The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 240 - Withdrawing from the Entertainment World (2)

Chapter 240 Withdrawing from the Entertainment World (2)

Su Yaya hesitated for a while after seeing Xu Chaoran’s name flickering on the phone screen before picking up.


“Su Yaya, what are you doing?”

Su Yaya just picked up the phone when Xu Chaoran’s anxious voice rang from the other side. He was clearly a bit angry and worried.

Su Yaya was confused. What was with his tone and what did he mean?

“What?” Su Yaya held in the urge to hang up and asked.

Xu Chaoran said fiercely, “Why did you decide to leave the entertainment circle all of a sudden? Did Chen Xiuqi force you to do that?”

Su Yaya said hilariously, “I don’t think this has anything to do with you, right?”

“Why doesn’t it?” Xu Chaoran said as a matter of face. “Since I know, it’s my business.”

Look at that attitude of his!

Su Yaya chuckle. She didn’t understand Xu Chaoran’s state of mind. Whenever something happened to her, he would jump out at the first moment, and then say a whole bunch of things to her. They were clearly not that familiar with each other. At least, not to the point where they’d say everything to each other. But Xu Chaoran was just able to ask her this and that naturally, gesticulating about. She found it really hard to understand.

Xu Chaoran knew that the woman didn’t listen to his words when he heard her chuckle. He clenched his teeth and exclaimed, “You know that An Yutong returned, right?”

As expected, it was An Yutong again. Su Yaya thought. Chen Xiuqi and Xu Chaoran always revolved around An Yutong. Only they would place her in their hearts!

Su Yaya replied, “I know she’s back. I saw her that day. She really does look similar to me. An Yuting was right. Heh.”

“You know that she’s back?” Xu Chaoran was a bit surprised. He thought that she didn’t know.

“Yes.” Su Yaya emphasized. “I even saw her.”

“Then how did Chen Xiuqi react? Did he say anything?” Xu Chaoran pressed.

When Su Yaya heard Chen Xiuqi’s name, she felt a bit unwell inside. For the past few days, she tried hard not to think about him or anything relating to him.

“I don’t know.” Su Yaya replied rudely. “I don’t care about his attitude. After all, it has nothing to do with me.”

Xu Chaoran started laughing proudly from across. “You and Chen Xiuqi got into a fight? An Yutong is his life. He would do desperate things for An Yutong back then. You hadn’t seen it. Hahah.”

Su Yaya said, “…Are you done talking? If you are, I’m hanging up.”

Xu Chaoran continued to say, “Did Chen Xiuqi want you to leave the entertainment circle? He is being a bit too excessive then…”

“Xu Chaoran!” Su Yaya called and interrupted his words. In a deep voice, “You’re really looking for a beating!”

“What?” Xu Chaoran acted as if he hadn’t heard and repeated, “What did you say?”

“You’re really looking for a beating!” Su Yaya repeated again, wanting badly to rush to Xu Chaoran’s face and give him a harsh beating. He’d never be able to stand up again.

Xu Chaoran paused before sighing in feeling. “I know, I know. Although you might not like me, I still have to tell you that you can come to me if you have any troubles. You don’t need to be so courteous with me. Although I’m not as wealthy and powerful as Chen Xiuqi, my father does care about me. Chen Xiuqi won’t dare to do anything to us if we’re together.”

“Why should I believe you?” Su Yaya answered moodily. “Why should I listen to you? Can’t I just rely on myself? Why should I listen to you babble nonsense?”

“Because I am Chen Xiuqi’s brother, half-brother. What do you think he can do to us with this information?” Xu Chaoran chuckled.

Su Yaya replied with, “Heh!”

Xu Chaoran continued to emphasize through the phone, “I’m saying the truth.”

Su Yaya pshed. She was too lazy to continue talking. “I’m hanging up.”

“Hey, wait for me to finish my words first…”

Before he finished his words, Su Yaya immediately hung up and then blacklisted Xu Chaoran.

She should’ve done that a long time ago. She forgot in the past, but she couldn’t drag this on anymore. Who knows when Xu Chaoran, that mental case, will call and disturb her again.

Su Yaya pouted at her phone screen. Xu Chaoran was really naive. He even wanted her to be with him? He really thinks that he can’t die any sooner. Chen Xiuqi was the male lead of this world. He could settle the two shameless cannon fodders fooling around with one another with just the stroke of his finger. It’s right away! She wasn’t that stupid!

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