The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 37: Little White

Chapter 37: Little White

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Lu Li was worried about nothing. There had been clashes between the Zhao Family and the Liu Family recently. Liu Yi and the rest did not even consider about Di Ba. They just marched on in silence.

At the foot of the mountain, people found some horses that managed to escape which were also galloping back to the city without stopping.

It was already after dark when they went back to the Liu Family Compound. Liu Yi rushed to the backyard in anger. Patriarch Hong sent Lu Li back to get some rest and then quickly left after Liu Yi.

Getting back to the Guest Clan, Lu Li entered his yard. Lu Ling lit up a lamp in her room while reading. She was surprised to see Lu Li back and looked up to him, asking, “Something wrong?”

It should take at least several couple of days for Lu Li to get back even if he could complete his task quickly, but now, he had gone back, covered in blood, after only two days. Smart girl as Lu Ling was, she instantly knew something went horribly wrong.

Lu Li drank a mouthful of water and then explained the whole story to Lu Ling. Also, he shared his doubts.

A killing intent came into Lu Ling’s eyes. She said in a frigid voice, “Even if Di Ba was not the culprit behind this, he must have something to do with it. Lu Li, later, you must avail yourself of a chance to get to the bottom of this. If it really is Di Ba’s deed, just kill his entire family.”

Lu Li did not have the mind to consider that far into the future. He thought of the small white beast in his jute bag. After making sure that nobody was around by looking to the sides, he helped Lu Ling into the room and opened the jute bag. Pointing at the small white beast which was deeply asleep, Lu Li said, “Sis, do you recognize this beast?”

Lu Ling examined it closely but shook her head even after she heard about Lu Li’s description of encountering the beast. “No. There are some descriptions about powerful Xuan Beasts in the books left by our father, but nothing like this. Maybe it is because the beast is too small now. We can’t tell its real look now.”

Lu Li did not have a clear look of the small beast in the cave on account of the dim lighting. Now he had the chance to carefully look into it under the candle. The more he looked, the more he found the small beast to be exceptional.

The small beast had snow white fur all over its body, smooth and beautiful. There was not even a single hair of other color. Its shape resembled that of a cat, except that there was some short mane on its head, which also made it look like a small lion. Inside the mane were two very small black horns. They hadn’t grown out yet, so they were covered by the mane.

The claws of the small beast were very pretty. It was so white that it glared, and cold light bounced off of them. They must be very sharp. Lu Li kept his surprise to himself when he thought of the fast speed of the small beast. If one were to be scratched by the claws, a piece of flesh would be gone.

Lu Ling asked with a frown, “You mentioned the small beast stared at your animal tooth pendant? There was fear and yearning in its eyes?”

Lu Li nodded and added, “Sis, my animal tooth pendant can light up. When I consumed the healing pellet, it glared and flickered. The wounds I had quickly healed and scabbed.”


Lu Ling raised her eyebrows. She sized up the animal tooth pendant and replied with a nod, “I think the animal tooth pendant is really some rare treasure. The small beast is willing to go with you because of the animal tooth pendant. Father put it on you as soon as you were born. He must know the origin of the animal tooth pendant.”

“Rare treasure?”

Lu Li took off the animal tooth pendant and studied it through and through but found nothing unusual. This was just an average animal tooth pendant, only of the width and length of the little finger. By right, it should not be the tooth of a powerful Xuan Beast. The more powerful the Xuan Beast, the larger its build should be.

“You can no longer reveal your animal tooth.”

Lu Ling went back to her room and got a small black woven bag. She handed it to Lu Li and said, “Put the animal tooth pendant inside the woven bag and hide it inside your clothes. Don’t let people see it.”


Right at that moment, the small white beast opened its eyes. It stared at the animal tooth pendant and screamed in a weird way. Fear filled its eyes, yet at the same time, its eyes flickered as if it yearned for it.

