The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 33: Can’t Do Anything

Chapter 33: Can’t Do Anything

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Liu Yi and Patriarch Hong rushed on and Lu Li followed suit. Many warriors at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm were also with them, at least 40 or 50 of them.

There were just too many wolves. Now that the Wolf King was leading, the wolves behind it were not afraid of death. They were ferocious.

It was extremely dangerous to try to intercept the wolves at the entrance. The dozens of people might not make it back. Yet the most honorable and precious Lady of the Liu Family, Liu Yi, was leading the charge, how could the other warriors of the Liu Family flinch?

The dozens of people moved forward while attacking and killing. There was no stop for Liu Yi and Patriarch Hong since they all had Xuan Artifacts in their hands. They fast forwarded towards the valley. Lu Li quickly caught up with Liu Yi while attacking seven or eight Iron Spur Wolves in a row with his Heaven Kylin Sword.

The troop quickly made it to the entrance of the Valley. Patriarch Hong yelled and wielded his sword, with Xuan Energy glaring on it. Patriarch Hong, who was a man of spare frame, was enveloped in the white light. He had mobilized a sophisticated Xuan Skill. Within one move, he had smashed away four or five Iron Spur Wolves and forced several others following pursuit to retreat.

“Block it. We cannot let even one through.”

Liu Yi had replaced her pretty purple whip into a sharp sword and was at the forefront of this fight. She herself was also in the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm with some battle experience. The key was that she had treasured goods all over her body, and her Xuan Skill was clearly of a higher level compared with those of the regular warriors of the Liu Family. She was fighting against three Iron Spur Wolves on her own and did not make a single step backward.


The outstanding performance of Patriarch Hong and Lady Yi made the momentum of the wolves somewhat mitigated. The mouth of the valley was too narrow. As long as the Iron Spur Wolves in the back could not participate in the fight, the situation would be stabilized when Patriarch Cai brought someone with him to kill the Wolf King and the wolves that already were out.


Lu Li was standing right next to Liu Yi. He did not wave his Heaven Kylin Sword in some smart way, just the simplest attack. But he was so fast and powerful that every time he attacked, there would be one Iron Spur Wolf smashed away or killed. He actually was no slower than Patriarch Hong.

“Howl, howl~~”

The Wolf pack inside the valley howled when they noticed that the road was blocked. The Wolf King, which was in battle with Patriarch Cai at a distance, also howled. All the Iron Spur Wolves inside the valley became crazed, and their attack became even more ferocious.


One of the warriors of the Liu Family was simultaneously attacked by three Iron Spur Wolves and could not defend himself. His legs were bitten and heavily bleeding. Then his head was crushed in the jaws of the Iron Spur Wolves. In his last moment, he let out a miserable cry.

“Lu Li, go and defend there!”

Liu Yi was worried. In the event of a crack appearing over there, the wolf pack would break them up. The consequences would be catastrophic.

“Make some room!”

The task was assigned to Lu Li who shouted and moved pass three warriors of the Liu Family who were retreating. He charged forward as if he himself was a sharp sword. He wielded his Heaven Kylin Sword and cut at the waist of an Iron Spur Wolf which was trying to make its way out.

One cut and the wolf was halved!

The Iron Spur Wolf was cleaved into two. Lu Li did not take a single moment of rest and continued his ferocious attack towards two Iron Spur Wolves. When he noticed that the two warriors of the Liu Family did not move, he screamed in fury, “Why are you just standing there? I will take charge of the attack and you two assist me!”


The two came to their senses and quickly began coordinating with Lu Li to attack at the wolves on their two sides. Lu Li, just by himself, had stopped the attack of three or four Iron Spur Wolves. It was as if that his strength would never be drained. Every time he wielded his sword, he could kill or hurt one Iron Spur Wolf.

“Kill! If we can make it this time, when we get back, everyone can get 50 contribution points and 10 times of financial compensation for the family of anyone that fights to their death.”

Hearing Liu Yi’s words, all the warriors of the Liu Family were invigorated and their morale was lifted. A regular warrior of the External Clan could get ten contribution points a month for free, and now they could get 50? And 10 times the money compensation for their family if they were dead? How could they not fight desperately now?

