The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 28: Got Lucky

Chapter 28: Got Lucky

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Be careful of what you think of!

On the second day, the Guest Clan Patriarch Cheng Qu came to Lu Li and gave him a mission: accompanying Lady Yi to go out to battle at the Ice Abyss in four days’ time. He could only become a formal Guest Warrior of the Liu Family if he was able to kill a hundred Xuan Beast of the First Rank or one Xuan Beast of the Second Rank.

“Near the Ice Abyss, a group of powerful warriors of the Super Families was in an arduous war with a Xuan Beast King, which triggered the Beast Upheaval on the outside of the Abyss. Even though powerful Xuan Beasts were killed, and the Beast Upheaval was suppressed from spreading out further, there are still a lot of Xuan Beasts trying to make their way out. Because of that, all Big Families are recently mobilizing powerful armies in an attempt to kill Xuan Beasts outside the Ice Abyss. We have lost a great number of souls during the war this time. Now that you are willing to join the Guest Clan, and Liu Family is in danger, so naturally, the duty befalls on you now.”

Cheng Qu left after he explained. Lu Li looked toward Lu Ling, the latter nodded and said, “This is actually a quite reasonable mission to assess you. You following Lady Yi will make it less dangerous for you, and you can get used to using your Xuan Energy. Of course, Di Ba will exhaust his means in trying to seek revenge. Therefore, it is still going to be narrow escape for you to go out of County this time.”

Lu Li frowned and replied, “The order has been given. There is nothing I can do to change it but to go on battles outside of the County. Too bad there is not much time. If I could have a month or two before the mission, I could have then opened up all my energy channels and figure out ways to condense my Spirit Sea.”


Lu Ling waved her hands after some thoughts and told Lu Li, “Go cultivate now. Let’s see if you can open some other energy channels in four days to increase your combat capacity. We’ll think about it before the mission.”

Lu Li had no other alternative. He had to go back to his room to cultivate. He had opened up four energy channels in a speed as fast as a rocket. If he could deal with the rest like the first four, he could make it to the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm within a bit of over a month’s time.


That was his wishful thinking. It was going smoothly with opening up the fifth energy channel, the Foot Ying Channel, which only took half a day, however, the sixth one , the Ren Channel, was long and big. There started to appear more filth and obstruction inside. Lu Li took a day and a half to open up this energy channel…

Their life here was quite easy and comfortable as they did not have to worry about food or clothing. Every day, food, water and fruits were delivered to them. There was a house steward in charge of the Guest Clan. Any requests, as long as within reason, could be asked to him.

“How come the seventh one is so long and so big?”

Lu Li cultivated through night and day as he needed not to worry about Lu Ling now. He was dumbfounded when he moved to the seventh energy channel. The seventh energy channel, the governor meridian, was twice the size of the sixth one, the Ren Channel, and with more obstruction in it. He estimated that he could not open it up without giving it three or four days.

It grew harder as he moved on!

Lu Li felt relieved when he thought about it in this way. If it would get easier as one advanced with the cultivation, then everyone would become Noble Lords or Human Sovereigns. There was a reason for the rarity of powerful warriors, and that was the extreme difficulty in trying to breakthrough to the next Realm.

If what was on Lu Li’s mind was known to other people, many would be so depressed as to spit out blood. After all, the most gifted among the young generation, the Young Master of the Zhao Family, Zhao Rui, took a whole year from the early stage to the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm. However, it seemed that Lu Li was only in need of several months.

As he expected!

By the afternoon of the third day, Lu Li had only opened up half of the seventh energy channel, but he had accumulated enough Xuan Energy in his energy channels for him to use for a month or two after he cultivated for several days.

“Take a break from your cultivation now!”

Lu Ling came in with a bowl full of warm food. Actually, it would be more accurate to say a pot of food. Lu Li’s appetite was surprisingly good.

Lu Ling looked at Lu Li engorging his food, and told him, “You are going to set off tomorrow morning. Later, you go and find Cheng Qu to see if you can get a good weapon!”


Lu Li put the food down and asked with a frown, “I am yet to become a formal Guest Warrior of the Liu Family. I don’t think it is appropriate for me to ask for weapons now? Besides… I can use that saber quite well. It is a Xuan Artifact of the first rank.”

“It is not about whether you can get used to it!” Lu Ling explained, “You don’t understand Xuan Skill. It doesn’t matter if the saber is a Xuan Artifact or not. It may not be better for you than a heavy weapon of the Liu Family. Physically, you have strength of more than 11,000 pounds, and it can be increased to about 17,000 or 18,000 pounds with Xuan Energy which is much more than the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm. Since you don’t have Xuan Skill, you can make the most of your strength to crack skills and fight with your power. This will give fully display all your advantages.”


