The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 30: Lu Li out of the County

Chapter 30: Lu Li out of the County

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The next morning, Lu Li got up early and went to wait outside the gate on the west after bidding goodbye to Lu Ling.

There were rows of warriors standing in order outside the west gate. By the looks of it, there were probably at least three hundred people. All of them were in silver armor of the Liu Family, riding tall horses. There were seven or eight men riding Silver Wolves in the front. Time hadn’t come yet as Liu Yi wasn’t there.

“The Liu Family sure is powerful!”

Lu Li took a glance and figured that these warriors were all in the Xuan Wu Realm, and quite a number of them were even in the late stage of the Xuan Wu Realm. It was not just one or two. There were three hundred people. Plus, these were just some of the warriors of the External Clan of the Liu Family. All of the County Guardians were the warriors of the Liu Family.

“It seems like the old saying is right. Every step over to the next Realm is as difficult as going to heaven!”

Of all the three hundred people, Lu Li could tell that no one was in the Spirit Sea Realm from the qi and energy of them. Lu Li was deep in his thoughts. The living environment of the Northern Desert was harsh. Everyone was an advocate of martial arts. All the people in tribes were the best hunters when young, yet, only one or two out of ten could cultivate Xuan Energy. And only one or two out of the hundred warriors who made it to the Xuan Wu Realm could step into the Spirit Sea Realm.

Xuan Wu Realm, Spirit Sea Realm, Soul Pond Realm, Fate Wheel Realm, Eternal Realm, Noble Lord Realm, Human Sovereign Realm!

The breakthrough to any realm was extremely hard. But, once succeeded, one would have his powers elevated by several folds, and enjoy promotion of status and positions and influences. For example, Di Ba, after he made it to the Spirit Sea Realm, was immediately recruited by the Zhao Family at the Ice Abyss. Later, with his contributions, he was directly promoted as the External Clan Patriarch.

Even though there were many External Clan Patriarchs of Big Families, to become a Patriarch would still mean a great advance of status in the Family and a lot more resources.

“You, come here!”

Liu Yu, who was one of the Silver Wolf Escorts, saw Lu Li was standing outside the gate on the west like a fool. He shouted to Lu Li and told someone standing behind him, “Give him a horse.”

“Oh, yeah!”

Lu Li promptly went over where someone got him a horse. Lu Li scratched his head as he did not how to ride one. Previously, when they were at the tribe, Lu Li dared not to show himself up by riding a horse.

“You don’t know how to ride a horse? You watch and learn. Just don’t fall down and get yourself trampled to death.”

Liu Yu just looked at him without giving him much guidance. Lu Li not appreciating their kind offer and insisted on joining the Guest Clan made Liu Yu not excited to see him.

Lu Li touched his nose and mounted the horse. However, he dared not to move about; he just grabbed onto the rein.

Ta, ta, ta!

After a while, three Silver Wolves galloped out of the gate on the west. The lady in front was in a silver soft armor, and a red cape was flying on her back. She was as pretty as a flower, as charming as a piece of jade, yet mighty and brave at the same time. The group of young warriors of the Liu Family got their eyesight locked on her.

Liu Yi did not put on her fox-fur today. She wore soft armor, which did not cover up her nice body features, but instead gave her an exotic feeling.

She glanced over the crowd, and paused when she saw Lu Li. Making sure that everyone was there, she shouted in her pretty voice, “We have been supporting and raising you for so many days just for this moment. We, the Liu Family, have treated you quite nicely. This is the gravest time for the Liu Family, so please help us the Liu Family to rave the Frigid Cloud Mountain to the ground.”

“Rave the Frigid Cloud Mountain to the ground!”

People shouted and waved their hands. Their voice was so loud that it reverberated through the wilderness. Lu Li’s ears were ringing from the loud noise. The horse he was riding on got agitated, nearly tossing Lu Li off of it.

“Okay, move, to the Frigid Cloud Mountain!”

