The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 575 - Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (8)

Chapter 575 Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (8)

The wind and rain howled.

The pale lightning was still shining and flashing in the air.

With the church as the center, people were running wildly to gather in the whole block around Mormans. During the chaos of Eastern Europe, the Vatican had made the greatest investment in the Dark World over the recent years. Nearly two thousand Saint Warriors had gathered in Eastern Europe. Under the leadership of Aresis, this was a force that was enough to make the Dark World tremble. And at this time, this force was concentrated in Mormans. While buffeted by sharp wind and rain, nearly two thousand people charged in the direction of the church at the same time.

The entire church collapsed completely.

The Saint Warriors stationed at the church suffered heavy casualties.

Mellad fled while being seriously injured.

Pushed by countless conspiracies, the Terracotta Army that had made an appearance was completely annihilated.

The wind and rain were chaotic.

Above the church, the blazing white flame danced in the wind and rain, as if it were the most holy and pure color in the whole night sky.

The flames enveloped Angel completely, and were getting closer and closer.

Her white dress began to change slightly with the flames, becoming taut and eventually hot.

The hem of her skirt began to burn.

Tribulation and Angel weren’t separated by tens of thousands of miles, a vast sea or mountains and rivers. There was no more power of faith in between to stop them from holding hands.

What stood in front of them was no longer the world that had been cut apart cruelly, but only Aresis and that flame.


Tribulation went straight forward. Dense sounds came out of his body, like the sound of bones breaking.

He had killed the Holy Disarmament Corps. He had also left Mellad seriously injured and had exterminated the Terracotta Army.

At this time, his aura had completely become violent, rising to a peak never reached before in his life.

The sound of bones vibrating became clearer and denser.

No one could see Tribulation’s expression. Under the mask, his gaze changed gradually, becoming dangerous and ferocious.

“You deserve to die!”

His deep and husky voice sounded, like the will of heaven and earth.

“I told you that you were all going to die here!”

Aresis’ breath had been rising all the time. The drugs that Mellad had given him had been taking their full effect in his body at this time. The domain that belonged to the Peak of the Invincible Realm continued to gather around him. It eventually formed a miniature domain with a radius of less than a few meters.

The domain that was condensed to the extreme imprisoned Angel’s body firmly in the air. There was a void inside the domain. Only the white flame was burning.


Aresis sneered. His voice vibrated with the thunder in the skyline at the same time, and almost resounded through all of Mormans. “You lured the Holy Virgin to fall. This is a punishment for you.”

A thick palm symbolizing absolute power was raised.

Tribulation’s figure began to sprint.

“Go to hell.”

With a loud voice, Aresis’s palm started to fall.

The distance between them could be traversed in an almost straight line.

In an instant, the domain around Aresis began to break.

A black shadow appeared next to Angel.

Tribulation was sprinting, and so was this black shadow.

The black shadow cut directly into the white flame around Angel and opened its hands.

Tribulation took a step forward.

In just one second, no, in only half a second, his real body could exchange places with the shadow and appear next to Angel.

Half a second.

The time had passed so quickly and the distance between them was too short.


An extremely harsh sound suddenly passed through the void. This sharp sound was only a fleeting and soft sound for ordinary people. But in the ears of an expert, whose willpower was absolutely focused in the combat state, it was like a steel needle directly piercing the ears.

The domain around Aresis was completely shattered by Tribulation’s sudden advance. But before Tribulation could change his position, another new domain had appeared around him.

This wasn’t a man-made domain, but the power of science and technology. Strictly speaking, it was a magnetic field.

The massive magnetic field enveloped Tribulation without warning. The extremely strange suction had come from all directions and instantly acted on Tribulation’s body.


Tribulation’s attack power was unparalleled in the world, but his body was extremely fragile. Under the huge suction force, his body was suddenly deformed. All of his bones were dislocated, and blood flowed from every part of his body. There was no time to react. Tribulation was seriously injured as soon as the magnetic field had been activated.

In a very short period of time, what was left in Tribulation’s eyes was only the wildly rotating silver disc that had suddenly appeared in front of him.

The silver disc was actually three-dimensional, less than a meter long. The surrounding wind and rain were being expelled by its rapid rotation. The pure magnetic field completely worked on Tribulation’s body, and made his almost parting steps completely stiffen in place.

Anyone who had some status or was extremely familiar with the Zhongzhou State in the Dark World would recognize the spinning disk.

This was a luxury that all of the Dark World had dreamed of. Its status was even second only to the murderous weapon. This was the integration of cutting-edge materials and technology. The so-called disk had a name that was well-known in the Dark World.

Four Spirits Armor of the Zhongzhou State—The White Tiger Armor!

It was unlike the Azure Dragon Armor’s silent concealment and disguise.

It was also different from the penetrating and lethal power of the Vermilion Bird Armor’s incarnation from the string of a rainstorm.

