The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 18 - Zhou Peiyun (1)

Ch.18 Zhou Peiyun (1)

Su Yaya didn’t recognize this fashion blogger but she knew who the person in the picture was. It was none other than herself.

As it turned out, someone had taken pictures of her while she was at the shopping mall and uploaded them to Weibo.

Su Yanyi slightly pouted her red lip. She thought that no one would take pictures of her, who only filmed an online drama which wasn’t even popular and an ordinary celebrity. So while she was shopping, she never considered wearing sunglasses and hat.

It was a good thing that she was born beautiful and even though she applied faint makeup and casually shopped, the blogger was still able to take a beautiful picture of her. They uploaded four photos and each of them was natural and made her look beautiful. It was perfect and even more beautiful than the photoshopped celebrities’ photos.

Of course, the blogger wouldn’t photoshop her pictures for her. They didn’t even edit it and basically uploaded the pictures onto Weibo right then as they took it.

Su Yaya was happy at how beautiful she looked in the pictures. She didn’t think someone would’ve taken pictures of her one day and she giggled at this…

The fashion blogger who took pictures of Su Yaya wasn’t that famous and they only had around one million followers or so. Not many people forwarded her post and there weren’t that many comments on her Weibo either. But after she uploaded pictures of Su Yaya, the comments below exploded. Plus, many were commenting on how beautiful the girl was and licking the screen.

Up until a user named ‘I love little pig’ commented.

I love little pig: This girl looks familiar. Why do I think she’s the female side lead to the online drama 《 Pamper before Marriage 》?

Slight love: I think so too.

Commenting happiness: +1

Trembling life: Picture. 《 Pamper before Marriage 》Female side lead.jpg

Smiling: After comparison, the picture in the crew and the photo the blogger sent are the same person.

A dreaming dog: Woah, this girl is so beautiful. Is 《 Pamper before Marriage 》good? If it is, I’ll go watch it.

Su Yaya didn’t understand the comments. Didn’t someone just upload some pictures of her on the internet? Who knew she would’ve been recognized that easily. Plus, the only online drama she participated in wasn’t even popular, yet someone had found out about it. It was really the era of the internet. No one had any privacy and the ability for user on the internet to gossip is too powerful. They are able to unravel everything with just one clue.

She just sighed when her phone rang. She looked at the caller on the phone and quickly turned her ringtone off.

She looked back at Chen Xiuqi who was handling his work behind the desk. He was fully immersed in the information on his computer and didn’t detect the movement.

To stop herself from disturbing Chen Xiuqi while he was working, Su Yaya decided to answer the call outside the office. She stood up and started to walk towards the door.

“Where are you going?” When Su Yaya was almost at the door, Chen Xiuqi suddenly shifted his gaze from the computer screen. He wore golden rimless glasses and a tint of light flickered in his eyes. He stared straight at her through his glasses.

Su Yaya originally thought that he was concentrated on work, but he actually paid attention to her movement as well.

Su Yaya turned around and waved the phone in her hand, slightly smiling. She said, “I’m going out to answer a call. It’s Sister Zhou’s.”

Su Yaya meant her manager, Zhou Peiyun.

Half a year ago, because Zhou Peiyun thought Su Yaya was beautiful, she tried many ways to sign a contract with her.

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