The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1051: Guide

Chapter 1051: Guide

But now Miracle Healer City had set up the spirit gathering array in the whole city. It was conceivable that the crystal stones cost every day was so expensive.

No wonder many people were eager for Miracle Healer City and Miracle Healer Academy.

As soon as they entered the city, they saw a few boys and girls with plain clothes rushed toward them excitedly.

“Several seniors, are you new to Miracle Healer City? You must need a guide right? I have lived in Miracle Healer City for more than a year, so I’m very proficient in all the news here.”

“Senior, I only need 500 crystal stones a day to take you for a tour in the Miracle Healer City, especially the Miracle Healer Academy. I have acquaintances there, and I promise to let you know the important matters of the entrance examination.”

The babbled voice kept coming in their ears.

These boys and girls just watched Hexi came in with a large amount of crystal stone at the city gate, and they noticed their costumes and cultivation (a few Gold Core Stage), so they must be huge customers. That was why they were particularly eager.

Hexi glanced at them, then she looked at a young man with a refreshing face.

The clothes on this boy were more worn than the others, and his face was full of tiredness. Hexi would notice him because the spiritual power fluctuations on his body were very soft and pure.

Moreover, it was a very pure water attribute spiritual power. He had at least a dual spiritual root qualification. Judging from his spiritual power fluctuations, this person was very suitable to be a doctor.

Hexi pointed and said lightly, “It’s him!”

“Eh… how could you choose Tong Bing? We are much better than him!”

“Yeah, he has only been here in Miracle Healer City for less than 3 months. How can he be compared to us.”

Hexi’s choice puzzled them, making them complain unwillingly.

However, as soon as Hexi released her aura, they quickly shut up and ran away as if they were shocked.

Only the shabby boy stood there nervously with a flushed face. He said after a long a while, “My… my name is Tong Bing, thank you senior for choosing me.”

Next, Tong Bing took Hexi and others around the Miracle Healer City.

Miracle Healer City covered a large area, even larger than Yongan City and Yanjing City.

And at this time, the streets were full of hustle and bustle, but the shops on both sides didn’t mean to do business. The staffs and bosses were sitting on their seats, waiting for others to inquire about the price.

In this Miracle Healer City, the most were medical halls. Almost 1 out of 10 people on the street was a doctor, which would be unimaginable if it was another city.

But what made Hexi feel strange was that although there were many people in Miracle Healer City, they all come and go in a hurry. There was a strong sense of contradiction with this Miracle Healer City.

She couldn’t help but ask Tong Bing, “Are there so many people here every day?”

Tong Bing shook his head and said, “No, no… it’s not. Only this month is special because in a few days it will be the selection and assessment of Miracle Healer Academy. Many people here are here to participate in the assessment. Usually, because of the expensive entrance fees, there are mostly doctors and high rank martial artists around, and few ordinary people came in.”

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