“So it is because of the animal tooth pendant. What kind of high rank Xuan Beast did it belong to?”

Lu Li secretly felt confused. Too bad his father went missing so nobody could tell him about the background of the animal tooth pendant. After considering about it, he put the animal tooth pendant into the small bag and put it back on. But he stretched the string of the necklace to hide it inside his clothes.

Once the animal tooth pendant was hidden, the small beast instantly quietened down. It looked around with curiosity and circled around Lu Li while wagging its tail. However, it looked at Lu Ling in a totally indifferent way.

“Lu Li!”

Lu Ling didn’t mind it one bit. Instead, she said to Lu Li in excitement, “The small beast can be a Xuan Beast of the Third Rank, but it was just born. You must treat it well. It will be of enormous help to you.”

The small white beast was just born a short time ago, but it already could compete with warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm in terms of speed. How much faster would it get when it grew up? On top of that, the small white beast was very smart and intelligent. Xuan Beast of lower ranks could not be this smart. So, the possibility of it being a Xuan Beast of the Third Rank was very high.

Xuan Beast of the Third Rank could be more powerful than warriors of the Soul Pond Realm. Once it grew up, it would be easy for it to deal with regular warrior at the Soul Pond Realm.

“Xuan Beast of the Third Rank!”

Lu Li felt pleased. Xuan Beasts could be tamed. Take the Silver Wolf Escorts of the Liu Family as an example. The Silver Wolves they were riding were tamed when they were young. The wolves moved like wind and had the combat capacity like that of Xuan Beast of the First Rank.

“Little fella, come here!”

Lu Li bent over and reached out his hand. The small white beast fondly jumped onto Lu Li’s hand. The beast was too small, just the size of a fist. It looked up to Lu Li fawningly, cute as a kitten.

Lu Li stroked the small beast’s mane. The beast squinted in comfort and fell again into sleep in Lu Li’s hand.

“You have snow white fur all over your body. I’ll just call you Little White!”

Lu Li grew fondly of the small beast. He left the beast in a corner and went to take a shower to clean himself of all the blood and filth.

When he was finished with his shower, he suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. Chief Steward of the Guest Clan sent someone over with food and orders from Cheng Qu to let Lu Li rest for the night and mind the rest the next morning.

Lu Li enjoyed his food and thought about the small beast after he was full. He picked the beast up and put it on the table. Pointing to the beast that had opened its eyes, Lu Li said, “Little White, you must be hungry now. Have something, whatever you like.”

Lu Ling looked at the beast with a smile. The dinner brought here by the Liu Family was very big with many kinds of meat dishes. It should be catering to the appetite of the small beast.

“Squeak, squeak!”

The small beast glanced over the dinner but shook its head in disdain. It had no intention of eating anything. Lu Li and Lu Ling looked at each other and felt befuddled; could it be that the small beast did not eat meat but grass and vegetable?

Lu Li got up and found some radish and cabbage for the beast. The beast disliked them even more. It hopped off the table and went back to sleep in the corner.

“It eats nothing?”

Lu Li blinked in confusion. He looked into Lu Ling who said, “Maybe it is because the rank of the small beast is high so it eats something special. Tomorrow, we can try something else. It’s late now, go to sleep.”


Lu Li had to accept that. He stood up and carried the small beast back to his room after giving it some thoughts. Even though the small beast was behaving quite well, but what if it gave full play to its animal disposition and hurt Lu Ling?

Putting down the small beast in his room, Lu Li cultivated for half of the night before he fell asleep.

“Crack, crack~”

At dawn, Lu Li was woken up by some strange noise in a startle. He sat up and looked into the source of the noise. Just one glance and he was scared so as to have goosebumps. Lu Li’s eyes were wide open as if he had seen ghost in daytime.

He… found the small white beast squatting on the ground and chewing the Heaven Kylin Sword. A small piece at the crack of the Heaven Kylin Sword was already chewed off by it.

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