The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 23 - Because I’m Cute (1)

Ch.23 Because I’m Cute (1)

After waking up, Su Yaya washed up and got dressed. She headed out the door and drove the car over to the company to meet up with her manager. Su Yaya soon found Zhou Peiyun, who was holding the second female lead script and the contract in her hands.

The entertainment company she was at right now was a small company called Starlight Entertainment. This year was the fifth year since it was created.

The battle within the entertainment circle had became competitive. There were all sorts of entertainment companies, film studios, online celebrities, and actors. Up to hundreds of people would fight over a side lead role in an online drama.

As expected of a small entertainment company like Starlight Entertainment, there were limited resources. It was indeed no easy feat for this company to have survived for five years under such intense competition.

Perhaps it was because Starlight Entertainment had great luck; originally, it wouldn’t be able to survive the year before, but who would have predicted that the manager, Brother Wang, would discover a handsome man with potential on the roadside. Brother Wang fixed the man up and then used his connections to send him to participate in an online drama. Then, that online drama suddenly became popular. Even the handsome man who acted as the second male lead became popular. Right then, this actor climbed his way up and became one of the current popular male celebrities.

The handsome man naturally became the top person in Starlight Entertainment. It was around this time that the said handsome actor, Xu Chaoran, had filmed a few drama series and advertisements one after the other before finally winning the Newbie Award. He had earned quite a bit for Starlight Entertainment and even brought fame to some ordinary actors in the company. He helped Starlight Entertainment through the period of difficulty.

Half a year ago, Su Yaya signed a contract with Starlight Entertainment. She was basically a newbie since she only took part in an online drama which had a normal amount of views. She was a second female lead who fought for the male lead with the female lead, but her role didn’t have much screen time. If it weren’t for yesterday–when someone had taken pictures of her and uploaded it on the internet, resulting in a majority of positive users’ comments–Su Yaya wouldn’t even be known. Zhou Peiyun had helped her as well.

At ten in the morning, Su Yaya arrived at the company on time. The moment she walked in, a group of people walked out from the elevator. The person walked in front of the group was about six feet tall. He wore a casual gray outfit and had long legs, making him stand out from the crowd. People noticed him in the first moments. He wore sunglasses that covered half his face and his lips were pursed, which made him appear cold and indifferent.

Su Yaya recognized him. He was the elder brother of the popular Starlight Entertainment who participated in the filming of a movie, Xu Chaoran.

Xu Chaoran walked past her without glancing at her, and the group of people followed behind him. There was a breeze of wind as he walked by. The fans waiting outside the company started to scream out his name as Xu Chaoran walked out. It was so loud that it almost bursted Su Yaya’s ear drums.

Su Yaya looked towards the door, but there were too many fans surrounding it. Xu Chaoran almost couldn’t walk out. The guards had to protect and escort him out as he made his way towards his van.

“Are you envious? If you’re envious, then work hard. When you become popular, there will be many people who will be your fans to support you. They will chase and idolize you.” Zhou Peiyun, who came out of nowhere, stood by Su Yaya’s side and said this.

There wasn’t a single person within the entertainment circle who didn’t want to be popular. Those who are calm and didn’t join the fight are just people who didn’t have the abilities to become popular. Those who are able to become popular and desire to become such won’t remain calm and peaceful within the circle. Many times, people simply acted calm on the surface but they would hinder others in different ways, for roles and advertisements.

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