The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 1033 - Secret Master, I Have Never Seen Someone This Unlucky

1033 Secret Master, I Have Never Seen Someone This Unlucky

Faced with Han Xiao’s tease, Secret Master’s face sank, and he was too lazy to respond. His eyes looked past Han Xiao at the streams of light heading away from the edge of the battlefield.

Very soon, the exposed mechanical army separated some of its units to escort the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy and disappeared from sight.

His mood slipped from the top of the mountain to the bottom.

He wanted to chase after it, but Black Star’s Lord’s Avatar stood in his way and gave off a vibe that made him subconsciously uptight. He knew that as soon as he did anything, he would inevitably face a storm of attacks.

Secret Master’s eyes refocused on Han Xiao, who was before him, carefully sizing him up. He then said with a somewhat interested but mostly unsatisfied tone, “Black Star, this should be the second time we’ve met, right?”

“Including the Meeting of the Gods, it is indeed the second time.” Han Xiao nodded.

“Humph, then we’re… quite… fated!” Secret Master said word by word.

He was irritated and angry about the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy getting stolen, but everyone was there to fight for it, so it all depended on their strength. It belonged to anyone who could obtain it; he could accuse Han Xiao of nothing.

He really wanted the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy. Although it had been taken away by Black Star, there was no need to make too much of a fuss. They were both famous people in the universe. If he could not get the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, so be it. If he made it a bigger deal than it was, it would not look good for anyone, nor was it necessary.

However, there was no way he would just retreat like that; he had to fight back in some way. Secret Master did not want to watch Han Xiao easily get away; it would look like he was afraid of Han Xiao. He had shame, unlike that seven eyes beside him who was already used to it.

He secretly tried a teleportation spell and realized that it was restricted by the Void Prison.

When this area is no longer locked, there’s still a chance to catch up to the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy through teleportation and snatch it back, Secret Master thought as he adjusted his mood, putting his focus on the current situation and suppressing his anger. His expression returned to being cold, and he started chatting.

“By the way, I’ve always been curious about you. Although we did not have much contact in the past, I’ve always had a strong impression of you.”

“Strong in what way?” Han Xiao did not mind wasting time. It was what he wanted too.

“Your deeds are spread all across the universe. In my eyes, you’re a careerist with a grand plan, as well as an opportunist. Luck is a very big reason you were able to build what you’ve built today. It helped you choose the right opportunities and brought you the chance to develop this quickly. You’re a lucky man.”

Hearing his words, Han Xiao could not help but glance at Secret Master a few more times.

This is the first time anyone has ever said I’m lucky. You’ve probably got the wrong person…

Nonetheless, he could understand why Secret Master had this kind of impression of him. To the outside world, his rise was extremely quick and fierce, as well as smooth. There were so many opportunities that seemed to have just fallen onto his laps, which all looked like it was because of his luck.

However, these opportunities were created by him instead of this ‘luck’, all because he was familiar with the direction the world would take and had information about the future that no one else had.

But no one would ever know that.

“I guess you can say that I’m lucky,” Han Xiao agreed as a joke.

“Hehe, but from today onward, your luck ends.” Magic runes appeared in the depths of Secret Master’s pupils. “You should’ve heard my nickname. I can control someone’s luck.”

Seeing his confidence, Han Xiao felt strange but continued to cooperate with his performance.

“Are you trying to reduce my luck permanently?”

Secret Master snorted. “You took what’s mine; you’ll have to pay for it.”

Actually, he was not very willing to mess with Han Xiao. After all, after the Meeting of the Gods, Han Xiao’s position was rather special within the Beyond Grade A circle. As a neutral Beyond Grade A, it was best not to mess with him if there was no need.

However, he could not put up with this, even just for the sake of saving his own face. Therefore, he decided to use his best trick to slightly punish Han Xiao.

So, it still came to speaking with fists… Han Xiao had expected this. He did not think that Secret Master would let this go easily.

The next moment, blinding magical blue light shone from Secret Master’s body.

“They all say you’re good at fighting. Let me see how strong you are personally.”

The magic energy in his body gushed out like a roaring tide, erupting in an instant.


Han Xiao’s Lord’s Avatar was washed away by the exploding magical energy and was pushed back some distance.

Secret Master took the opportunity to back away, trying to increase the distance between Han Xiao and himself. However, after the enhancement of God’s Trait Transformation, the effect of Void Prison was stronger and slowed down the people in it even more. This ability could not differentiate friend or foe, but Han Xiao, who had Void Race talents, could move freely within.

He realized very soon that he was not able to get away from Han Xiao no matter how much he backed off, so he decided to just not move at all. He started to cast spells continuously like a spell cannon.

In order to snatch the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, the Lord’s Avatar had used Void Swap to swap places with the sealing container, which led to it being isolated and only being able to fight with Secret Master alone. The mechanical army was on the way.


Beams of blue magical energy dragged along lightning trails and rocketed toward Han Xiao continuously, shattering into sparks on the Lord’s Avatar’s shield.

Without the mechanical army, Han Xiao clearly had a firepower problem. Therefore, he decided to charge forward against the sea of spells and close the distance while Secret Master could not back away.

After this Promotion, his Strength and Dexterity attributes could be considered high even among Beyond Grade As. When facing a Mage with his Lord’s Avatar, close-range combat instead became the better option for him.

While one side stood in place, the other approached extremely quickly. The distance between them shortened in no time.

In Han Xiao’s eyes, Secret Master’s huge face was getting closer.

“Eat my rocket headbutt!”

Activating critical strike abilities, Han Xiao smashed his head directly forward.


