The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 5: Freak!

Chapter 5: Freak!

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The Di Long Tribe was not a big tribe, with only a population of less than 1000. All of them were surnamed Di, except for Lu Li and Lu Ling. With a surname Lu, they were the only two exceptions.

However, they were not outsiders either. They were born in this tribe too, and their maternal grandfather was even the previous Chief of the Di Long Tribe.

Nineteen years ago, the only daughter of the previous Chief, i.e. Lu Li’s mother, rescued an injured young man deep in the mountains and brought him back to the tribe. The young man was severely wounded. When he was recuperating from his wounds in the tribe, he fell in love with the Chief’s daughter. Their children were Lu Ling and Lu Li.

However, after Lu Li was born, both the young man and the Chief’s daughter went missing, leaving Lu Ling who was only four years old and an infant Lu Li all alone and helpless.

Several days after that, Lu Li’s grandfather led dozens of powerful warriors to fight in the mountains, but all of them died in battle. At this point, Lu Ling and Lu Li completely became orphans.

When their grandfather passed away, Di Ba, a powerful warrior from a branch family, became the new chief. Nearly all of the strong warriors in Lu Li’s grandfather’s family had died, moreover, Di Ba’s family had always been on bad terms with Lu Li’s grandfather!

Lu Li and Lu Ling had lost the only one they could rely on. Not to mention that they were not of the same surname as the others in the tribe, and the new Chief did not get along well with their grandfather, it could only be imagined how they were treated in the tribe.

Since Lu Li could remember, he was bullied quite often, and would even be called a bastard. If it were not for the fact that there was still one tribe patriarch living from Lu Li’s grandfather’s family, the two siblings would have been banished from the tribe long ago, and would have been wandering about in the mountains and plains, or even eaten by beasts by now.

Training painstakingly in the waterfall for seven years, pulling the coffin in a world of ice and snow!

Everything was so that Lu Li could get stronger. Strong enough to bring his sister with him and leave the Di Long Tribe, and to endure the bullying no more.

“You will definitely awaken your Bloodline!”

Hearing Lu Ling’s words, Lu Li clenched his fists. He said nothing else, just went inside the room to have his breakfast. By the time he took several bowls of porridge, Lu Ling had already prepared him clean clothes, and filled the jute bag with dried, cooked meat and clean water for him.

“Sis, I’ll go carry coffin now.”

After he changed his clothes and put the jute bag on his back, Lu Li quickly left the tribe, ignoring all those people with indifferent looks.

Several miles away from the tribe, Lu Li started running with all his strength. His destination was the Cutting Blade Ridge more than 12 miles to the northwest, the old ice burial ground for the Liu Family.

Today’s weather was better than that of the previous day since the wind and snow had stopped. Yet the snow from the previous days was still there. Lu Li rushed madly at full speed and took more than two hours to reach the Cutting Blade Ridge.

Some old men had already started to carry coffins. When they saw Lu Li, they spoke to him, trying to persuade him not to do this kind of sinister and vicious job at such a young age. Lu Li smiled and said nothing in response. He went directly up to the Cutting Blade Ridge and started pulling an Ancient Coffin forward after he took his jacket off.

Lu Li consumed too much strength going downhill as the mountain trail was slippery. With the Ancient Coffin being so heavy, the gravitational force on it was also very strong. Lu Li dared not to drag it from the front. All he could do was to grab onto the coffin and slowly walk backwards down the hill step by step.

After two hours, Lu Li finally managed to bring the coffin down the hill safely. Then he put the huge cold iron chains on his shoulders and started running wildly with all the strength he had.


After running for a couple of miles, a team of Silver Wolf Escorts came galloping towards him from a distance. The Leader of these Escorts, Liu Wu, saw that Lu Li could pull the coffin much ease today and much faster too. He asked with doubt, “Lu Li, did you really consume the Body Refinement Pellet last night?”

Lu Li stopped and said with a forced grin, “Yes, Sir!”

Liu Wu threw a few glances at him and asked with doubt, “You…don’t feel anything wrong? Are you not feeling weak?”

Lu Li knew little about the Body Refinement Pellet of the Liu Family. Liu Wu and the group of escorts all took it once. They knew very well that after taking the Body Refinement Pellet, the body would be in a state of weakness for several days. Only after three or four days would the body be strong enough to absorb the Pellet’s efficacy and have strength increased.

Lu Li apparently had increased his strength, which meant that he had absorbed the Pellet. Why had he not gone through the period of weakness?

The other escorts all looked at Lu Li with astonishment and confusion. Lu Li blinked and answered, “Not really. I just felt something wrong last night, but when I got up this morning, everything was fine.”


The group of escorts looked at each other, speechlessly. When they took the Body Refinement Pellet, they went through hell for a whole day and night. But Lu Li only used one night refine the pellet? Moreover, he could sleep soundly too?

