The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 35: A Little White Beast

Chapter 35: A Little White Beast

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“Howl, howl~~”

The sound of wolves howling was getting louder and louder outside. It would be unrealistic to go outside now since judging by the sound, there would be at least dozens of wolves. It might not be a problem to face dozens of Iron Spur Wolves alone, but the problem was that when the fight started, more and more wolves would be attracted here. What if the Wolf King were to come here?

There was no way outside. They had to put on a desperate fight to fend off the Stone Rats and go outside after the wolves retreat.

“How can here be Stone Rats? I thought they liked to live on Red Stone Mountains.”

One of the warriors mumbled in doubt. Usually, the habitat for Stone Rats was located inside a Redstone Mountain up north. There were Stone Rats all over that mountain, but none in other places. How come there was such a group here?

No time could be wasted on thinking about this for Liu Yi and Patriarch Hong. Liu Yi ordered, “Take turns to attack and force the Stone Rats back.”

Liu Yi ran on, Patriarch Hong and another man also started to meet the Stone Rats head-on. The cave was too small. It could only allow three men fighting at the same time. The rest had to stay behind and take turns to attack.

Lu Li was standing at the far back. He listened attentively for a while and made sure that there was no wolves attacking the boulder. Then, he took a few glances into the cave. Liu Yi and the rest seemed okay to fend off the Stone Rats. Lu Li sat down on the ground and ate some dried cooked meat and clean water to recharge.

The rest four warriors looked at Lu Li eagerly. They did not have the habit of bringing rations for their journey as they had enough supply at the base camp. Right now, they had to look at Lu Li enjoying his food with envy.

The warriors had been fighting for half a night now and were exhausted. They had consumed so much physically and psychologically. Lu Li considered it, and got all his meat and water out and gave them to the warriors. “That’s all I have left. Let’s divide it up.”

Right away, they didn’t dislike Lu Li as much. Nobody knew how much longer they would be stuck in the cave. Even the small amount of dried meat and clean water could become the rescue of the warriors.

They divided the food among them at once. All of them took some dried meat and clean water. After that, they sat down to cultivate Xuan Energy to recover.

Stone Rats were Xuan Beasts of the lowest rank. Liu Yi and the warriors fighting with her could easily deal with the beasts, but the beasts were hard to kill. They could only be beaten back one by one. That being said, there shouldn’t be much danger provided that the Rat King did not appear.

After about an hour, another three warriors took Liu Yi and the other guys’ place. Lu Li was in the back and paid no attention to them; he just continued his cultivation and recovery.

There was some meat and water left. Liu Yi forced some down to help her recover her strength even though she didn’t want any.

Wolves were still outside, howling constantly. Luckily, the boulder blocked the entrance, so the wolves could not get in. For the moment, people inside were still safe.

Another hour had passed, and now it was Lu Li’s turn. Lu Li had cultivated for two hours which meant he regained some Xuan Energy. Lu Li carried his Heaven Kylin Sword and went into his fight. The whole situation immediately changed.

Stone Rats were not fast movers, nor were they ferocious attackers. The horrible thing about them was their defensive abilities. Lu Li was just about the right guy to deal with this kind of beasts. One move and he could smash the Stone Rats away, leaving them either dead or injured.

With the participation of Lu Li, the warriors on his two sides were less stressed. Lu Li got braver as he fought on and started to counter attack and made his way into the cave, smashing Stone Rats one after another.


The two warriors on Lu Li’s two sides quickly understood and fought back with Lu Li. Together, they had been able to make the Stone Rats to retreat.


Patriarch Hong shouted, “Lu Li, send the Stone Rats back to their nests. Attack them so hard that they don’t dare to come out again. Liu Yu, go and help Lu Li.”


Lu Li shouted. Since the Stone Rats had started to retreat, how could he let such a good opportunity slip away? He had just rested for two hours, and he was now at the peak of his physical strength and condition. Right away, he led the three warriors and fought their way forward. The Stone Rats were forced to retreat.

The Stone Rats were now afraid of Lu Li. The Heaven Kylin Sword in Lu Li’s hands was too sharp, and he was so fast and powerful. Every time Lu Li attacked, there must be one Stone Rat killed or wounded.

The cave was narrow, dark and deep. Lu Li, along with Liu Yu and two other warriors, fought for an hour, killing hundreds of Stone Rats, yet they hadn’t reached the end of the cave.


The caved started to become wider and three paths appeared. At that place, the Stone Rats had stopped retreating. On the contrary, they guarded a small path entry with all their strength and squeaked in a weird way.

