The Lord’s Empire

Chapter 1726: Human Book

Chapter 1726: Human Book

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and had never thought that such a thing would happen, and he looked at the Earth Book floating in front of him.

The cover of the Earth Book seemed to be made out of stone and had many ghosts carved on it. The words ‘Earth Book’ were written on the spine and it was about five centimeters thick.

Zhao Fu felt quite curious and looked at the Earth Book’s information, and countless people’s names flowed out, floating in the surroundings and giving off faint light.

Yellow Springs Empress – Huang Quanling; Yellow Springs Empress – Qing Yayuan; Yellow Springs Empress – Liu Yeye; Yellow Springs Empress – Yan Yan…

Zhao Fu looked through the names, and the ones at the front were the 12 Yellow Springs Empresses. The others also belonged to the Yellow Springs Kingdom.

This book could also control everything in the Yellow Springs Kingdom, such as Heaven and Earth, every blade of grass, and every tree. Everything was within the control of the Earth Book; it was similar to a world’s consciousness.

After looking at the Earth Book’s information, Zhao Fu immediately returned to the Heaven Awaken World and came to the main tower in Great Qin. After becoming the Human Book, the Book of God had also gone through big changes.

The cover now seemed to be made out of green jade, and a prosperous scene of the human world was carved on it. The words ‘Human Book’ were carved on the spine, and it was about as thick as the Earth Book. However, the light and aura that it gave off were far more powerful.

Zhao Fu guessed that this was because of the fact that Great Qin controlled nine worlds in the Heaven Awaken World, while the Yellow Springs Kingdom only controlled two worlds’ worth of territory in the Underworld. Moreover, the Human Book was the original copy while the Earth Book was a subsidiary.

Zhao Fu looked at the Human Book’s information and found that its function was similar to the Earth Book – it recorded all kinds of people’s names and could also control Heaven and Earth Power.

It seemed that the Earth Book and Human Book were core items for governance, and they would become important items for controlling worlds in the future.

The reason that Zhao Fu had made the Book of God the core item of the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation was because he was impressed by its special attributes, and he was not too surprised that it had become the Earth Book and Human Book.

Apart from Zhao Fu, the other person who could control the Earth Book and Human Book was Ling Ji, who used to be the human world’s consciousness. Apart from them, no one could control the two books.

After looking through the Human Book’s information, Zhao Fu returned to the Yellow Springs Kingdom because he had not finished dealing with matters there. The Yellow Springs Kingdom had only destroyed the factions in the west, and there were still three other sides.

After destroying the factions in the west, they had received great gains: around ten billion people and countless other resources and Cities.

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Of course, there were countless beauties and female members of the royal family. They were quite important as they could be used to refine Nation Armaments.

Now, these women had been brought to Great Qin to provide large amounts of Phoenix Qi. By now, the Emperor Phoenix Statue’s power was incredibly terrifying, and it was not any inferior to a Nation Armament’s power.

The factions on the three other sides fell into terror. Now that the Yellow Springs Kingdom had destroyed the factions on the western side, its strength had greatly increased while theirs had greatly plummeted. They were now the weaker side.

They knew that the Yellow Springs Kingdom would soon make a move against them, so they quickly built defenses and prepared to defend.

Zhao Fu wanted to take down the factions on the three other sides in one go, but he was not sure if they could indeed do so. After destroying the western factions, the Yellow Springs Kingdom had gained around ten billion residents, which was equivalent to one-quarter of their previous population. If they started an uprising, the consequences would be quite severe.

Moreover, they had not truly taken control of the western factions’ territory, and there could be hidden troubles. This made him give up on attacking the three other sides, and he decided to digest and stabilize for now. After properly dealing with the residents and territory, they would make a move.

“Husband, now that you’re free, can you give us some love?” The 12 Yellow Springs Empresses looked at Zhao Fu flirtatiously and in expectation as they gathered around him.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed; he indeed did not have anything to do right now. All the matters regarding stabilizing and digesting could be left to the various Ministers.

He hugged the women with both arms and walked into the palace before starting to do it with them. After not doing it with Zhao Fu for a long time, they were incredibly desperate and lewd, lustfully crying out.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu put on his clothes and left behind the group of red-faced, panting beauties on the ground.

Zhao Fu then came to the Outer World. Hearing that Zhao Fu had arrived, everyone came out to greet him.

Arasina lightly harrumphed, “You remembered to come back?”

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and brought her into his embrace as he asked, “How have we been developing in the Outer World? Has anything big happened?”

Arasina’s expression softened as she said somewhat flirtatiously, “I’ll tell you in detail in bed.”

The other women’s faces became red as they looked at Zhao Fu in expectation. They had not seen Zhao Fu in a long time and desperately needed him.

Zhao Fu laughed and nodded, properly satisfying the women. Afterwards, he lay on the bed with one arm around Arasina and the other around Bai Xihan as he smiled and asked, “Now, can you tell me?”

Arasina’s face was red as she gave a pleased smile and started to tell Zhao Fu about everything that had happened in the Great Qin Territory.

The Great Qin Territory had not developed too quickly, unlike the Underworld, as they had faced many obstructions. After all, Great Qin was an outsider and was the enemy of all creatures here.

The key thing was that the creatures could not be subdued or tamed, and they could only be killed. This meant that they could not gain their strength, making their development quite slow. The only thing of use was the various items they obtained.

Now, the Great Qin Territory had control over an area that was about the size of one-third of a normal world. The danger zones in the surroundings had also been cleared out, resulting in them obtaining large amounts of materials and resources. They also had many Dens, and now there were around 3,000 Insect Den Wyverns.

However, the Great Qin Territory also faced some powerful enemies in all directions. They greatly restricted the Great Qin Territory’s development, making it so that the Great Qin Territory could not expand out.

The east side was the most dangerous side, because there were large numbers of Outer World people there. They numbered in the tens of millions and controlled ten billion insect creatures.

The Great Qin Territory only had three billion soldiers, and if those Outer World people controlled the ten billion insect creatures to attack, that would be incredibly dangerous and it would be incredibly difficult for the Great Qin Territory to deal with them.

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