The White Tiger Armor was also a piece of clothing, but this disk was its true fighting mode. Its most important function was the magnetic field it could produce. It was an absolute constraint and suppression. The White Tiger Armor imitated the domain of the Invincible Realm, which was a nightmare for any expert under the Invincible Realm.

Tribulation’s combat capability was at the Peak of the Invincible Realm. But his body was even worse than that of an ordinary Half-step Invincible Realm expert. His extremely fragile body had suffered unprecedented and serious injuries the moment the magnetic field was manifested.


General of Nine Serenities of the Zhongzhou State, Shang.

Two disciples.

His Majesty, who had been hiding in the darkness, finally showed his fangs again.

Compared to Mellad, the magnetic field of the White Tiger Armor was the most fatal move for Tribulation in such a state.

The magnetic field didn’t kill Tribulation, but it made his body slow down for a moment.

Everything in the world always had two results in an instant.

Tribulation didn’t change his position with the black shadow. His body had suddenly fallen down with a crisp, fierce and dense sound.

Aresis’s palm fell on Angel’s head.

With absolute power, an all-out strike!

“Go away, ahhhhh!!! No!!!!”

Under the wind and rain, a howl like the cry of a wild beast that had completely lost its mind suddenly reverberated through the air.

The majestic and fierce voice of General of Nine Serenities continued to ring for a moment. “Situ Wanjie, do you know that the Zhongzhou State has already…”

“Screw off!!”

Tribulation’s falling body suddenly stopped.

Dense darkness was spread out. In an instant, there were black shadows everywhere under the night sky.

Countless black shadows filled this magnetic field. The massive darkness suddenly covered the disk.


The incomparably sturdy White Tiger armor was shattered in an instant.

The old and stunned face of General of Nine Serenities showed up for a moment.

Tribulation rushed over.

Shang’s figure suddenly disappeared on the spot.

Endless blood, minced meat, broken bones, hair, and brains just fell from the sky.

The darkness was whistling.

The blazing white flame was raging and burning.

Under the tremendous force, Angel’s body suddenly fell. The flame around her surged in an instant, and was incomparably violent.

That special white dress turned into dust.

Angel’s body began to disappear in the flame, little by little.

It flickered in a life-and-death battle.

The blazing white flame dimmed for a moment.

With a ferocious knife wound on her face, Angel glanced at Tribulation in a trance.

Thousands of words, deep friendship, vows and pledges were all so small in the face of death.

But Angel’s final will rushed out at the moment of life and death.

Their gazes met in that fateful instant.

The world around them suddenly changed.

The darkness began to fade away.

The wind and rain stopped.

The sun appeared in the polar night, and the howling cold wind began to warm up. The flat and soft ground could be seen extending forward. There was a vast sea at the end, and that mountain loomed on the horizon. The sunlight of the north island jumped under the cherry tree. The petals of the cherry blossoms flew in the air, danced, and fell.

A somewhat young but extremely holy girl walked toward her.

“Are you from the north island?”

“Oh, the Zhongzhou State, I haven’t been there yet. My name is Edres, from Italos.”

“Do you also like cherry blossoms?”

“You can take me with you.”

“Can we really meet again?”

“I’m sorry…”

Countless cherry blossoms rose one after another, and almost covered the sky.

The holy girl got closer and closer, and her voice sounded as if it were far away. “Take me away.”

Tribulation stood quietly in this world.

He watched her figure approach him, open her arms, and then gradually melt into his arms with a fragrant smell.

Heaven and earth began to blur.

The sea was roaring.

The warmth gradually became cold.

Darkness was coming.

The rain and the wind were subsiding.

But the cherry blossoms were still fluttering all over the sky.

Tribulation raised his head in a daze. Aresis, who was filled with killing intent, appeared in front of him.

Shang’s broken flesh and blood fell down.

He had a cherry blossom tree beside him.

Reality and illusion began to merge.

The silver-white flame in the air had begun to dissipate.

Angel had disappeared.

There were only countless tiny specs of ash falling along with the rain. They were extremely gentle and full of yearning, as if they offering their last farewell.

She didn’t even have time to say anything to him.

She didn’t say anything…

Tribulation’s body fell to the ground. He reached out with trembling hands, trying to touch the clear ash in the air.

The sakura petals fell in front of him and covered everything.

His eyes were trembling. His trembling hands gradually became steady.

Tribulation watched quietly.

Time was like a moment, yet it was also like a thousand years.

In the almost eternal rush, the warmth began to fade away.

The sky above the cherry blossom silently became dim.

The last cherry blossom petal fell in front of him, and disappeared without a trace.

Tribulation didn’t move; he remained as silent as a statue.

The world was empty.

All the warmth in his heart began to disappear with the falling cherry blossom, leaving no trace.

In the close yet far distance, countless Saint Warriors began to assemble and rush over.

Tribulation moved his body.

All of heaven and earth, the whole world, the whole city.

There was no more concern in front of him, only enemies.

Tribulation’s body trembled. He laughed with sadness.

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