The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 39: Awakening Bloodline

Chapter 39: Awakening Bloodline

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Not all weapons catered to the appetite for Little White. Wandering on for a bit, Little White grabbed another broken sword. Lu Li followed it and picked up a dozen weapons, yet Little White showed no signs of wanting to stop. It pointed here and there as zest filled its eyes.

Soon, Lu Li had more than 20 weapons held in his arms. He called Little White to come back into the bag. Little White sure was smart and behaved well. It went into the bag swiftly.

“What do you need so many abandoned weapons for?”

Patriarch He asked in suspicion when he saw Lu Li came into the main hall carrying more than 20 pieces of weapons.

Lu Li, for a minute, got nervous. But he put on a grin and replied, “I wanted to learn how to refine Artifacts…”

Patriarch He rolled his eyes. How could it be that easy to learn to refine Artifacts? Of the entire Liu Family, there were only three Artifact Refiners, and of low levels at that. They could only refine Xuan Artifacts of the Human Grade, and this silly body wanted to learn refining Artifacts with these abandoned Xuan Artifacts.

He didn’t bother to waste time on Lu Li. Looking through these weapons, Patriarch He estimated, “These weapons are Human Grade Xuan Artifacts. Five of them are Xuan Artifact of the Eighth Rank of the Human Grade. Altogether, they are worth of about 500 contribution points.”

“Five hundred contribution points…”

Lu Li only had 1400 contribution points in total and now he had spent 1100 contribution points all of a sudden. Lu Li felt a bit unwilling to do it, but on the thought of Little White, he handed his Token to Patriarch He.

Patriarch He deducted 500 contribution points. Now, only 300 were left on Lu Li’s Token. Lu Li carried a handful of abandoned Xuan Artifacts and went back to the Guest Clan amidst the strange looks thrown at him by warriors of the Liu Family.

Once he entered his room, Lu Li put all the abandoned Xuan Artifacts at a corner and let Little White out. Lu Li said to Little White, “Eat away. Eat anything you want.”

“Squeak, Squeak~”

Little White screamed in excitement and ran towards the pile of weapons. In the shocking stare of Lu Li, Little White finished off a short sword in just a few bites.

Little White only ate the blade of the sword, not the handle of the sword. It was not satisfied and sprang towards another dagger.

“Can it be the Iron-consuming Beast?”

Lu Ling came in with an ancient book, but she shook her head upon checking. “The book says the Iron-consuming Beast is as big as a gigantic bull. There are big horns on its head, and it is black all over its body. It feasts on iron and defecates things as hard as steel. The beast we have is too small, and it is covered in white fur. It does not look like the Iron-consuming Beast.”

“It’s not the Iron-consuming Beast!”

Lu Li took a few looks and said with certainty, “The Iron-consuming Beast is a Xuan Beast of the Fifth Rank. The higher the rank of the Xuan Beast is, the larger its size should be. Even a newborn should be of the size of a tiger. Little White is so small. How can it be a Xuan Beast of the Fifth Rank?”

Lu Ling did not know it either. Even at birth, a powerful Xuan Beast should not be this small in size. Little White ate another two pieces of weapons and went back to sleep, huddling up in the corner.

Lu Ling minded it no more and just let Lu Li to go back to his cultivation. He needed to prepare for the Bloodline Awakening in a couple of days by getting stronger.

“Cultivate and consume the Blood Refinement Pellets!”

Lu Li took out a piece of Blood Refinement Pellet in excitement and swallowed it down directly. Soon, a strain of warmth spread out throughout his body. Lu Li waited in silence. He discovered the Blood Refinement Pellet was sure more powerful than the Body Refinement Pellet. He felt like his blood was boiling.

Nevertheless, he had consumed five Body Refinement Pellets at once before. He could stand this level of heat. When the temperature stopping rising and felt he could endure it, he looked towards his chest.


As he expected, the animal tooth pendant started glowing. But since it was covered in the small black bag, the light was feeble. Lu Li took off the small black bag after some thoughts and studied the animal tooth pendant carefully.

Lu Ling already told him about the animal tooth glowing during the time he consumed the Body Refinement Pellets. Lu Li, at this moment, felt even more surprised. The animal tooth pendant truly was some treasure. It seemed… to be able to help his body increase its ability absorb the efficacy by a large margin.

The animal tooth pendant kindled for more than two hours before the temperature started to fall down. Lu Li felt sleepy and climbed onto the bed for a good night’s slumber.

