The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 40: Bloodline Altar

Chapter 40: Bloodline Altar

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Several days had passed, but there was no news from the Frigid Cloud Mountain. People sent to ask for instruction from the Chief Patriarch only to go back with an order for everyone to sit tight and remain calm.

The depressing air in the County was mitigated a bit. But when warriors from the Liu Family and the Zhao Family ran into each other, they would still furiously glare at each other, swearing and sneering at each other. On several occasions, clashes almost happened.

Lu Li had no idea about what was going on outside. He slept soundly and got up at dawn. When he found that Little White was still sleeping, he could not help but shake his head.

The beast had already eaten seven or eight pieces of weapons. All it did was eating after sleeping, and sleeping after eating. Lu Li left all the abandoned Xuan Artifact there for it to eat and mind it not much.

After breakfast, Lu Li looked at Lu Ling and said, “Sis, I’m heading for the temple now.”


Lu Ling smiled with a nod. “You must remember one thing. No matter what happens, don’t panic. If you can awaken a powerful Bloodline, ignore anyone’s soliciting. Get back here first.”

“I know!”

Lu Li carried his Heaven Kylin Sword and strode towards the outside. Out of the west gate, he made a detour to the south gate. The temple was located at the plaza to the south of the south gate.


He realized that the south gate was open when he got there. A team of Silver Wolf Escorts gathered together there. Patriarch Hong and Liu Yu were also there.

“Lu Li!”

Patriarch Hong was familiar with Lu Li now. He called Lu Li’s name with a smile from a distance. Now, Liu Yu also got a nicer attitude toward Lu Li. The rest of the Silver Wolf Escorts also nodded to greet Lu Li.

Lu Li smiled and bowed while cupping one hand before one’s chest. Patriarch Hong said with care, “Where are you going this early in the morning? It’s been quite unstable here in the County recently. You better don’t leave the family at will.”

After some thoughts, Lu Li decided to be frank. After all, the Liu Family would value him exceptionally after this day. Lu Li explained, “Half a month ago, I pushed the gates of the temple open. I want to try out my luck today.”


Patriarch Hong and the rest looked at Lu Li differently now. The fact that he could open the gates represented that he at least had the hope to awaken Bloodline.

Bloodline Warriors were the most powerful ones of the entire Northern Desert. Any warrior that could awaken a Bloodline of high level, as long as the warrior was not subject to early death, would be destined to become an overlord, rising above all heroes.

“Wait here!”

Patriarch Hong told Lu Li, “We are also on our way to the temple. Eight children of our Family pushed the gates open this time. Later, you go with us.”

“Okay!” Lu Li nodded. To go with warriors of the Liu Family would guarantee his safety and protect him from accidents.

After a while, Lady Yi rode along on a Silver Wolf with several children, five boys and three girls. The girls’ hands were in the boys’. They were all glowing with excitement.

“Lu Li, what are you doing here?”

Lady Yi asked when she saw Lu Li. Patriarch Hong offered some explanation. Liu Yi’s beautiful eyes glowed. Lu Li had an abnormal constitution, and he could open the gates. Could it be possible for him to really awaken a Bloodline?

“Let’s go!”

It’s too early to say anything for sure now. In recent years, every year, thousands of people could go into the temple, but none of them could awaken a Bloodline, not even one of the lowest First or Second Rank…

They made their way slowly towards the temple. When they got near to the temple, the expressions on the faces of Liu Yi and the rest of them changed. There was a prevailing thirst for blood on them. They glared at a group of people not far from them.

“Zhao Family!”

Lu Li glanced over and saw a group of warriors in cyan armor. His expressions became solemn. It seemed like Zhao Family also had some children to go into the temple. More than a dozen boys stood amongst the warriors. They were all glowing with thrill as well.

There were some other people not far away, including young generations of Big Families. Altogether, there were about more than 40 children. All that came here to awaken their Bloodline were six-year olds. Lu Li was the only one there that was 15…

Every month on this day, the temple would open the Bloodline Altar on time. Anyone that could push the gates open could go inside and awaken their Bloodline. Today, they were here to escort children of their own families for awakening their Bloodline, therefore, Liu Yi and warriors of the Zhao Family refrained themselves from clashes.

