The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 24 - Because I’m Cute (2)

Ch.24 Because I’m Cute (2)

From Zhou Peiyun’s perspective, Su Yaya would be a good person to cultivate. She was beautiful and had the ability to bring life into her roles as well. There was also Shen Xiuqi who supported her from behind. If she tried harder, she might become popular one day.

But this woman had a bad habit. She was a bit lazy and picky. When Zhou Peiyun arranged work for her in the past, she would express dislike, and would rather go on dates with Shen Xiuqi or have sex with him.

Perhaps Su Yaya believed that with having Shen Xiuqi as her supporter would free from worries, so as a result, she didn’t place any importance towards her manager. There were a few times when Su Yaya turned down the work she had arranged for her, which was annoying.

In the beginning, Zhou Peiyun reprimanded Su Yaya for not working. Who knew that Shen Xiuqi would over to talk to her the second time. He said that if she was willing to work, let her work. If not, let her be, as long as she was happy.

Ok. Since he had said that as long as Su Yaya was happy, what else could she say? She was just a manager who didn’t have much power. Zhou Peiyun could only listen to him. Of course, she simply let these matters pass by while pretending to not know anything. At that time, Zhou Peiyun stopped bothering with Su Yaya’s matters and allowed her to do as she wished.

Thank goodness that there was still a possibility to cultivate this woman. Her best weapon was certainly her beauty; Su Yaya was able to be on a fashion blogger’s Weibo just by going out and shopping. This caught many people’s attention, which was why Zhou Peiyun was willing to help her take a spot on the hot search rankings in the future.

However, this actress was still currently at the bottom, so no matter whether she was really popular or not for the time-being, she needed to become well-known first. That way, people would come over with resources.

As Zhou Peiyun was pondering this matter, Su Yaya turned her head around and smiled. She said sweetly, “Sister Zhou, I was just looking for you. I have an important matter to share with you.”

Zhou Peiyun slightly raised her eyebrows. She wondered what important matter this girl wanted to say. ‘Could it be that she was too tired and didn’t want to work?’ Zhou Peiyun already spent a lot of effort to help her obtain a role for the advertisement. If this actress wasn’t willing to do the work, she could just give it to someone else. After all, there are other actors working under her; Su Yaya wasn’t the only one. Of course, if that happens, she will no longer arrange work for Su Yaya and will simply let her do whatever she wants to.

“What do you want to say to me?” Zhou Peiyun crossed her arms over her chest and asked.

This was the company’s lounge room where employees would come in and out from time to time. Su Yaya looked left and right. When no one was paying attention, she moved closer to Zhou Peiyun and then said in a low voice, “Sister Zhou, President Chen gave me a second female lead role in a TV show.”

Zhou Peiyun’s eyes brightened when she heard this. This was clearly unexpected. She thought that Su Yaya was being lazy and didn’t want to work. Who knew that she had given her such a surprise. She hurriedly held her arms and said quickly, “Let’s talk upstairs in my office.”

Su Yaya hurriedly agreed. This seemed right. They should be talking about work matters in the office. Plus, she had gotten the second female lead easily. If people found out about it, it wouldn’t be good, so she obediently followed Zhou Peiyun into the elevator.

Once they were inside, Zhou Peiyun pressed ‘5’ indicating the 5th floor. She still had not let go of Su Yaya’s arm. It was rare that she was affectionate to her. Sensing this, Su Yaya quickly straightened her posture, and kept her bag aside. She watched as the elevator’s floor numbers overhead change until it stopped at the fifth floor with a ‘ding’ sound. The elevator door opened and two walked out with Zhou Peiyun still holding onto her arm, pulling her straight to the office.

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