“Pellet of the Fifth Rank of the Human Grade is really different. I have gained at least another 2000 pounds of strength!”

After he woke up, Lu Li tested and was immediately filled with joy. He had 20 Blood Refinement Pellets. Even if the efficacy decreased gradually, it looked like he would at least gain more than 10,000 or 20,000 pounds of strength. When he made it to the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm, he could gain another 10,000 pounds of strength by mobilizing Xuan Energy. By then, his combat ability would witness skyrocketing increase.

“Cultivate, cultivate!”

Lu Li became even more excited. He cared for nothing happening on the outside. Guest Warriors usually did not have to go on quests. Nobody cared about them. They had enough time to cultivate.

Lu Li had more than 10 days to go before Bloodline Awakening. Lu Li wanted to use this time to open up all his energy channels and consume all the Blood Refinement Pellets.

Lu Li and Lu Ling did not bother about what was going on outside, yet in all actuality, the Liu Family was in chaos. Every one of the Internal and External Clan of the Liu Family was enraged. Many even claimed to just go to Zhao Family and finish all of them off.

Several Internal Clan Patriarchs calmed down the Family members. The Liu Family had suffered from grave tragedy and endured casualties this time at the Frigid Cloud Mountain. On the other hand, the Family Patriarch of the Zhao Family had successfully become allied with a big family. At this moment, if the Liu Family were to engage in war with the Zhao Family, nobody could imagine what would happen.

The reason behind Liu Family’s Coffin Carrying Ceremony was the great change that happened to the Liu Family, which was an incident to the Family Patriarch. He was severely attacked by a powerful Xuan Beast, and was still in a coma. He might never gain consciousness again…

Currently, all of the matters in the Liu Family were being managed by the Chief Patriarch. The Chief Patriarch was away in the Frigid Cloud Mountain. He was trying to ask the Super Families to help right the wrong and condemn the Zhao Family. The Liu Family could not afford to sink into chaos inside the County naturally.

Because of what happened at the Frigid Cloud Mountain, it had become intense inside the County and more depressing. Three Second-rank Families in the County even prevented their family members from interfering in the conflicts between the Liu Family and the Zhao Family.

The power of the Liu Family was diminished greatly, and the Zhao Family had hooked up with a Super Family. The pattern in the Wu Ling County could change. One wrong move from the rest smaller families would mean catastrophe for them.

Time flew by, and six days had passed in a blink of the eye.

Lu Li had stayed this whole time in the Guest Clan to cultivate his Xuan Energy, open up his energy channels and consume the Body Refinement Pellets.

Ten-days was a short time. Lu Li, however, had made noticeable improvement. He had consumed all of the 20 Blood Refinement Pellets. At first, he only consumed one at a time. Then he moved onto three or four at a time, much faster. He also consumed the rest of the Body Refinement Pellets. At this moment, his physical strength had increased by more than 18,000 pounds. Taking his original strength into account, he now possessed strength of more than 33,000 pounds.

Enormous strength of 33,000 pounds!

Just in terms of strength, taking the increase in strength when he used his Xuan Energy into consideration, Lu Li could actually already defeat warriors at the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm, and could even compete with the warriors at the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm.

Of course…

With respect to comprehensive fighting ability, there was no way that Lu Li could compete with a warrior of the Spirit Sea Realm. The breakthrough of any Realm was extremely difficulty, but once one succeeded, the person’s combat ability would increase by several folds.

The combat abilities of warriors were not only about strength. Speed, reaction, defense, the degree of Xuan Energy, and high level Xuan Skills would all bore impact on the combat ability.

Lu Li had opened up eight energy channels and made it to the latter stage of the Xuan Wu Realm. He was four energy channels away from the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm. After he could condense his Spirit Sea, he could make it to the next realm.

But judging by the situation, Lu Li would need at least another more than half a month to open up the rest of the four energy channels. The cultivation got harder as he progressed. This was a truth of all times. The cultivation of the Wu Dao was a change against nature. How could nature be so easily reversed?

“It will be half a month by tomorrow!

Lu Li stopped cultivation and prepared to get a good night’s sleep. He would get up early the next morning and go to the temple to awaken his Bloodline.

“Awakening Bloodline!”

On the thought of this, Lu Li could not help but feel excited. Lu Ling said he would definitely awaken a powerful Bloodline, and that she would tell him everything afterwards.

Bloodline Warriors were the most powerful warriors on the Northern Desert. Once Lu Li successfully awakened a powerful Bloodline, his power would go through sea changes. His status would be greatly elevated in the Liu Family.

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