The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 243 - She Never Loved Him (3)

Chapter 243 She Never Loved Him (3)

Whenever he thought of this, he thought of the past where he pampered and treated her considerately well, as well as the things he said in front of the media. He was so confident that he’d be able to control that woman back then, but now, he felt incredibly angry and sullen. He deeply thought that he was a huge fool for saying such arrogant words in the past!

For the past few days, he did think about calling or looking for her. If he was really set on finding her, he’d be able to find her even if she escaped to the end of the world. But whenever he recalled her ruthless words, he thought of how much of a fool he was. Therefore, he forced himself to extinguish his courage to look for her.

He didn’t have the courage to find her. He was scared that he would still be unable to change the results even after he did. Just like back then. He chased An Yutong to America, but watched as she hugged another man happily in the end. They fell on the grass and kissed one another…

He felt incredibly dejected. Chen Xiuqi hadn’t gone to the company in a few days. Thankfully, he wasn’t the only one in Chen company. It was still functioning without him.

Chen Xiuqi called Xu Kai and exclaimed in an undefiable tone, “Regular place tonight.”

Xu Kai felt a headache rising when he heard this. He wanted to get on his knees. In a pitiful tone, “Big brother, I’ll call you my ancestor, okay? You’ve been doing this for the past few days. My body can’t take this anymore. Can we calm down for a few days? I’ll drink with you again in two days!”

Chen Xiuqi wasn’t in the mood to do anything for the past few days. Before sleeping at home, he called Xu Kai, Song Ming and Jiang Chengguang to come out for drinks. If three couldn’t make it, at least two had to come. If two couldn’t make it, at least one had to come. Otherwise, he won’t be restful. He disturbed the guys to the point they were begging for help. Xu Kai and the others had no choice, taking turns to stay with Chen Xiuqi, worried that something might happen.

However, Chen Xiuqi really knows how to torture people. He hadn’t put an end to this even after a few days. The three took turns and they all felt tortured incredibly. Of course, Xu Kai was the most tragic one. After all, he was the one that brought An Yutong to see Chen Xiuqi without letting him know in advance, causing the chain reaction and leading Su Yaya to escape. He deserved it!

Xu Kai deeply felt as if he was going to die in Chen Xiuqi’s hands.

After he was tortured by Chen Xiuqi, he returned to complain to Song Ming and Jiang Chengguang. Who knew that the two ended up mocking and attacking him, “It’s your own fault. You didn’t even think about the things you should’ve and shouldn’t have done.”

After being scolded, Xu Kai retorted, unresigned. “Why is this all my fault? I just coincidentally encountered An Yutong the day she returned. She wanted to treat us out. That night, you two both came to the new imperial city as well. It’s not just me.”

“Therefore, you’re the main culprit while we are the accomplices.” Song Ming said spot on while Jiang Chengguang nodded.

Xu Kai groaned and threw himself on the sofa. He hugged his head and complained, “I’m going to die, I’m going to die!”

After that, he got up and told Song Ming and Jiang Chengguang to think of a solution for him. “What do you say I should do? We need to think of a solution. We can’t allow him to act the same way he did when An Yutong left. That lasted a whole half year. We’re going to die at this rate!”

Jiang Chengguang lifted his brows and exclaimed, “I doubt it’d take half a year this time. Hold on for a bit. When Xiuqi thinks this through, you’d be fine.”

“You guys can’t help me come up with a solution?” Xu Kai asked, not willing to give up.

“Whoever started the trouble should end it.” Song Ming said spot on again. “To Xiuqi, we can do nothing for him.”

Xu Kai groaned again and accepted his fate, accompanying Chen Xiuqi to the end.

Therefore, although Xu Kai told Chen Xiuqi to let him go when he called for him to come out for drinks, he still left to accompany Chen Xiuqi in the end. After all, he started the trouble.

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