Lu Li’s eyes glowed after he pondered about it. What Lu Ling said enlightened him. The strength he possessed now had surpassed that of the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm. If he were to have a piece of heavy weaponry, he could just crack enemies’ intricate skills with his raw strength; he could even leverage his strength to compete against multiple skills sets.

After he straightened out his thinking, Lu Li swallowed down his food. Lu Ling handed him some Golden Leaves she took out of the bundle. “We don’t have to worry about food or clothing now that we live in the Liu Family. So the Golden Leaves are useless now. If you can trade weapons with Golden Leaves, you’d better choose one that is heavy. Any kind will do.”


Lu Li grabbed the one hundred Golden Leaves and left. This was what they had saved all those years. He did not feel sorry about using them all up. As long as he could make it back this time, he could earn more later.

He found the Guest Clan Patriarch Cheng Qu, but the latter was in a dilemma. After all, Lu Li was not the formal Guest Warrior of the Liu Family yet; he had no contribution to the Family. The old man in the Hall of Weapons would not agree for Lu Li to ask for things from the Liu Family now.

Nevertheless, seeing the desire in Lu Li’s eyes, Cheng Qu waved his hands and said, “This is your ID Token. Take it and take your change. The Hall of Weapons is in the External Clan, Attic No. 19.”

Lu Li took over his ID Token and extended his gratitude. After leaving the Guest Clan, Lu Li tried to locate the Hall of Weapons by following the house numbers. It took him quite a while to arrive at a very big attic with big characters of “Hall of Weapons” on the gate.


Someone was guarding in the yard of the Hall of Weapons, an old man with grey hair. He stared at Lu Li and said, “Your ID Token!”

Lu Li gave the old man his Token. The old man took the Token over and used his Xuan Energy. Soon, the Token glowed. On it appeared a character symbolizing “Guest”. The old man waved his hands and said to Lu Li, “You are yet to become a formal Guest Warrior, and you have no contribution points. You don’t have the right to go in.”


Lu Li took back his Token, looking somewhat disappointed. Then, he took out some Golden Leaves, unwilling to give up, and continued, “Sir, can I use some Golden Leaves to buy one? I am going to the quest now. Without any weapon, I cannot perform at my best.”

“Golden Leaves?”

The old man laughed at Lu Li. “Do you think we want Golden Leaves here in the Liu Family? Any Xuan Artifact needs to be trade with contribution points. The contribution points of a Xuan Artifact of a high rank are enormous. Okay… since you don’t have any weapon to bring to the quest, I will give you this change. You can trade with your Golden Leaves, but only the average weapons or damaged Xuan Artifact.”

“Thank you, sir!”

Lu Li was pleased. He did not need any Xuan Artifact. All he needed was heavy weapon. He followed the old man into the Hall of Weapons, yet the old man showed his way to a small room in the corner instead of the attic in the middle. The old man opened the room and said, “Go in and pick one. But you need to show it to me later. You can take it only if I think it is reasonable.”

Lu Li hurried in. It was not a spacious room, only about 400 or 500 ft2. There were piles of weapons inside, at least more than 1000 pieces. Some of them were rusted. Lu Li could smell it.

“All damaged Xuan Artifact…”

Lu Li was a bit disappointed after he took a look. Most of the weapons here were damaged Xuan Artifact. Some of them were even broken from the middle. These Xuan Artifacts were all like saber, spears, swords, pikes or bows and arrows. They didn’t seem to be heavy.

Lu Li walked around inside and tried some, but they were not heavy enough. The heaviest of them all was an axe of about 500 or 600 pounds…

“What? A broadsword is down there!”

Lu Li dug for a while and found a huge broadsword buried at the bottom of a pile of weapons. Even though Lu Li only looked at a corner of the broadsword, he could tell that it was very heavy.

He moved the weapons on top over, and the broadsword showed itself. It was quite a nice looking broadsword. It was definitely a Xuan Artifact, and of a quite high rank at that. The graphics on it was simple yet elegant. Just one look, one could tell that it was nothing average.

Too bad the broadsword was damaged. There was a not neat rapture on the blade. The crack made the broadsword look awkward.

Lu Li did not care for its appearance or the fact whether it was damaged or not. He picked up the broadsword in one hand, and he immediately became excited. “The broadsword is heavy! It is at least more than 2000 pounds. If it was not damaged, it would be more than 3000 pounds. I am quite lucky. I’ll take this one!”

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