The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 4: Level the Tribe to the Ground

Chapter 4: Level the Tribe to the Ground

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Nearly 550 pounds of strength gained by taking just one pellet! The Liu Family’s Body Refinement Pellet was undoubtedly extraordinary.

Lu Li was utterly stricken. He had practiced painstakingly for seven years and only gained about 3,300 pounds of strength. Now, just over the course of a single night, he had gained an enormous strength of 550 pounds. It was hard for him to remain calm.

Actually, Lu Li did not know that the Body Refinement Pellet he took was just a Human Grade Pellet; if he were to take a Heaven Grade Pellet, then perhaps a single pellet would give him a strength of more than 10,000 pounds!

However, Warriors did not focus on refining their body. Every time they ascend to the next Realm, their body would also be greatly enhanced. For example, a Warrior at the initial stage of the Xuan Wu Realm only had a strength of around 3,300 pounds, but the Warrior at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm would possess a strength of over 10,000 pounds, and their strength would reach even terrifying heights after breaking through into the Spirit Sea Realm.

That was why Lady Yi of the Liu Family called Lu Li an idiot when she saw him choose the Body Refinement Pellet. For Warriors, only having physical strength was meaningless. Such a Warrior could be killed in an instant.

The Xuan Energy was the essence of the Wu Dao cultivation. With Xuan Energy, the Warriors could use Xuan Skills, which would render them so strong that they could split mountains, destroy cities, and even slaughter Xuan Beasts with ease.

“I’ll cultivate for now, and after that, I’ll go carry coffins!”

After resting for some time, Lu Li’s eyes blazed with passion. Initially, he was somewhat hesitant towards pulling coffins, as it was said that pulling coffins would suck one’s fortune and life force out, causing one to suffer life-long bad luck. Now, however, he was eagerly waiting for it, and he even wished he could pull more than one coffins a day!

Pulling a coffin meant that he could get a Body Refinement Pellet, with which he could gain strength of more than 10,000 pounds! With that, according to his sister, he could awaken his Bloodline and cultivate Xuan Energy.

This was his last ray of hope—a path towards the Heaven!

Lu Li quickly took his shirts and pants off, leaving only his underpants on. On second thoughts, he took the animal tooth pendant off as well. His sister told him that this was the only memento left by his father. He did not want to have it washed away by water.

He dived into the pond and swam quickly towards the waterfall. The water was not that cold. He had been practicing and cultivating for seven whole years in this valley, rain or shine! Therefore, he could do this with ease.

The waterfall was very long, close to a thousand feet. Water from the waterfall rushed down and crashed into the pool below. He quickly pushed the water with his arms, making his way forward in the rushing and roaring water.

When he was close enough to the waterfall, he pushed himself out with his arms pressing down on the surface of the water and his legs kicking backward. He shot up like a shark and thrust forward into the waterfall, landing and standing steadily on a boulder inside.

The waterfall rushed down from a height of several hundred meters. The cold-water came smashing down towards Lu Li like a huge water dragon. The force of the water crashing down was terrifying; even a boulder of several hundred pounds would be washed away in an instant.

Lu Li stood towering on the boulder like an iron pillar, remaining motionless no matter how hard the dragon of water smashed down at him. He closed his eyes, took a long deep breath, bent his legs slightly, and stood firmly as a rock.


After a moment, Lu Li suddenly drew a long knife from the crack on the rock wall in front of him, and started chopping towards the waterfall with full force.

He did not use any technique while chopping with the long knife, nor did he use any Xuan Skills. He just simply waved his knife forwards and tried to cut into the waterfall.

However, his knife flashed like lightning, too fast for the human eye to see. In just a blink of an eye, he had hacked three times, and that was under the enormous pressure of the waterfall!

Ten times, 50, 100, and 130 times!

With a loud bang, Lu Li was smashed off the waterfall and was buried in the water.


He jumped out of the river and began resting next to the pond, breathing heavily. His muscles all trembled, and his chest was heaving up and down. One can only imagine how much force he endured just now.

“One hundred and thirty times, my strength has increased. I could only do 110 times yesterday.”

Lu Li looked even more inspired. He had been cultivating and refining himself inside the waterfall for seven years, and he would need a long time for his body to improve a bit every time. However, just a single night was actually equal to what he could achieve in months.

“Go on!”

After resting for the time it took for two incense sticks to burn, Lu Li jumped down. Once again, he had thrust himself up and mounted the boulder in the waterfall. Once again, he used the long knife in his hands to chop non-stop, bearing the horrifying pressure of the waterfall.

After he had cut more than 100 times, Lu Li was washed off by the waterfall. He went back to the riverbank, rested for another hour, and again made his way back into the pond.


After the 10th time, he was washed off by the waterfall; Lu Li used one hand to stab the long black knife into the crack on the rock wall inside the waterfall.

