The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 9: I Will Neuter You

Chapter 9: I Will Neuter You

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“Go, cripple this bastard!”

Di Gu’s appearance became even more sinister upon hearing Di Hu’s sudden roar. Today, Lu Li had started the fight, and he had even broken Di Ping’s hand. Even if they were to amputate Lu Li’s hands or legs, the patriarch would not say anything, and they would mostly just be scolded.

Di Gu sheathed his steel knife which morphed into several knife shadows that showered down towards Lu Li’s head. Should Lu Li fail to quickly avoid them, it would definitely cut off his arm.


Lu Li coldly snorted as he quickly moved backwards. He possessed an enormous strength, so he could naturally be as fast as the wind. These past few years, he did not fight against any humans, but he had accumulated enough experience from battling against wild beasts. In his eyes, Di Gu was definitely much weaker than those beasts.

Lu Li jumped left and right, dodging the knife shadows. Di Gu made three or four moves, but he still couldn’t touch Lu Li’s clothes. Instead, Di Gu’s attacks could only hit the tree branches nearby, which were instantly chopped off by his knife strikes.


Lu Li did not dare to tangle any longer with Di Gu when he saw Di Hu was about to charge at him. Lu Li abruptly backed off and kicked backwards against a huge tree behind him, causing it to shake as its leaves rustled while falling down.

After taking advantage of the counter force, he launched his body forward and swept his long leg at Di Gu’s head. Even though Di Gu was shocked, he still managed to slash his long knife against Lu Li’s incoming leg.


Lu Li’s another leg quickly swept out like a bolt of lightning cutting at the long knife. A strain of enormous force came rushing down the knife; Di Gu could no longer hold onto the long knife, and it was sent flying. At the same time, Lu Li’s other leg smashed at Di Gu’s shoulder like an iron rod.

“What? Ah!”

Di Gu horribly screamed in terror. The sound of his bone cracking echoed out as he was knocked to the ground by Lu Li’s leg. Rolling on the ground, he hugged his left shoulder and loudly wailed in pain.


Di Hu stopped when he was about to rush over. Lu Li was not a warrior, so surely, he could have injured Di Ping who had only cultivated Xuan Energy for a year, but how could Lu Li injure Di Gu to such an extent? After all, Di Gu had been in the Xuan Wu Realm for almost four years!

“Kill him!”

Eventually, Di Hu’s perception was clouded by rage. Di Gu and Di Ping were both his cousins, and seeing them in such misery, Di Hu felt burning rage in his heart; he desperately wanted to cut Lu Li into dozen pieces after he saw his cousins in such misery.

He shouted loudly and waved his long knife, chopping at Lu Li. His sword arts were not as crude as Di Ping’s, instead, they were like a floating clouds and flowing water—natural and smooth. One move after another, it was like an uninterrupted flow of tides and waves.

“Xuan Skill, Misty Cloud Knife!”

Lu Li looked serious because Di Hu was the second son of Di Ba, the current Chief of Di Long tribe. Di Ba had several Xuan Skills that made him renowned, like the Misty Cloud Knife. It seemed like Di Hu had mastered a tiny part of this skill.

Di Hu was in the middle stage of Xuan Wu Realm; he was much stronger than Di Ping. Di Hu was as fast as the wind; along with some combat experience, his sword arts had become more profound and vigorous. Previously, Lu Li could successfully strike him because Di Hu had hurried on his journey for a whole night, and he did not expect that Lu Li would have the courage to make a move, and therefore, he was caught off-guard.

Lu Li didn’t have any weapon, and his opponent’s ways of using his knife were elaborate and skillful, without a single flaw. Lu Li did couldn’t get an opportunity to strike at Di Hu; he could only retreat backwards to avoid Di Hu’s knife strikes.


One mistake and Lu Li was cut by the long knife. Blood appeared on his lower abdomen. He was lucky he had reacted fast; with one sidewise move, he had dodged the long knife and swept his long leg to make Di Hu retreat. Otherwise, he would have his stomach cut open.

There was blood slowly dripping out from his wound, reddening his jacket. Lu Li covered his lower abdomen with his hands and quickly retreated. He and coldly stared at Di Hu while taking heavy breaths.

Di Hu was startled, but he kept it to himself. He could not believe that this little bastard whom they had always badly battered since their childhood would possess such a great strength.

Di Hu was in the mid-stage of Xuan Wu Realm. Among the younger generation in the tribe, he rarely had any opponent that was his match, apart from his big brother Di Huo and his cousin Di Han. He had already used the Xuan Skill, “Misty Cloud Knife”, so why could he still not defeat Lu Li?