All waited quietly. After about an hour, the gates of the temple were finally opened.

“People that could push open the gates can come in now to awaken their Bloodline. Number of people in company should not exceed three.”

The elder in the black robe said with indifference. Liu Yi, Patriarch Hong and Liu Yu brought several children to walk towards the temple. Liu Yi nodded to Lu Li and he followed.

The rest of the Families all sent three people leading the team of children to go into the temple. They were all behaving well once they were in. No one dared to try anything reckless, which would only bring catastrophe to their own families.

The temple was not a big one, and the light inside was dim. Candles flickered on the ancient walls. All entered a spacious hall, in the middle of which was a huge altar.

On the altar, there were all kinds of mysterious patterns and runes. It was utterly complicated and sophisticated. Lu Li was bewildered by looking at them.

Three men in black robes were standing by the altar at that moment. Only half of their skinny faces could be seen. Everything else was enveloped in that black robe.

When everyone got inside, nobody ventured to say anything. They all stood on the empty space in silence to the south of the altar. After a moment, one of the elders spoke, “Five at a time. Sit on the altar with your legs crossed. Drive any distracting thoughts you have out of your mind. If there is any abnormality, don’t panic. The Awakening Ritual will not hurt you.”

One of the elders of the Zhao Family waved his hands, and five children went into the altar. They were told clearly what they should do beforehand, so they didn’t fiddle with anything. Every child just sat there with their eyes closed.

“Open the Bloodline Altar!”

One of the elder of the temple said in a deep voice. The three elders’ hands lit up with Xuan Energy. Surprisingly, their Xuan Energy left their body and shoot into the altar.

“External release of Xuan Energy! Soul Pond Realm!”

Lu Li was astonished. He did not know much about cultivation. That part was true, but nevertheless, it didn’t mean that he didn’t realize that external release of Xuan Energy was a sign of the Soul Pond Realm. Who would have thought that there were three Powerhouses of Soul pond Realm inside the small temple?

Xuan Wu Realm was the symbol for First-rank Families, Spirit Sea Realm for Second-rank ones, and Soul Pond Realm warriors for the Third-rank Families.

There was clear distinction among the families and forces on the Northern Desert. The method was simple, how many powerhouses the Family had.

Three warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm would make a First-rank Family or force, like Di Long Tribe would be regarded as a First-rank force.

Three warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm would make a Second-rank Family or force, such as Zhao Family, Lu Family and several other Families in the County.

Three warriors of the Soul Pond Realm would make a Third-rank Family or force. There was only one Third-rank Family in the Wu Ling County, i.e. the Liu Family which had three Powerhouses of Soul Pond Realm.

Three warriors of Fate Wheel Realm would make a Fourth-rank Family. Three warriors of Eternal Realm, that would be a Royal Family of the Fifth Rank. The three most powerful Families of the Northern Desert were the Royal Families of the Fifth Rank.


With consistent Xuan Energy released by the three elders of the temple, the altar suddenly glowed which attracted the attention of Lu Li. He quit his thoughts and started to carefully study the altar.

Too bad…

The altar kept getting brighter, too bright for Lu Li to look. Not only him, Liu Yi and the rest also turned their heads or closed their eyes. They waited quietly for the Awakening Ritual to be over.

The three temple elders ceased injecting Xuan Energy into the altar. They sat down with their legs crossed and eyes closed. Every Awakening Ritual would take an hour. If there was someone that would awaken Bloodline, the altar would shake. However… the altar hadn’t moved in years.

Sure enough…

After an hour, the light of the altar gradually died out and returned to its original state. From the beginning to the end, there was not a single trace of vibration of the altar. It meant that of all the five people entered, none could awaken Bloodline.

The elders of the Zhao Family were a bit disappointed, judging by their facial expressions. He waved his hands and let the five children out. After he sent the rest of the five into the altar, he bowed to the three temple elders and said, “Thank you so much for your trouble.”

The three elders opened their eyes but not their mouths. They just mobilized their Xuan Energy and opened up the Bloodline Altar again.


The altar flared with a white light, bright as the sun. Lu Li and the rest again closed their eyes or turned their heads away, waiting in silence.

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