The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 241 - She Never Loved Him (1)

Chapter 241 She Never Loved Him (1)

After Su Yaya hung up, she planned on calling Mother Su. But before she could, another call came in. This time, it was Director Zhou Tongguang’s call.

“Hi, Director Zhou!” Su Yaya picked up the call.

Zhou Tongguang was stunned before saying, “It seems like you’re in a pretty good mood? You really quit the entertainment circle?”

“Yes, yes. I even made an announcement on Weibo. I’m not just casually saying it.” Su Yaya chuckled.

Zhou Tongguang laughed casually. “Then I won’t be able to find any female leads to shoot dramas in the future, no?”

“How could it be? How? There are countless actresses that want to shoot dramas for Director Zhou. As long as you spread the news, there will be countless actresses waiting on line to get a shot at it. You get to pick between the different types of actresses. I bet you’d find one you like.” Su Yaya remembered back when she was shooting one of Director Zhou Tongguang’s dramas that he disliked her very much. Thankfully, she changed his mind with her hard work and acting skills. The two even became some-what good friends.

“Sigh. What a pity. You’re really not going to act anymore? I originally have a drama that I want to seek you out to play the female lead in. Yet, you actually quit the entertainment circle. This is really bad news to me!” Director Zhou Tongguang said half-jokingly.

“Really, really? You really have a female lead role for me to play? Director Zhou, if that’s the case, I won’t be polite with you.” Su Yaya played along.

“I really have a drama in need of an actress. Are you willing to come or not?” Director Zhou Tongguang withdrew his smile and asked seriously.

Su Yaya thought about it before rejecting it in the end. She laughed and said, “I already left the entertainment circle, so why bother acting? Director Zhou, you should find someone else. There must be a better female lead than me.”

Director Zhou Tongguang sighed on the other side and exclaimed, “If that’s the case, pretend like I never asked you.”

“Mn.” Su Yaya answered.

Director Zhou Tongguang then continued to ask, “If you’re leaving the entertainment circle and not acting anymore, what do you plan to do? You’re not going home and getting married, are you?”

“Why would I?” Su Yaya answered, “I’m planning to do some things that I like. Director Zhou, please help me publicize it once I get my business going.”

“It depends on what you’re doing. I won’t help you publicize it if it’s not good.” After Director Zhou Tongguang finished, he laughed.

“I promise it’s really good.” Su Yaya answered, “Just wait for my news.”

Direct Zhou Tongguang replied, “Sigh, I’m quite interested now that you said it. I’ll be waiting fro your news then.”

“Sure.” Su Yaya responded happily.

The two chatted for a bit before hanging up.

Then, someone immediately called her. This time, it was the producer of <<Gourmet Food and Beautiful Guests>>, Sun Lei.

Sun Lei said through the phone, “Miss Su, how can you quit the entertainment circle? I haven’t heard you mention that in the past. You didn’t even shoot the next episode, so what are we supposed to do? You’ve been the winner for the past consecutive episodes. How can you leave just like that?”

Su Yaya hurriedly said, “Sorry, sorry. I really have to leave because of special reasons. Sister Zhou said that she’d contact you about the shooting of the show. She will arrange for someone else to replace me. If you guys aren’t satisfied, you can also swap to another celebrity. We don’t have any objections. I’m really sorry.”

“Sigh.” Sun Lei sighed through the phone. He couldn’t force Su Yaya to shoot the show since she had already said it to this point. He just found it a bit pitiful. The ratings had skyrocketed ever since Su Yaya attended their show. Without her, the ratings would definitely drop. If they wanted to maintain the ratings and views, they must find a female celebrity similar to Su Yaya’s popularity. That wasn’t simple however. It was mainly because Su Yaya was a topic of discussion herself. It was really the show’s loss for losing such a female celebrity.

Su Yaya apologized through the phone with Sun Lei. The latter understood and accepted her apology, even blessing her future endeavors. Su Yaya smiled as she received the blessings.

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