The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 244 - Do You Still Blame Me? (1)

Chapter 244 Do You Still Blame Me? (1)

Chen Xiuqi called Xu Kai, and then Song Ming and Jiang Chengguan. Likewise, he made plans to meet them at their usual place. The three were afraid of him right now and didn’t dare to offend him, so they all agreed.

He hung up and then grabbed his phone and car keys, preparing to head out. The moment he opened the door, he looked up to see An Yutong standing outside.

“Xiuqi.” An Yutong originally wanted to knock on the door when the door opened from inside and saw Chen Xiuqi. She immediately revealed a delighted expression and asked in concern, “I heard from Assistant Chen that you hadn’t gone to the company for a few days. Did something happen? Do you feel unwell anywhere?”

“No.” Chen Xiuqi said indifferently. “Why did you come here?”

An Yutong shouldn’t know about this villa. Who exactly told her about it?

An Yutong felt his indifference. She pursed her lips and replied, “I asked Assistant Chen. He was annoyed by my pestering and had no choice but to tell me.”

Chen Xiuqi hummed in agreement and a flicker of coldness flashed by his eyes. He’d have Assistant Chen go to Africa to dig the mines later on. He won’t let him come back in the future!

“I’m going out. What do you need me for?” Chen Xiuqi asked rudely.

An Yutong slightly knitted her brows. She didn’t think that Chen Xiuqi would dislike her that much, but she was also unresigned inside. She said hurriedly, “I’m just worried and decided to come and visit you.”

“Don’t worry. I’m fine.” Chen Xiuqi closed the door and walked around An Yutong, heading out.

“Xiuqi…” An Yutong watched him leave and anxiously held onto his clothes, just like she had done many times in the past. She bit her lips and lowered her head, acting wronged. “Do you still blame me for what happened back then?”

Chen Xiuqi glanced coldly at her like an ordinary person. He said faintly, “I don’t blame you.”

An Yutong was delighted inside. She knew that he couldn’t bear to make her feel bad. She hurriedly lifted her head to bump into Chen Xiuqi’s unusually cold eyes. Hearing him say expressionlessly, “Because there’s no need.”

Because there’s no need, so he didn’t blame her.

Because he has someone else in his heart.

She heard about this from Xu Kai and the others for the past few days. She had meaning to ask Chen Xiuqi out using Xu Kai’s name, but it didn’t work out anymore. Whenever she suggested hosting a gathering, they would make excuses, saying that they were busy. She should’ve guessed then.

“Xiuqi… why?” An Yutong still found it a bit unacceptable. Didn’t he like her a lot? Because he couldn’t forget about her that he found a substitute. Since he could treat that substitute that well, why couldn’t he be nice to her again?

Chen Xiuqi brushed off An Yutong’s hand on his sleeves and glanced at her expressionlessly, “Yutong, we’re in the past. Just like what you said back then, we are over.”

“I…I was still young and immature back then…”

“You can’t use the excuse of being immature every time!”

An Yutong wanted to say that she was too headstrong and young back then. She was immature, hence mistakes were made. She wanted him to give her another chance. The words made it to her mouth, but she was unable to say it. Seeing Chen Xiuqi’s impatient expression, she couldn’t finish it. Chen Xiuqi was really disappointed in her and there was no way he’d go back to her.

“Don’t come here in the future anymore. Yaya won’t be happy.” Chen Xiuqi ignored An Yutong and just walked off.

An Yutong stood still and watched him get in the car and drove off, wanting to cry.

In the car, Chen Xiuqi glanced expressionlessly ahead, but his eyes started tearing up. He told An Yutong to never come back here because he was worried that Yaya would be unhappy with him.

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