The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 1031 - Tough Path of Evolution and Appearance

Chapter 1031 Tough Path of Evolution and Appearance

Han Xiao looked at Aurora’s bloated cheeks on the communicator and said with a smile, “I see, Ames has already arrived. Tell her to stay at my place for some time… Oh? You’ve already dealt with her? Great job, I’ll give you a red flower when I’m back.”

After settling Ames down, Aurora had notified Han Xiao at the first instance to explain the situation, which was mostly her blaming him. He purposely stood her teacher up and left her to deal with it. What a horrible man.

“You’d best speak with her, or Her Excellency Dragon Emperor will definitely get angrier.”

“I have my plans. Settle her down properly and use your cuteness to make her less angry. I’ll explain everything to her when I get back.”

Han Xiao chatted for a while and ended the call. He then shook his head and smiled.

He had deliberately invited Ames to Black Star Palace to make others believe that his main body was in his base. Also, it would increase the defenses of his base while he was away, but it was mainly to protect Aurora and the others.

After all, the Secret Studies was a path to many abilities. Many were paying attention to Hila, and there would definitely be people who had used foresight abilities on her. Someone might discover Aurora’s strengthened life link with Hila. Being more cautious about others attacking his base could never be wrong.

After handling this matter, Han Xiao opened up the data that the dynasty had sent him a few days ago and continued reading.

After his Promotion, he had asked the dynasty about [God’s Trait Transformation] and [The First Sanctum]. He had received some confidential information regarding that.

According to the data, after entering the peak of the Beyond Grade A realm, one had to dig deeper into the Super system and the nature of one’s own genes. When one evolved to this stage, a new extra evolution path would appear, which was named [God’s Trait Transformation].

Every transformation was a special evolution that granted new powers, as if one had surpassed a certain limit of evolution and had gained new ‘superpowers’. Most peak Beyond Grade As felt that this was an important factor of entering that unknown higher power. However, the God’s Trait Transformation seemed to have no end. No one had ever been known for completing all of the God’s Trait Transformations. It was still a mystery.

The dynasty was not surprised about Han Xiao asking about God’s Trait Transformation. It was not strange for Black Star to come in touch with this territory given his current position. Plus, Han Xiao had just hosted the Meeting of the Gods not long ago, so he had most likely heard this name from the other peak Beyond Grade As and approached them to research it.

This data cost some Faction Contribution Points, and it not only included the introduction but also the dynasty’s research on it, as well as the experience and understanding of the peak Beyond Grade As of the past. Thanks to this, Han Xiao had a deeper understanding of God’s Trait Transformation.

However, he did not find any other way to obtain God’s Trait Transformation Points in this data. It seemed that he could only obtain them through Promotion.

Nonetheless, the data was still useful. After arranging the information, Han Xiao found a pattern—every Promotion seemed to have brought a different number of God’s Trait Transformation Points. It seemed to be reliant on multiple factors.

Although the others did not have an interface and could not quantify their attributes, Han Xiao still used the data to do calculations and speculate. According to that, the following could be the factors that affected the God’s Trait Transformation Points gained through every Promotion: Highest attribute u003e 20,000, second highest attribute u003e15,000, u003e85,000 Energy Rank, maximum level Knowledge, and having a soul connection with a Universal Treasure.

Once one of the above requirements was met, the God’s Trait Transformation Points gained through every Promotion would increase by one. He had received two points at once because he satisfied two of these requirements.

If I want more points, I’ll have to prioritize these requirements before Promotion.

He had obtained two God’s Trait Transformation Points through the first Promotion, which was neither the best nor the worst, just mediocre.

This meant that at the peak of the Beyond Grade A realm, keeping one’s level low would be the mainstream play style, and going through Promotions after more requirements were met would be the most beneficial.

If I’m guessing correctly, the Promotion mission in the future might require my God’s Trait Transformation to be at a certain level, Han Xiao speculated and instantly understood the difficulty of it.

If normal peak Beyond Grade As did not prioritize these requirements, they would not obtain enough God’s Trait Transformation Points through Promotions and would not reach the required transformation level for the next Promotion. Their path to greater power would be completely blocked off, and they would never be able to continue evolving!

Their strength would never increase!

No wonder. This is way too difficult. No mistakes are allowed. Maybe this is one of the main reasons all the peak Beyond Grade As can’t step into the higher realm.

As long as one step went wrong, they would fall into an inescapable abyss. Terrifying…

However, after he thought about it, he gave up on planning not to level up for the sake of God’s Trait Transformation Points.

With the existence of Mission Completion Cards, he could ignore all kinds of difficult Promotion Requirements.

Not enough points obtained through one Promotion?

Just go through Promotions more often!

Leveling up quickly was his biggest advantage. Although God’s Trait Transformation was great, it was far from being as beneficial as the increase in strength he would obtain from Promotions.

Han Xiao’s thoughts were clear.

It doesn’t matter whether my God’s Trait Transformation levels are high or not, as long as I’m stronger than everyone!

With the God’s Trait Transformation information successfully obtained, the information about The First Sanctum shocked Han Xiao.

Even the dynasty did not know what it was!

I only knew that I got the Ability Fragment of [The First Sanctum] after Promotion because of the interface, but no other peak Beyond Grade As has that, so no one has discovered it, huh?

Han Xiao was stunned. As even the three Universal Civilizations did not have any related information, this might be a major new discovery.

What does Sanctum mean? It sounds like a place… If there’s a first, is there a second or a third sanctum?

If only [Bold Explorer] could be used on this. Han Xiao sighed. This ability could only be used on unknown items and locations, not on the Ability Fragments in his interface.

