The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 21 - Not Enough (1)

Chapter 21: Not Enough (1)

When Su Yaya walked back to Chen Xiuqi’s office in a happy mood, he had already finished handling most of his work.

Watching him walking in the room with a smile on her face, he asked, “What did Zhou Peiyun want?”

“She wanted me to go to work tomorrow morning around ten. She said she has an advertisement shooting for me.” Su Yaya was happy in her heart and didn’t plan on hiding this from Chen Xiuqi. After all, he would find out sooner or later that she was going to shoot advertisement. It’s better if she told him truthfully.

Chen Xiuqi glanced at her and said, “You want to shoot advertisements?”

Su Yaya paused when she heard this and looked around. Something seemed to explode in her mind. She quickly ran over to him and hugged his arms. She smiled at him and said, “You have an advertisement for me to shoot?”

“No.” Chen Xiuqi rejected bluntly.

Su Yaya pouted her lips in displeasure and she continued, “Chen Group is a big company and it has many sub companies, having a hand in many different businesses including: housing, gaming, entertainment, clothing, etc. It seems like every season, it was inviting celebrities to shoot advertisements! How could it possibly have no advertisements to shoot?”

“You’re not like those celebrities.” Chen Xiuqi said expressionlessly.

Su Yaya scrunched her eyebrows and was speechless.

Can he not say it in such a hurtful way? She admits that she isn’t some sort of famous celebrity right now but she was at least an online celebrity. Didn’t he see that someone was taking pictures of her? Didn’t he see that she was about to be on the hot search rankings? Didn’t he see that she will have new advertisements to shoot soon? If this continues, she will become a famous celebrity in no time. In the future, even if Chen Group begged her to shoot an advertisement for them, she will deny them. Humph!

Chen Xiuqi glanced at her and seeing how deeply unhappy she was, he knew what she was thinking about. He faintly said, “You’re my wife, Lady Chen.”

Even if this was a contract marriage, she was still his wife and Lady Chen. Even if they didn’t make their status public and barely anyone knew, this was not to be doubted. The other celebrities wouldn’t be able to compare against this.

Su Yaya blinked her eyes and then again. She suddenly understood what he meant. She smiled and pounced on him, kissing his right cheek. She then raised her head and said, “Hubby, you’re so mean. You’re teasing me on purpose!”

Chen Xiuqi smiled slightly and flicked her face with his right hand. He said in an uncertain meaning. “What do you think?”

Su Yaya giggled and held onto him. “You’re teasing me. I knew it.”

“I have never seen anyone as shameless as you.” Chen Xiuqi pinched her face and the smile on his face became more evident.

Su Yaya decided to risk it. Since he said that she was shameless, she’ll show him shameless! She started blurting out compliments as though it was for free. She pestered Chen Xiuqi and said, “Hubby, hubby, you’re the best. You’re the best person in the world. You have Chen Group, such a big company, and Sheng Shi Entertainment as well. You also have a lot of resources so just pass some over to me. I just need a bit from you.”

If she was willing to slip some resources to her, she will be able to enjoy the benefits endlessly.

Chen Xiuqi raised his eyebrows and stared at her. “If I give you some resources, what benefits would I get out of it?”

Businessman. He is indeed a businessman. No matter what he did revolved around benefits. He even dare to bring up conditions for his own wife. She refreshed her knowledge of him again.

However, Su Yaya only dared to complain about this in her heart. She didn’t dare to say it out loud or express this.

She looked over at Chen Xiuqi and thought about what she had that could move him. In the end, she had an idea and kissed his face.

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