He needed to go back. After practicing for two hours, he needed to pull the coffins. He took out a piece of rag to wipe himself dry, and started putting on his clothes and his animal tooth pendant. After that, he stepped towards the tribe carrying the boulder above his head.

There was a burst of plague around this valley, and a lot of beasts had died. Therefore, almost nobody from the Di Long Tribe would come in here. Lu Li had been practicing and cultivating here for seven years, but he never saw a soul.

The sun had risen high. Rays of morning sunlight emerged in the east. It had been snowing for several days, and surely, today was a rarely seen sunny day.

After leaving the boulder in the forest, Lu Li did not jump into the tribe from the back, because somebody might discover that he had been cultivating and practicing. Instead, he followed the rules and took a detour to the front gate of the tribe.

“The bastard has come back!”

“Run, bastard eats humans!”

“Stay away from this God of Plague, otherwise, all of us would get back luck…”

Groups of children were playing outside the front gate of the tribe. Some of them screamed when they saw Lu Li coming and they swarmed off. Two kids of seven or eight years old even threw small rocks from a distance at Lu Li.

Lu Li stared at the children, but actually, he did not care too much about this. He was called a bastard ever since he was a kid, so he had already grown accustomed to it. It was to the point that he really thought he was a bastard when he was a kid.


As soon as Lu Li stepped into the tribe, he was blocked by three tall young men. They were all two or three years older than Lu Li. The young man standing in the very front was taller than Lu Li by a head, of a stocky and imposing build, and ugly, pugnacious looks. He mockingly said, “Lu Li, I heard you went to pull coffins for the Liu Family? Is that true?”

Another man continued, “My third uncle saw Lu Li signing up for it yesterday. Hum, you are of such a young age, but you had to do something so sinister and vicious? Pulling coffins will suck the fortune out of people. Our tribe’s fortune might also be influenced.”

The other one nodded in agreement and said, “This bastard is a God of Plague. He was the reason why his parents died, and why his sister became a cripple. He was born to bring along bad karma. Brother Hu, maybe you can talk to your father later and have this brother-sister pair driven out of our tribe.”

The tones of these three people were bitterly sarcastic, and they did not stop insulting and taunting him. Lu Li lowered his head, looking gloomy. He did not respond to any of it, and just continued walking towards the tribe.

He did not want to provoke any trouble. However, the three young men in front of him were not going to let him go that easily. They blocked Lu Li’s way. The strong man stretched his arm and grabbed Lu Li’s shoulder and said, “What’s the hurry? Did your cripple sister die? Are you hurrying home for her funeral?”

“Di Hu!”

Lu Li, who had been keeping his head down this whole time, suddenly looked up upon hearing this and angrily said, “Save some good deeds for your credit in the next world. Don’t cross the line.”


Di Hu, the strong young man, laughed and said provoking, “What? Are you upset? Do you want to test yourself with me? I promise I will not kill you.”

“Ha-ha, Brother Hu, you are already in the middle stage of Xuan Wu Realm. You are disgracing yourself by fighting with Lu Li. Let me do it. Even though I am only at the initial stage of the Xuan Wu Realm, it is more than enough for me to fight this loser.”

“I can do it too. When we were kids, you bastard seemed quite courageous. You even fought against us quite often. Now, in the past few years, seeing the three of us cultivate Xuan Energy, have you become a coward? Come and hit me, strike me as hard as you can!”

The other two agreed to Di Hu’s words, and their words and expressions were all very provoking. Lu Li’s complexion changed, and it seemed like he could not suppress his anger anymore.

Some adults of the tribe noticed what was happening here, but none of them had come to offer some reconciliation. Rather, they stayed over at a distance, as though trying to watch a good show, with mocking expressions on their faces.

“Lu Li, breakfast is ready. Go back and eat.”

Right at that moment, there came an icy voice from afar. Upon hearing that voice, Lu Li gradually relaxed his clenched fists and regained his composure.

“Crazy b*tch.”

Di Hu and the other two looked back when they heard Lu Ling’s voice, and when they saw Lu Ling, who was on her walking stick, their expressions changed. Di Hu swore in a low voice and led the other two towards the tribe’s gate in a hurry, as if he had seen a dreadful monster.

The adult onlookers, who were enjoying the show, spread out to tend to their own businesses when they saw Lu Ling come.


Lu Li strode towards Lu Ling and helped her to walk towards their home. Lu Ling did not show any signs of emotional swing on her face, nor did she glance at any of the people in the tribe. She just kept walking on in silence.

It was only after they got back to their yard that Lu Ling looked back at Lu Li and said, “Knowing when to yield and when not is what makes a real man! Lu Li, you are not strong enough yet. You are only inviting humiliation by fighting with them now. When you awaken your bloodline, your sister, I myself will help you raze the tribe to the ground. Trust me.”

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