Lady Yi had with her that day a long silver sword instead of her whip. She drew the sword out of the sheath and pointed it to the north. She took the lead and rushed on riding her Silver Wolf. The ten Silver Wolf Escorts behind her immediately followed up, and behind them were the three hundred warriors of the Liu Family rushing on in order.

“Hiyah, hiyah, hiyah…”

Lu Li, who was initially in the front of the team, gradually fell behind as he did not know how to ride a horse. Seeing that the team was further and further away, he became anxious. He patted the horse’s behind in a confused way, trying to urge the horse to go faster.

Di Ba had the intention to tear him into pieces, and the warriors of the Zhao Family would not cut him loose either. If he was separated from the team, he was most assuredly going to die.

Even though he never rode a horse, he had seen people do it. Lu Li tried to imitate what he had observed before, and the battle steed finally managed to catch up with the team. Still, Lu Li was not in good shape. He jolted and fell down on several occasions and had to climb back up…

“Ha, ha, ha, look at him!”

“Is he one of the warriors of the Liu Family? Doesn’t he look like a joke?”

There were many pedestrians on the street. Seeing that Lu Li got jolted off from the back of the horse, chased for the horse and climbed back up like monkey, they all laughed. Warriors were a common scene in Wu Ling County. Everybody knew how to ride a horse.

Lu Li finally got angry after he fell down for more than ten times. He waved his hand and slapped the horse’s head. How much strength he had? He had to restrain himself or the horse’s head would be cracked open.


The horse was hurt. It lifted its fore hoofs, neighed, and Lu Li fell down yet again. But this time, when he re-mounted the horse back, the horse behaved well. It was running much smoothly this time; at least, it would not toss Lu Li down.

“Move faster or I’ll slap you to death!”

Lu Li shouted to the horse with an angry stare. A furious feeling came from him, which seemed to make the horse a bit scared. The horse followed orders and behaved. It rushed on and caught up with the team.

Soon, they were out of the city gate on the north. Lu Li had mastered some skills. He started going up and down together with the horse. In this way, he was not going to get tossed off, and he would be less strained.


When they made it out of the County, Lady Yi halted the Silver Wolf. When everyone was there, she looked towards the end, surprised to notice that Lu Li had caught up.

Liu Yu just told her that Lu Li did not know how to ride a horse. That was why she stopped at the gate. She did not see it coming that Lu Li learned how to do it in such a short time. It seemed like he had control over the horse he was riding already.


Lady Yi rushed on towards the North without saying another word. The hundreds warriors followed her in two orderly rows. The cold light of the reflection of the sun that bounced off the armors formed two lines, meandering into the distance.

“Lu Li is now out of the County with Liu Yi. They should be going to the Frigid Cloud Mountain!”

The two middle-aged men in plain clothes glanced over a portrait and quickly went inside the County and entered a yard.

After a while, a hawk soared from inside the yard into the sky and flew directly to the north.

From the yard emerged two scouts. Their eyes were like those of a poisonous snake. They looked over to the North, and one of them sneered. “Ha, ha, Lu Li, how dare you to go out? Even if you are with Lady Yi, you are going to die without a question!”


The other nodded, “There was quite a mixed gang on Frigid Cloud Mountain right now. Forces of several Families and dozens of tribes are all gathered over there. Xuan Beasts are all over the place. I heard Patriarch Di Ba has already taken an elixir and made it to the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. It will be so easy to kill Lu Li. There is no way for Liu Yi to follow him around at all times?”


The first man sneered. “What if Liu Yi followed him? The Liu Family has suffered from big disasters and many are dead this time. We now have Lord Yu at our back. After several months, the Wu Ling County can be in the hands of us Zhao Family.”

“That’s true.”

The second man agreed, “I think the Liu Family won’t dare to say anything even if Patriarch Di Ba executes Lu Li by force. Let’s go. Our job is done here. We don’t have to mind the rest.”

The two left quickly and vanished into the alleyway.

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