The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1050: Might as Well Rob?

Chapter 1050: Might as Well Rob?

There was a legend in Miracle Healer Academy that every 10 years, a very small number of excellent students would be sent to the Siam Continent to study.

Once they had outstanding results of learning and were valued by Siam Continent’s sects or forces, they could stay in Siam Continent exceptionally.

Siam Continent was a paradise far higher than Miluo Continent. For the people of the Miluo Continent, there was an out-of-reach existence like a dream.

For most martial artists in Miluo Continent, there was only one way to enter Siam Continent.

That was to advance to the Soul Splitting Stage, accept the thunder tribulation, and finally soar to the upper realm. However, was the thunder tribulation so easy to pass? Was Soul Splitting Stage so easy to reach?

Was there a single Soul Splitting Stage martial artist for nearly a thousand years?

However, the Miracle Healer Academy had provided the people of Miluo Continent with another way to ascend to the upper realm, that was, to become the well-deserved king of the Miracle Healer Academy.

With this opportunity alone, people from Miluo Continent rushed to apply for admission to Miracle Healer Academy.

Even Hexi, who had always been calm, couldn’t help sighing after hearing Qing Luan and Bai Hu’s detailed description of the origin and power of Miracle Healer Academy.

They soon came to the Miracle Healer City.

But Hexi did not expect that entering the Miracle Healer City actually required a pass.

Only doctors above 4th rank and pill refiner above quasi-master level could enter and exit Miracle Healer City freely. All others need to pay crystal stone to enter.

“100 crystal stones per person per day?” Hexi could not help but frown; Bai Hu even exclaimed, “They might as well rob!”

Qing Luan glared at Bai Hu before explaining to Hexi, “Because there are too many people who want to apply for Miracle Healer Academy or go to Miracle Healer City for treatment every year. If they don’t set such rules and regulations, Miracle Healer City will definitely be overcrowded.”

Qing Luan was the new Zhu Que, who was mainly responsible for support. Although she was not a high rank doctor like the previous Zhu Que, she knew more about this aspect.

Hexi nodded. As soon as she heard this rule, she even wanted to get a doctor’s rank to save money.

However, after understanding the promotion of doctor ranks, she realized that this was impossible. Because the first doctor rank assessment could only be awarded to 3rd rank doctor at most, then the promotion of each rank had a time limit. She had to at least wait for a year.

Although the fee was expensive, it was really nothing for Hexi who had just won a huge sum of money.

Hexi paid the crystal stones for a month for all of them at once. The city guards couldn’t help look at them a few more times.

After the few people left, the guards were still talking quietly.

“These people must have come to participate in the assessment of Miracle Healer Academy right? Otherwise, they won’t pay so many crystal stones.”

“Tsk tsk, they don’t even have a doctor rank, and the youngest one is only at the Foundation Establishment stage. If they come here to apply for the Miracle Healer Academy’s entry assessment, isn’t it self-defeating and a waste of crystal stones?”

“Hey, who cares! We only need to have to collect the crystal stones!”


As soon as Hexi and others entered the door, they felt a strong spiritual power rushing toward them.

Gu Liufeng looked at the 4 corners of the city and found that there was a shining light. He couldn’t help but sigh, “Miracle Healer City is really rich. In such a huge city, there is even a spirit gathering array. No wonder the entrance fee is so expensive.”

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