Patriarch Cai had surrounded the Wolf King with someone, and had evidently gained the upper hand of the battle and could now suppress the Wolf King. The original chaos in the base camp was replaced with order, and warriors started fighting back. Without anything going sideways, they could slaughter all the wolves outside within an hour.

The situation in the base camp had been stabilized, but it was not an optimistic picture at the mouth of the Valley. The wolves were too fierce. Groups after groups attacked with nothing to lose.

Of the 40 or 50 warriors of the Liu Family followed Lady Yi, at least seven or eight of them were at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm. Yet in the time it took for three incense sticks to burn, nearly 10 people had died. Most of the rest were injured, including Lu Li.

There were scratch wounds on Lu Li’s shoulder and waists inflicted by the wolves’ claws. He was bleeding and fighting, so he consumed too much energy. Now, he had been clearly slowed down.

But the dead bodies of the wolves had stacked into a little hill in front of him. At least twenty or thirty wolves were killed by Lu Li who was covered in wolf blood and had become a blood-man.

“Kid, this is healing pellet.”

Patriarch Hong threw Lu Li two white pellets. Lu Li grabbed them with one hand and swallowed them down along with the wolf blood in the corner of his mouth.

Lu Li knew clearly that with so much places bleeding on his body, if he were not to attend to his wounds in time, his energy would drain faster. One careless move, he could be bitten to death by the Iron Spur Wolves.


As soon as Lu Li swallowed the pellets, the animal tooth pendant on his neck lit up and glistened. It stood out so clearly in the dark of the night.


Lu Li noticed the abnormality but did not have much time to look at it. The two warriors by his side glanced over with curiosity, but the animal tooth pendant just glistened without any signs of Xuan Artifact, so the two warriors paid no heed to it any more.

“The animal tooth pendant can glow? What kind of treasure is it?”

Lu Li could not figure this out. Previously, when he took the Body Refinement Pellets, he would fall deeply into sleep every time afterwards, so he did not know that the animal tooth pendant could do that.

There were too many Iron Spur Wolves to worry about now. He could be dead if he was not careful enough. There was not enough time for Lu Li to keep his mind occupied, and he fought on with all his heart. With time passing by, Lu Li found a problem, and a big one!

His wounds started to scab?

A lot of wounded warriors of the Liu Family all took this healing pellet, yet they just got the bleeding stopped. Some was even still bleeding a little because they twisted their bodies in action violently. But as for Lu Li, his wound… started to scab?

“Could this be because of the animal tooth?”

Lu Li thought about it and tucked his torn shirts into his neckband to cover up the animal tooth pendant. Whether it was attributed to the animal tooth pendant or not, it was glowing. It was better to not to let others see it. In the case that it was something precious, it would be trouble if others coveted it.

After the time it took for just one incense stick to burn, Lu Li noticed not only all the wounds had scabbed; he had even recovered his physical strength. He now again had more energy than enough like when he started the fight.


Lu Li shouted in excitement, wielded his Heaven Kylin Sword and smashed three Iron Spur Wolves in a row. Again, he had become vigorous which attracted the attention of Liu Yi and Patriarch Hong at a distance.


Liu Yi was wearing her soft armor so she did not get wounded much. She and Patriarch Hong looked at Lu Li and found that his wounded shoulders started healing. How could Lu Li be even more gallant after such a long time of arduous fight?

The two looked at each other, speechless. His constitution was too abnormal? It was already freaky when he took the Body Refinement Pellets, and now, he had just taken two healing pellets, so how could he be as good as new?

“Too bad…”

Soon, the light in Liu Yi’s eyes died out. Lu Li only wished to join the Guest Clan. If it were the other case, under the full support and training of Liu Family, Lu Li could become a powerful warrior.

“Don’t know to appreciate. Patriarch Hong, later, don’t give any more healing pellets,” Liu Yi told Patriarch Hong in a whisper. She had her mind set on letting Lu Li experience some struggle so that he could fully understand that without the support of a Big Family, he could not do anything.

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