The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 242 - She Never Loved Him (2)

Chapter 242 She Never Loved Him (2)

The calls finally stopped after this one. No one else called her, so Su Yaya hurriedly called Mother Su. She was finally going back home.

Her mother’s shocked and surprised voice rang from the phone as she picked up, “Yaya.”

“Mother, I’m back. Where are you guys in the countryside? I’m coming.” Su Yaya said on her phone.

Mother Su gave her an address. “We’re at the East’s Baizhi Garden Reservoir. Basically the old home in the countryside.”

Su Yaya recalled the spot in her mind, and continued to say, “I’m coming over right now. Wait for me.”

Mother Su smiled and replied, “Okay, we’re waiting for. We’re cooking your favorite dishes and waiting for you to come back to eat.”

“Okay, thank you mother.” Su Yaya grinned, her voice sweet.

Mother Su was incredibly happy. She reminded Su Yaya a bunch of things through the phone before hanging up happily. Then, she ran to Father Su, and the two started preparing Su Yaya’s favorite dishes. Their daughter was finally coming back.


Chen Xiuqi sat by the table, staring at the post Su Yaya sent on Weibo about her quitting the entertainment circle for a very long time. His gaze was trained on the post as if trying to see through Su Yaya’s profile picture.

He had maintained this pose for half an hour, and the cigarette in between his fingers was already extinguished. The spark burned his fingers, and it was then that he reacted.

He harshly crushed the cigarette butt and tossed it into the ashtray. He stared at Su Yaya’s profile picture, thinking. She actually left just like that? She left without any reluctance or longing? She didn’t even give him a moment to breathe or a possibility for him to turn the situation around. She left determined, leaving no room for bargain.

He urgently rushed back home that day to coincidentally see her packing her suitcase and planning to leave. Guided by his anger, he wasn’t able to control his feelings, which was why he bullied her over and over that day. In his mind, there was only one thought. That was to keep her here, and stop her from leaving.

Why did he do that out of impulse? He recalled afterwards. It was because Jiang Chengguang said that pursuing a woman wasn’t difficult. If once wasn’t enough, then do it a second time. If twice wasn’t enough, do it another two times. Do it until she becomes obedient. Then, how would she bear to leave you?

However, reality gave him a harsh slap. It made him feel ashamed. He had done so many times, but it was to no avail. There was no use at all. Nothing could be done for someone that insisted on leaving. Su Yaya left in the end. According to Song Ming, when a woman was hell bent on leaving a man, no one can stop her. This was probably how Su Yaya felt when she left.

Su Yaya left straightforwardly. She left nothing but an already signed divorce contract.

F*ck that divorce contract. He must really be insane back then to get the document drafted. He didn’t even understand what he was thinking in the past. Something must be wrong with his brain to do this. He was really picking up a stone and dropping it on his feet. It hurts. His face hurts too as if he had been slapped a few times. He couldn’t even complain about his grievances!

He thought of seeking Su Yaya before, but she left really determined back then. She didn’t even give him a chance to remedy the situation. Clearly, there was no way she’d come back after leaving. Plus, she made herself really clear last night. She never loved him. She was only with him to complete the conditions of the marriage contract. She was only nice and considerate to him in order to obtain the ten million alimony fee!

She was only with him for money. Great. Very good. Whenever he thought of this, it was like an incredibly sharp dagger stabbing at his heart. It hurt so much that he couldn’t even breathe. Their beautiful past was all fake! It was all just a play to coax him!

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