His metal forehead landed right on Secret Master’s head through his magic shield.

Secret Master felt a buzzing in his head immediately, like someone was ringing a bell in his head. He hastily regained focus. The rune enchantments on his body suddenly all lit up, and hundreds of hands appeared beside him, creating afterimages of punches everywhere.

As a Mage, it was only logical to have some close-range combat abilities.

Having been suppressed in close-range combat, Secret Master was secretly shocked. Such powerful blows.

He had sparred with quite a number of Pugilists before, and he realized that Han Xiao’s Lord’s Avatar’s close combat strength was even stronger than some Beyond Grade A Pugilists. The storm-like attacks were very difficult for him to hold on. He was stunned by Han Xiao’s strength.

Black Star feels stronger than rumors say…

This thought only flashed for an instant before disappearing. Secret Master focused on the matter at hand and diverted his attention to do two things at once. He dealt with Han Xiao’s fierce close-range attacks while controlling his magic energy to build up to his best Secret Studies spell that was aimed at one’s luck.

Luck was originally formless and almost superficial, but at this moment, in Secret Master’s vision, blurry fog suddenly appeared around every life form. Some fog clouds were thick, and some were thin.

This was Secret Master’s unique spell. It combined the study of the soul, mind, foresight, fortune telling, and many more magic fields. He was successfully able to quantify the target’s luck. The thickness of the fog represented the luck of a being.

The luckier one was, the thicker the fog would be. Those protagonist-type charters who had Luck Glows usually had the thickest fog.

“Let me see how strong your luck is!”

Secret Master had made up his mind to reduce Han Xiao’s luck.

When he looked closely, he was completely stupefied.

Usually, Beyond Grade As were very lucky people. For them to reach this territory at the top of the universe, there was at least a minimum to how unlucky they could be. Black Star’s luck should have been exceptionally strong; he should have been covered in thick fog.

However, the real situation was the complete opposite. The fog around Black Star was so thin that it was almost non-existent!

Secret Master had observed countless people before, but this was the first time he had ever seen someone this unlucky! He could hardly believe his own eyes!

It doesn’t make sense! How can a Beyond Grade A’s luck be this weak‽

How can someone this unlucky become a Beyond Grade A‽

Secret Master was completely stunned.

Initially, he wanted to damage Black Star’s luck, but now that he looked at it…

Can this guy’s luck even be decreased‽

Secret Master’s many unique spells revolved around indirectly dealing large amounts of spiritual damage through decreasing the target’s luck, but facing Han Xiao… he realized that his trump card seemed useless.

For an instant, he lost concentration and immediately showed flaws mid-combat. Han Xiao did not care about his internal thoughts at all and seized the opportunity.

Bang bang bang!

Lightning-fast punches landed on Secret Master’s body quickly, sending in waves of impact.

Being badly beaten up, many defensive runes on Secret Master’s body shattered. Feeling the pain, Secret Master did not dare let himself get distracted again. He took a defensive stance and held on under Han Xiao’s attacks.

While the two of them fought intensely, Ravenlaude, who was also included in the range of the Void Prison, felt conflicted.

Normally, Ravenlaude would help the dynasty’s ally, but now, Black Star was also a competitor who was fighting for the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy.

“I can only complete the mission and gain a Universal Treasure if I take the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy back from Han Xiao’s hands.”

After some thought, Ravenlaude made his decision and started to cast spells to cancel out the effects of the Void Prison.

“Hmm?” Sensing the disturbance, Han Xiao turned around and gave Ravenlaude a death stare.

“Don’t look at me. I’m just executing the dynasty’s mission.”

Ravenlaude noticed Han Xiao’s stare and nervously replied. Then, he silently tried to break away from the Void Prison together with Secret Master.

The next second, the Void Prison was broken. The space around returned to normal. While the two of them fought, Ravenlaude opened a teleportation gate immediately and disappeared, heading toward the mechanical army, which was escorting the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy away.

Seeing this, Secret Master wanted to do the same. However, the Lord’s Avatar prevented him from doing so.

The rest of Han Xiao’s machinery had now arrived. They activated space stabilizing devices and magic disruption devices that covered this area, stopping the use of teleportation spells once again, causing Secret Master to be unable to chase after the Prime Chaos Mysterious Energy.

“Sh*t!” Secret Master’s face sank even further. This situation basically meant that he was already eliminated from this competition.

Furthermore, Secret Master could see that Black Star actually had a way to stop Ravenlaude too. Only, he purposely let Ravenlaude go but kept him there.

He’s targeting me specifically‽

That’s too much!

Seeing Secret Master’s expression, Han Xiao chuckled. “You noticed I’ve let Ravenlaude on purpose? I’m not targeting you but him.”

He had purposely let Ravenlaude go and given him a chance to chase after his mechanical army because he wanted to make Ravenlaude a target to showcase his fists.

Due to the unhappiness last time, Han Xiao wanted to showcase more of his strength to the dynasty, but he did not want the outside world to know he had grown once again, in case the Mechanic Emperor sought him out again. Therefore, he wanted to shift the battlefield and not have witnesses.

A dynasty ally was the best target for that.

Compared to beating up enemies, beating up teammates seems better when creating a reputation? After all, after getting beaten up, his teammate still had to hide the information of the battle.

Although the Lord’s Avatar stayed to hold Secret Master back, all the Apostle Weapons were in the escort team.

With all that and the mechanical army, it would be strong enough even without him present.

Diverting forces and fighting in multiple battles at the same time was the Beyond Grade A Mechanic fighting method.

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