The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 10 - To Buy or Not to Buy (1)

Ch.10 To Buy or Not to Buy (1)

Su Yaya drove the car out of the villa towards the nearby shopping mall, which took her about ten minutes.

Upon arriving, she went into the underground parking lot and found an empty space to park her car. She stepped out of the vehicle with her purse and took an elevator up.

The elevator stopped on the third floor and opened its doors. Su Yaya walked out with her pair of high heels, but before she could even take two steps, a dress with flared sleeves caught her eye on the display’s latest fashion.

The color and style of this dress looked exactly the same as the dress that she saw in a shopping mall before her transmigration into this novel world. At that time, she took a fancy to the dress at first glance and had specially asked the shop assistant to take the dress off the display for her to try on. After trying it on, she found that it fit perfectly and suited her looks well. She really liked the dress.

But at that time, she was embarrassingly short on money and the dress cost over half a month of salary for her. If she had bought the dress, it would’ve been difficult for her to pay her rent and food for that month. After thinking about it, she could only regretfully abandon the thought of buying the dress.

Now that she saw the same dress, Su Yaya was moved. She really wanted to buy it. After all, she always carried this lingering regret for not being able to afford it at that time. When she returned to work shortly after that event, it was difficult for her to stay motivated in her job and she felt down for a long time. Her dream was both to find wealth and to buy the dress she adored for herself. Now, she wanted to satisfy her own wish.

As Su Yaya walked into the store, the sales staff observed her from head to toe. Seeing that she wore a Chanel dress and necklace, along with a Chanel bag, the sales staff knew she was a wealthy person. Her eyes brightened and she revealed the sweetest smile she could to the customer, not forgetting to gently ask if she needed any help.

“I want to try that dress.” Su Yaya pointed at the dress hanging on the display window.

The sales staff nodded and promptly went to take the dress down. She led Su Yaya to the fitting room to try the dress on.

Su Yaya brought the outfit into the fitting room and changed into it. The moment the sales staff saw her coming out of the fitting room, her eyes brightened even more. She complimented genuinely and said, “Miss, you’re so beautiful in this dress.”

She had been a sales staff in this store for almost three years, so she had seen many customers before. Some were beautiful, others had average looks, some had a great figure, and there were others who lacked such figures. Yet, she had never seen a woman like Su Yaya who was both beautiful and had a great figure.

There were people who were more beautiful than her but were lacking a good body shape. There were people with more slender figures than her but lacked her beauty. In short, this customer was the most perfect woman she had seen; she was good in all ways.

Her skin was white as though it was glowing; it was moist and white, like a newly peeled egg. She exposed her beautiful and slender swan-like neck after wearing the dress. Her waist was skinny and exposed her figure just perfectly. Her appearance couldn’t be described in words.

Su Yaya looked at herself in the mirror and thought she was beautiful too.

In the past, she wasn’t beautiful; at most she was just pretty. When she stood beside someone who was actually beautiful, she became ordinary like a maid.

Plus, she came from an ordinary family and her parents were just normal workers. There was only so much monthly income, so they had to be frugal in their spending. Even after she had a job, she had to be wise with her money so she naturally became petty. So when she did have money in her hands, she didn’t dare to spend it.

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