The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 239 - Withdrawing from the Entertainment World (1)

Chapter 239 Withdrawing from the Entertainment World (1)

Su Yaya returned to her hotel and booked the plane ticket back to her hometown on the internet the second day. She had promised her parents to come and visit them in the past, but she always had no time. She kept on dragging out her schedule. Now that she terminated her contract with the company, there was nothing for her to do. She could take this time to go back and visit them now that she was chilling and relaxing.

Even more, she could go and see if there was any suitable place for her to start her business while she was at it. Although she left Chen Xiuqi and the entertainment circle, she still needed to achieve the goal she set up back then. After all, she had been thinking about this since a long time ago. She didn’t have the capabilities to do so back then nor did she have enough money either. Now that she was wealthy, she was able to start agritourism.

Su Yaya returned to her hotel and slept the day through. The second morning, she packed her things up and went to the airport.

When she was about to board the plane, she commented on Weibo and uploaded a picture from the airport. She announced: I’m quitting the entertainment circle and I’m planning to go traveling. Don’t worry about me. Then, she turned her phone off.

She exhaled and carried her suitcase up the plane. She found her seat and sat down. After the plane started flying, she began to sleep. It was a few hours long ride, so she ended up sleeping through the entire journey. She woke up after the plane descended. She was still in a daze and felt as if she didn’t fly far.

Su Yaya turned her phone on after she got off the plane. She planned on calling Mother Su first to find out where they are, so that she could go and find them.

Who knew that the moment she turned her phone on, there were countless notifications ringing in her ears. It was incredibly noisy.

Before she finished receiving the notifications, she got a call.

Su Yaya looked at it to see Xu Chengkun’s call. Therefore, she picked it up right away. “Hey, Brother Xu.”

“What’s up with you? Why did you suddenly make the post on Weibo that you were quitting the entertainment circle?” Xu Chengkun asked anxiously.

Su Yaya smiled and said, “I just suddenly don’t feel like being in the entertainment circle anymore. That’s why I terminated my contract with the company.”

Xu Chengkun’s instinct was that it wasn’t that simple. “Did something happen? Maybe I can help you?”

He was really a good person. He still wanted to help her at this time.

Su Yaya laughed and said, “Nothing happened. I’m just really tired and wanted to leave. That’s why I said that I’m quitting. I’m planning on doing something else.”

Xu Chengkun could tell that she didn’t really want to explain either. Therefore, he stopped pressing the issue. He instead asked, “Then what are you planning on doing?”

“I’m planning it out right now. After it works out, I’ll tell you. You have a lot of fans, so remember to help me publicize this.” Su Yaya said impolitely.

Xu Chengkun said straightforwardly, “Sure. Just tell me once you get it going. I promise to publicize it for you.”

“Then I’ll thank you in advance.” Su Yaya chuckled.

“Okay, I’ll take your thanks for now.” Xu Chengkun also chuckled along.

The two had fun chatting for a while before they hung up. After that, someone else called her.

Su Yaya watched as Xu Chaoran’s name flickered on her phone screen and she knitted her brows.

To pick up or not? That was the question.

Xu Chaoran kept on calling her stubbornly. Since he saw Su Yaya’s post on Weibo, he had been calling her nonstop. In the beginning, her phone had been turned off so he couldn’t get through no matter what. The picture that was uploaded on Weibo was also at the airport. Clearly, Su Yaya had already gotten on the plane back then. He just didn’t know where she was headed to.

Then, he started calling her every half hour. He was unable to get through the first few times. Up until this time. He didn’t receive the cold robotic female voice indicating that the phone was turned off. Instead, it was on call.

As long as he could get through. Xu Chaoran thought.

After a few more minutes, he started calling again. It finally wasn’t in a call anymore. Xu Chaoran sighed for some reason.

However, the phone rang for once but Su Yaya still didn’t pick up. What exactly happened? What was Su Yaya, that woman, doing? Xu Chaoran waited anxiously and impatiently.

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