Han Xiao put the communicator away and looked out the porthole. It was not the dark cosmic space but a bright sea of light.

This was a certain location in the center area of the Emerald Star Cluster, which had a large mass of bright, cloud-shaped nebulas mixed with both gas and dust. The gas released light due to the radiation of the Fixed Stars, while the nebulas reflected and refracted the light from relatively close Fixed Stars. The color of this entire area had a theme of mainly green and red. It looked beautiful and dreamlike.

In the universe, most areas were pitch black, so this beautiful scenery was considered rare.

The location where the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy will appear is in this mass of nebulas. I can start preparing now.

Han Xiao found a place and hid with the stealth mode of his spaceship activated, planning to only act at the right moment.

As the date of its appearance closed in, more and more fleets arrived at this nebula. They were all there for the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy.

Most of these organizations were ordinary organizations. Some planned to obtain it at all costs; some just wanted to try their luck. They guarded themselves against each other like they were deep behind enemy lines. However, when they saw the fleets of two Universal Civilizations arrive, their hearts sank.

Ravenlaude came with the dynasty’s fleet, and although Psyker had only brought his own fleet, he had the church as his backer. The organizations present believed that he had been instructed to head there by the church.

With the interference of two Universal Civilizations, the chance of obtaining the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy became negligible, but no one wanted to back away in the final moment.

After all, they had traveled so far. Even if they might not get it, they had to try at the very least.

The Modo Civilization and some fleets from advanced civilizations, however, did not give up yet. Only two Beyond Grade As seemed to have interfered. If the two of them restrained each other, they felt like they would still have a chance.

“You guys improvise on the spot when to act later.”

Inside the communication channel, Roddick reminded the elite force formed by many Calamity Grades.

On the other side, in the eyes of Ravenlaude and Psyker, all the other competitors were weaklings. They only saw each other as their biggest competitors.

Inside the main ship of the dynasty’s fleet, Ravenlaude looked at Psyker’s fleet from afar and narrowed his eyes.

“Psyker did not bring the church’s fleet along, which means he did not report this to the church and wants to take it himself. Hehe, he’s braver than me.”

He had thought that this would be a piece of cake, but with another Beyond Grade A interfering, it became quite a bit more difficult.

However, Ravenlaude was not really nervous. His expression was rather relaxed.

Ravenlaude was confident in dealing with this seven-eyed freak. It would not be difficult for him to deal with Psyker.

For the sake of the Universal Treasure promised by the dynasty, Ravenlaude had to get the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy.

According to the current situation, he felt that he already had victory in his hands.

Comparatively, Psyker, who was in the opposing fleet, felt this would be rather difficult.

“Ravenlaude is here, too…”

Psyker’s expression was not looking good.

The Calamity Grade who had provided the intelligence about the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy as a sign of loyalty said, “Your Excellency Star Pupil, the situation doesn’t look very good for us…”

Psyker pulled out a smile and said, “Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter if we can’t obtain it. I will still remember your contribution in providing me with this information.”

He did not care about his own strength. His race’s power was more important in comparison. He had always been looking for ways to create more talents in his race. He did not come to fight for the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy for himself to use but to find a suitable owner in his people and create a new strong individual for his race.

“I believe in you.”

This Calamity Grade’s face was filled with trust, but he was secretly plotting.

He did not really join under Psyker’s command because of appreciation, nor was it because he had planned to. It was more like a coincidence.

With the information about the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy in his hands, he was not blinded by desire. He knew very well that he would never have a chance to get the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy with his own power, so he might as well use this information to find a backer and use their power to take part in this fight.

However, he did not completely give up either. If the person he joined obtained the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy and the opportunity presented itself, he would steal it. If there was no chance, he would just slowly work his way up, using the contribution he obtained by providing this information as a head start. This way, he would be able to fully utilize the value of this piece of intelligence, much better than being a gambler and putting all his chips on trying to get the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy.

Originally, his target candidate was not Psyker, but he met him coincidentally. After thinking about it, he realized that Psyker’s forces were not weak, and Psyker was a Beyond Grade A, despite not being in the top tier, which actually increased the chance of him successfully stealing it if things went well. Therefore, he had changed his target and used Psyker as his backer.

Ravenlaude and Psyker both had their own goals, but they had yet to notice that in the remaining organizations, there was still another Beyond Grade A in a fleet without any organization symbols. It was Secret Master.

Both the dynasty and the church’s people came…

Secret Master’s eyes flickered.

He was stronger than both of them.

Since he was hidden, he decided to keep it that way. When the two of them had fought and wounded each other badly, he would then appear to grab the prize.

This plan is feasible, and the chances are high!

Secret Master stacked more stealth spells on himself and restrained the energy ripples around him, hiding himself to even a greater extent. He smiled coldly.

The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy must be mine!

Ravenlaude and Psyker’s fleet were opposite each other. The rest of the organizations were not chased away, so without saying anything to each other, they all started to deploy inactive space stabilizing traps.

The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was a Primal Esper Ability Entity with independent thought. It had the ability to cross between secondary dimensions. The traps would prevent it from escaping once it discovered this ambush.

After this was completed, the various organizations waited in this area peacefully for the time being.

The date was near to begin with. After a few days, the day marked by the intelligence arrived.

The various organizations all focused their attention and stared at the area of the coordinates closely.

Other than a few individuals, most people there were not sure if the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy would even appear. They were waiting with anticipation and nervousness.


Before all those spectators, a ball of bright red energy suddenly overflowed from the void. Its size expanded extremely quickly and formed a red, fog-shaped cloud with a unique energy wave.

Seeing this, everyone there became thrilled!

“This is the right location. The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy has finally appeared!”

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