“Let’s go~”

Seeing that he could not get anything out of Lu Li, Liu Wu waved his hands and led the Silver Wolf Escorts roaring away. Even though Lu Li had a strange constitution, he could not cultivate the Xuan Energy; therefore, he was of no use to the Liu Family.

The Liu Family was the Overlord of the Wu Ling County. There were many warriors of Xuan Wu Realm in their Family, and an ordinary person was not even qualified enough to be the doorkeeper for the Liu Family.

The Cutting Blade Ridge was actually not far away from the Black Hawk Ridge, only about 16 miles. Without the coffin and with full speed, one could finish the journey in three hours. However, no matter how badly one wanted to, it was impossible to travel at full speed dragging an Ancient Golden Coffin weighing more than 3300 pounds.

With the additional 550 pounds of strength, Lu Li could pull the coffin with more ease today, and everything went smoothly on the way too. Therefore, he made it to the Black Hawk Ridge before nightfall with ease.


Lady Yi of the Liu Family was still guarding on the peak. She was as surprised as Liu Wu when she saw Lu Li coming with a coffin.

She also took the Body Refinement Pellet once, and she had been weak for two whole days. Could Lu Li recover over the course of a single night? Could it be that he had some strange constitution, which enabled him to absorb the efficacy of the pellet so fast?

Of course…

Lady Yi was just a bit curious; she did not even bother to ask. After casting a cursory glance towards Lu Li, she looked away at the artisans building the formation on the peak.

This ice burial ground was very special to her family. Those inside were the bodies of ancestors of the Liu Family. They must be protected by placing formations around it, so that they could be safeguarded from Xuan Beasts.

After about an hour, all coffin carriers had arrived, and it was payment time. Lu Li asked for another Body Refinement Pellet even though everyone was looking at him like he was an idiot, and after obtaining it, he left quickly.

To take several Body Refinement Pellets in a row would dramatically diminish the efficacy of the pellet, and one would gain much less strength. However, Lu Li insisted, and Liu Wu and others did not want to waste any more time trying to remind him either.

After running for about two hours, Lu Li made it back to the tribe before dark. Sure enough, he saw a weak figure outside the tribe on a walking stick.

“Cripple, cripple!”

“Cripple, you will not get married your whole life…”

It was still early, so some children were still playing outside the tribe. They would occasionally throw snowballs at Lu Ling, accompanied with some swearing words. However, Lu Ling just ignored them, standing quietly outside the fence, like an ice sculpture.

Lu Li’s face was red with anger; he roared and charged at the children as he shouted, “Go away, all of you! Or I will punch you so hard till all your teeth fall out.”

The children broke up in disorder. One older child ran back into the tribe, hiding behind the fence, and said to Lu Li in a mocking tone, “Lu Li, you are only brave enough to pick on us children. If you really have guts, go and pick a fight with my Brother Hu. We don’t need to ask our Brother Huo to do this either, even Brother Hu can kill you easily, you big punk.”

The child ran after he finished his words. Lu Li walked over in a rage. However, Lu Ling lightly smiled and said, “What should I do to them when some people smear me, insult me, neglect me, laugh at me, bully me or humiliate me? You just stand it, be patient, avoid them, endure them, let them go, and just don’t pay any attention. After several years, you look back, no, Lu Li, we don’t even need years. In just one month’s time, you will see them only as a group of contemptible scoundrels.”

“Ok, one month then!”

Lu Li nodded heavily and helped his sister to return home. After dinner, he went straight back to his room to cultivate the Body Refinement Pellet.


After about an hour, Lu Li realized that even though the warm stream was still hard to endure, but it was less horrible than the previous night. He could manage to make it through easily.

Lu Li was tired after pulling the coffin for a day. After his body cooled down, he instantly fell into deep sleep. After that, the ancient plain animal tooth pendant once again started glowing with a white light, extremely strange.


After Lu Li slept, Lu Ling gently pushed the door open and walked in. She was immediately attracted by the glowing animal tooth.

She walked over with a solemn face, and examined the animal tooth pendant for a while. After making sure that Lu Li was still in deep sleep and nothing was wrong with his body, she sighed in relief.

She stared at the animal tooth pendant for a moment and mumbled with doubt, “How come the animal tooth pendant is glowing? En… this was left behind by father to my brother. Father was so powerful, so this animal tooth must have come from something remarkable too.”


On the thought of her Father, Lu Ling’s beautiful eyes became misty. She gazed towards a distant place to the north and murmured lightly. After she looked through the window for a good while, “Father, Mother, my little brother is going to awaken his Bloodline soon. By that time, we will return to the family and request for help to rescue you. You must hang in there, please!”

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