“I have to get a weapon; otherwise I will be at a disadvantage!”

Lu Li’s eyes flickered, and he found the steel knife that he kicked out of Di Gu’s hand. He took a few breaths before he roared and launched at Di Hu with a huge boulder in his arms.

“Good. Let me show you what a real warrior is. You little bastard, if I can’t break your legs today, I would change my surname to yours.”

Di Hu was not in the mood to go easy on Lu Li. He waved his long knife, which caused surging waves.. After the two had closed in, Lu Li lifted the boulder high above his head and smashed it towards Di Hu.


Di Hu derided and dodged to one side, and the long sword swept at the boulder. A series of sparkles lit up and the boulder rolled to the side, crushing several small trees.


Lu Li’s eyes lit up. Taking advantage of this change, he quickly charged to his left and grabbed the steel knife lying on the ground.


Di Hu sneered and waved his long sword in a way that produced a streak of sparkles. He laughed at Lu Li and said, “Little bastard, you think you can win against me just because you managed to get a weapon? You can’t even cultivate Xuan Energy, and you can’t use the Xuan Skills either, so even if you were given a Heaven Grade Xuan Artifact, it would still be of no use.”

“Useful or not, you will find it out soon.”

Lu Li grabbed tighter onto the steel knife in his hands and randomly waved to get used to its weight. He approached Di Hu step by step, and now with a knife in hand, he was overwhelmed with confidence, as if there was nothing that could cause him fear.


Di Hu could feel the changes in Lu Li; he was like an entirely different person once he got the knife. There was something about him that was beyond explanation.

“You put on a nice act, you little bastard. After I destroy you, I will go back to the tribe and bed your sister!”

Di Hu gave out a sneering swear and charged forward. The long knife in his hands transformed into sword shadows covering the whole sky.

“Courting death!”

On hearing Di Hu’s verbal abuse, Lu Li’s face was filled with rage. He stayed where he was and waited for Di Hu’s long knife to come. Then he bent his legs and directly slashed the steel knife to his front.

He did not have knowledge of any profound sword arts, nor had he learned any Xuan Skills. however, there was one terrifying aspect in his moves—fast!

As fast as a shooting star!

Rays of light from the knife lit up in Di Hu’s eyes and his pupils contracted. His long knife was about to cut Lu Li, however, his head would definitely be chopped off if he could not block Lu Li’s knife! Therefore, the only thing that he could do was to place his long knife sideways to ward off Lu Li’s steel knife strikes.

That was where everything went wrong.


A dull sound came and an enormous amount of strength spread down the knife, which made Di Hu’s right hand tremble as his purlicues started bleeding. He almost could not hold on to his sword because the enormous strength made his entire right arm numb.

“Clank-clank- clank ~”

Several deafening sounds came, and rays of sword light sparkled. In just a breath’s time, Lu Li had already sent three or four sword strikes, each one stronger than the last.

Di Hu could no longer hold onto his long knife anymore. He was pushed back, and he was shaken to the point where qi and blood tumbled inside his body. He could not endure the bubbling in his throat any longer, and he soon coughed out a mouthful of blood.


However, Di Hu didn’t pay any attention to it. He looked at the cold steel knife that was getting larger and larger with alarm and panic. Eventually, he could only scream out in terror. If Lu Li were not to stop, his head would definitely be chopped into pieces.


Lu Li did not stop. Just when the knife was about to hit Di Hu, he turned the knife over and heavily smashed at Di Hu’s shoulder with the back of the sword.


There came a sharp and loud noise of bones cracking. Di Hu was smashed to the ground like Di Gu, with his left collarbone broken. As he hit the ground, he began to roll in pain.


A long leg heavily stomped on the Di Hu’s chest as a long sword was pressed against his neck. Di Hu immediately stopped when he was about to roll over..

There was coldness in Lu Li’s eyes. As he glared at Di Hu, he said, “You listen up, Di Hu. If you are going to pick another fight with me, or verbally abuse my sister again, I will neuter you!”


Lu Li turned over his knife and tore Di Hu’s pants with a slash that exposed the latter’s crotch.

Di Hu’s whole body trembled when he sensed coldness on his crotch. At that moment, he had already forgotten about the sharp pain on his shoulder.

He secretly swore with terror spreading all over his face. Lu Ling was a crazy person, and this Lu Li was even crazier. If Lu Li would cut any deeper, he would have his most valuable thing ruined.

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