ling looked at the straight and upright back of Lu Li as her eyes filled with pride and delight. The splendid face of hers was like a flourishing flower, dazzlingly beautiful.


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