“What can it possibly be in the cave? Can it be some exotic treasure or top-level elixir?”

Lu Li and Liu Yu looked at each other in confusion. The Stone Rats were clearly ready to sacrifice their lives to protect that entrance, which meant that there was something worth guarding inside. Otherwise, the Stone Rats would definitely continue to retreat.

“Some Heaven Grade or Earth Grade treasure is really inside?”

Liu Yu’s eyes lit up. Usually, nearby treasures would have Xuan Beasts as guardians. Given that normally, Stone Rats lived on Redstone Mountains, and that their appearance here was in itself strange, no doubt the situation before their eyes made the warriors surprised and confused.

“Force our way in. Let’s see what’s inside!”

Liu Yu proposed and the rest agreed. Lu Li was also curious. Who wouldn’t want Heaven Grade or Earth Grade treasures? He took a few deep breaths and nodded along. “Let’s go. You guys follow me.”

Lu Li led the other three warriors in a ferocious attack. In order to acquire the treasured material, Liu Yu and the other two warriors was not even afraid of risking their lives. They attacked the Stone Rats, caused them to produce loud noises and retreat. Ultimately, all the Stone Rats were forced into a small path.

The mouth of the path was very small. Only one man can be allowed in at a time. Liu Yu and the two warriors did not dare to go in first as they were afraid that there might by Stone Rats inside. Lu Li gnashed his teeth with great efforts and walked to the front. He wielded his Heaven Kylin Sword in a crazed and random way, making the Stone Rats steadily lose ground.

About 30 feet into the path, it suddenly got wider and a large rock cave emerged. There was an opening on the top of the cave. The bright and clear moonlight shone through the opening and lit up the cave.

“Heaven Grade or Earth Grade treasure!”

Lu Li was excited. He saw a mystical grass with seven leaves in the middle of the cave. Under the moonlight, the mystical grass sparkled in a white glare. Some white smoke faintly surrounded the grass. One look and one could tell this was something else.

There were not too many Stone Rats inside, only about a hundred. Right at that moment, all the Stone Rats were gathered in one corner instead of surrounding the seven-leafed mystical grass.

“Something is up!”

Lu Li thought. The Stone Rats risked their lives trying to guard the cave, but they didn’t do it for the mystical grass. On the contrary, they huddled in the corner. Could it be that there was something even more priceless?

“Lu Li, what is going on there? Why did you stop?”

Lu Li was standing at the entry, so Liu Yu and the other warriors could not come. They shouted to Lu Li in anxiety. Lu Li gave it a thought and rushed into the cave directly towards the Stone Rats.

He was convinced that there must be something more valuable in there, more priceless than the seven-leafed mystical grass.

While running, Lu Li shouted, “There is a precious mystical grass there. I will try to hold back the Stone Rats, you go and try to harvest that grass. Don’t do any damage to it.”

Lu Li dashed over to the Rats in the corner while Liu Yu and the other two warriors ran into the cave. The latter immediately got attracted by the glaring seven-colored mystical grass. They took a look to the corner and found that Lu Li was already in fight against the Rats. Naturally, Liu Yu and the guys dared not to waste another minute but ran towards the seven-leafed mystical herb.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Lu Li was afraid that Liu Yu and the other warriors might notice what he was up to, so he made extra effort in fighting. He wielded his Heaven Kylin Sword, killing and injuring the Stone Rats, and quickly entered deep inside the rat swarm.


With the help of the feeble light of his Xuan Energy and the blurry moonlight, Lu Li looked in the middle of the swarm but found no treasure or herb.

But, he did find one “Stone Rat” that was very special. It was very small, of the size of a fist. White fur was all over its body with no trace of filth. Actually, it did not resemble the appearance of a Stone Rat, but rather a small kitten.

“Why is these Stone Rats guarding a small white beast?”

Lu Li held his Heaven Kylin Sword up high and wanted to chop at the small white beast, yet all the surrounding Stone Rats squeaked in anger and tried to attack Lu Li like crazy.

However, the small white beast did not move. It stared at Lu Li’s neck. There were some signs of terror showing in its gem-like eyes and some eagerness, perhaps?

The little white beast was so cute, with no signs of ferocious feelings of Xuan Beasts on it. It was like a pet, harmless to men or animals alike.

Lu Li looked at the spot the white beast was staring. Because of the battle, the animal tooth pendant was revealed. Something made him feel touched. He attacked at some of the Stone Rats nearby, but not at the small white beast.


The white beast suddenly moved. It was so fast that it was like a white blur. Lu Li only saw a white light, and to his surprise, the small white beast got into the jute bag he had on his back.

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